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Meta Utopia is audited by MetaFI and offers RNG-hybrid GameFi (metaverse games), attempting to create a utopia.

Everything works on the metaverse, a web3 program that translates real-world routine activities to DOA. In crypto lingo, DOA means Decentralized Autonomous Organization. So, people can join Utopia as an idyllic ecosystem, rid of central controls.

The exchange token is LAND, which currently trades on Binance and several other platforms.

As for the token, it records zero market cap on CoinMarketCap and Binance, although the 24-hourly traded volume is nearly half a million dollars. We can infer that Meta Utopia operators tether the token to a fraction of USDT but strictly use it in the Metaverse.

Also, a perusal of the Meta Utopia Token page on the official website shows that there is a burner. So, we start on this note.

LAND is for a DOA space currently, implying that the Utopia burner is there to check inflation and drive up the coin value. It could also be the prize reward for the GamFi aspect. But are these how the project function, truly? A word on that here

Heading up the PR team are core members of the Hyper iterations (Hyperverse, HyperOne, etc.) run by Ryan Zhu, currently known for Ponzi.

Sam Lee is one if the PRs, although his role has only been associative, so far.

Based on similarities between Ryan Zhu’s Hyperverse and Utopia, including PRs coalescing in this gig, the project is suspicious for offering 158.59% ROI. That is a nod to a high yield scheme. But we take the facts in steps.

Our review explains the LAND Token analytics (at the time of writing) and highlights some red flags about the platform. Read on below for details.

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Meta Utopia: Who are the Operators?

The official website doesn’t say who owns the project. It doesn’t say anything about the backend except a line under the About Us section, which reads,

“This paper is written by a believer of Utopianism, a creator for MetaFI, a fan of Minecraft, blockchain, cryptocurrency (sic) and a free world.”

Below this scribbling is a caveat dissociating MetaFi Utopia from any investments run through the platform. In contrast, PRs are popular fronts for several MLM brands.

As mentioned previously, Sam Lee promotes MetaFi Utopia, currying traction from Spanish-speaking audiences, given the 48% traffic index tolled by SimilarWeb. Sam Lee is designated a billionaire, although his HyperOne project fell off abruptly.

Another promoter with a foot in lackluster crypto pyramids is a proxy. His name is Nicholas Cappola, the same as the famous Hollywood actor.

Further, MetaFi Utopia encloses an audit on its website. But the paper is a red herring and irrelevant. The same MetaFi Utopia fan in the above quote can churn out any paper with many unproved assertions. What matters is an admin profile, and the site doesn’t have it.

What Does the Platform Offer?

The gist is that MetaFi Utopia participants could contribute to the metaverse without outside interferences.

MetaFi Utopia burners will regulate the token value and distribution.

However, there is no proof of how the metaverse could provide liquidity for LAND. The last time we checked, LAND Token records an invariable zero USDT on Binance. See the brief analysis below.

LAND Token Analysis

For the past 24 hours, LAND token fell off by 2.28%, chipping 8.44% of the value off its 7-day $34.07 peak.

Also, the record market cap is 0 USDT, implying that the LAND/USDT pair off, 1 LAND/$33.07 is a peg. Binance shows a 5.44% gain in this period, despite the token recording the zero market cap with $484,405.55 traded volume over a 24-hour tagline.

Here is the interesting part. Just above these data is a caveat on Binance, explaining that LAND is not available on the exchange for any transaction. The same price stats are available on CoinMarketCap and other sites.

So, how does LAND token maintain a 30:1 ratio to the USD? Our first guess is that someone is pumping the coin, given that there is a burner on the site. Million Token had the same history as this fad. It couldn’t provide liquidity without the backend pumping from the PRs and operators.

That is not a monetary value. Regardless, MetaFi Utopia cannot provide sustainable liquidity for LAND without actual market caps (or proofs of any transactions in the metaverse).

Conversely, MetaFi Utopia might be able to keep the stats if the revenue is generated from the affiliate aspect of the project. Below is how it works.

Affiliate Compensation

The plan is to invest USDT and gain profits in LAND, totaling 158.59% in yearly returns.

At the same time, affiliates can build their unilevel downlines and earn percentage bonuses on valid levels. MetaFi Utopia uses the Unilevel lattice.

Unilevel lattice is a payment model that works in this way:

The affiliate’s personally recruited members fill the First Level. The First Level referrals boot the Second Level by recruiting people to stake USDT. Subsequently, the recursive arrangement yields a typical MLM compensation grid.

Affiliates earn the following percentage bonuses per level.

1% on Levels 8-10

2% on levels 5-7

3% on levels 4-3

5% on Level 3

8% on Level 2

10% on Level 1

See below for the MetaFi Utopia login steps.

How to Login to Metafi Utopia

Affiliates can sign into their affiliate account using the referral link obtained upon registration. Otherwise, use the following MetaFi Utopia Login procedure.

  • Go to the website sign-in portal.
  • Opt for the login slip and enter your details.
  • Fill in your password and email address.
  • Finally, click on log in.


Metafi affiliates stake 100USDT to start a membership package.

Is this platform legit? See answers below.

MetaFi Utopia Review Conclusion: Is it Legit?

The question boils down to these highlights _

Anonymous operators;

Recouped RNG-based games from Hyperverse yet to launch on the so-called Utopia;

PRs reprising roles after marking failed projects that ended as pyramid schemes;

Zero value for LAND besides the Membership staking compliance

There is no evidence of a Web3 space on the site. Also, the blunt-style audit doesn’t contain any verifiable link. It all loops over the same Utopia dreamland penned by an unnamed fan. Is this where anyone can hope to make 158.59% ROI?

Further, why does MetaFi Utopia offer returns in its LAND Tokens despite claiming not to offer any investment? That is how pump-and-run operators overcompensate for loopholes in their triangle schemes.

Moreover, MetaFi Utopia doesn’t even offer a genuine blueprint, since the Utopia layout is a harbor scene on a 4K Minecraft Wallpaper. The platform is not legit.

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