Metafi Yielders Review | Join & Earn 4.2% Daily ROI – Is It Legit?

Metafi Yielders: this is a yield farming investment platform, the company claims that:

META FI YIELDERS is a simple Yield Farming-based platform where you can create an account, choose an investment package, and let the YIELD FARMING protocols do the work for you, allowing you to receive daily returns and withdraw them to your wallet every 24 hours without having to do any labor.

But is this true about Metafi Yielders? This is what we are going to find out in today’s review, so keep on reading below for more information about this Ponzi scheme.

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Metafi Yielders – Company’s Overview

Metafi Yielders is a crypto lending platform that intends to make you money. Simply said, you deposit your cryptocurrency on the platform, select a plan, and the company will pay you a daily return of 1 to 3.3% on your investment.

The minimum investment is one hundred dollars ($100). Metafi Yielders claims to be incorporated & registered in Australia (ASIC) and also looking forward to having a certified registration in other countries like Dubai, the UK, and the United States.

However, with all these claims & promises, do you think Metafi Yielders is legit? And should you entrust your funds to it? These are the questions we should ask ourselves before investing in any MLM crypto investment platform.

Unfortunately, from our research we found out that Metafi Yielders is a big scam, you might wonder, how? And why do we proclaim it a scam? To find out keep on reading below.

Reasons Why Metafi Yielders are considered a Scam

Sadly, Metafi Yielders is nothing more than a deceptive Ponzi scheme. That implies it’s only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. This is why you must refrain from approaching it. We go through every detail in this section of this article.

See below.

Unclear Investments

You are expected to make a deposit on the platform and profit from cryptocurrency lending. The first issue to note is that while the entire platform is packed with features for depositors and investors, there isn’t a specific place where you can borrow cryptocurrency. That’s odd, isn’t it?

If Metafi Yielders is meant to make you money by lending your cryptocurrency, someone needs to borrow it and pay for it. As a result, one side of the commercial balance is completely absent.

Consider this: who’d pay a daily interest rate of more than 3% for a cryptocurrency loan? When reputable sites like Binance demand 0.025 percent daily, how can you say no? Do such investments make sense to you?

This is because if you had to pay a daily 4.2% interest on your loan, it would be nearly impossible to make any money with that borrowed cryptocurrency.

According to Metafi Yielders, according to Metafi Yielders, your income will be acquired via DeFi platforms. Even the current CEO of the company does not even have the knowledge of the pronunciation DeFi. Or rather, is there any DeFi platform that you are familiar with & that offers 4.2% daily returns on loans?!! We’re sure there is none.

There is no liquidity pool that can yield 4.2% on daily basis. Furthermore, liquidity pool returns are never consistent because they are affected by price variations in both the pool’s cryptocurrencies as well as the volume of trading and thus fees generated by the pool. This leads us to the following point.

Invalid Daily ROI System

MLM Investment Ponzi schemes are frequently revealed by their investment strategies. Metafi Yielders accomplishes this.

This is because, no matter what anyone says, earning 4.2% on your investment on a consistent basis is impossible. It is impossible in any industry, not just the Bitcoin sector.

Also, you should know that Metafi Yielders offers an affiliate program. The affiliate program pays up to 18% through the deposits from your downlines (referrals).

This means that Metafi Yielders’ daily gross profit would be greater than 4%, which is absurd. Also, borrowers would have to pay an 80%+ monthly interest rate on their loans, which no one will do, not just because they can acquire crypto for a fraction of the cost from conventional institutions.

Compensation Structure & Plans

The Metafi Yielders’ compensation structure offers a variety of affiliate incentive programs. You can possibly gain up to 18% via deposits done by your downline referrals.

On their affiliate investment/compensation programs, you will also find a structure that moves deep by 7 levels below your position in the matrix.

Additionally, you will also find representative bonuses, which are up to 10,000 USD according to the summation of deposits done by your downlines.

Looking at this kind of deep referral structure, it seems to be similar to a financial pyramid scheme used by fraudsters, and this is what the Metafi Yielders are inhibiting.

Invalid Registrations

Metafi Yielders went to edges, and eventually managed to get ASIC Registration, and this signifies that the company has been financially registered in Australia.

But most of our MLM reviews don’t seem to be registered or have any financial service license. And however, it does not mean much of a thing if Metafi Yielders is registered with the ASIC.

This is because we have seen many defrauding companies who have abused this registration due to the kind of activities executed on their platform.

It looks like getting an ASIC registration in Australia is easy through online application/registration. However, it can take a long time before the ASIC consider your company to be legit.

This is because they have to go through all kinds of services your company offers & how your company generates profit. And it seems like Metafi Yielders escaped such research or they might have covered up their tracks during the checking processes.

If you are in opposition to our verdict on Metafi Yielders, we suggest you check out the ASIC platform & inquire about them.

When you display to the AISC that Metafi Yielders are offering 4.2% daily ROI on deposits & also ask them if such an offer is a legitimate one. After that, you will confirm that all the things we’ve reviewed in this article are true.

Metafi Yielders Review – Conclusion

We’ve seen that the Metafi Yielders is a Ponzi scheme, which if they are not careful, can possibly collapse soon. Therefore, we suggest you keep your distance away from the company & its investments.

If you feel like investing in Crypto tokens/currencies, find a legitimate platform for that. We suggest you invest on Binance, Blockchain, Coinbase, & other crypto investment-related platforms.

All you should know is the fact that you must understand the risks of crypto investments before investing on any investment platform to avoid being the victim.

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One Comment on “Metafi Yielders Review | Join & Earn 4.2% Daily ROI – Is It Legit?”

  1. Just to explain the ‘Australian Securities & Investments Commission’ thing … ASIC is a very large Australian Government organisation formed in 1998 by the amalgamation of many smaller State and Federal government bodies. So ASIC has a wide range of functions, and hence “registering with ASIC” can mean many different things. If John Smith wants to trade as “Bozo Investments” instead of just ‘John Smith’, he must first register ‘Bozo Investments’ with ASIC as a Business Name, and get an Australian Business Number (ABN). That gets you a business name, nothing more. To run a company in Australia, John Smith must then register Bozo Investments as a proprietary limited company with ASIC, Bozo Investments Pty Ltd. That creates the company as a legal entity, separate from John Smith the individual, with an Australian Company Number (ACN). But if you want Bozo Investments Pty Ltd then run an investment business, you need to (a) meet ASIC’s criteria for a Australian Financial Services licence (not a trivial requirement) and then (b) actually be granted an Australian Financial Services licence.

    So “registering with ASIC” on its own is close to meaningless, many outfits use this term as a way of making themselves sound more official than they really are. It could just mean they have a business name (big woop). The question we need to ask is, do they have an Australian Financial Services licence (AFSL) from ASIC?

    Metafi Yielders appears to have registered with ASIC as a proprietary limited company on 18 March.

    ACN: 658 126 393
    Registration date: 18/03/2022

    So far, that appears to be all Metafi has registered with ASIC. It creates a small proprietary limited company, nothing more. METAFIYIELDERS does not appear on ASIC’s register of financial advisors or AFSL holders.

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