Meta Bounty Hunters | NFT Galaxy & Comic Bounty Hunts Coopts MLM | Legit?

With many high-yield programs roping DeFi and NFT fixtures into their programs, Meta Bounty Hunters easily blends in the mix.

Some popular media hubs promote the website as an NFT primer and a reliable byline for NFT/crypto wins.

According to a PR site, Mike S. Miller is the owner of Meta Bounty Hunters and an aggregator of comic hikes and rarity categories in the NFT space. Signed collections are as many as eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight (8888) _ a spike in available items in one DeFi platform.

Also, the project creator is a former comics worker with DC Comics. Meta Bounty Hunters is his big break on the DeFi space. How does it play out?

Some crucial members of Meta Bounty Hunters have a hand in several MLM Ponzi making the rows online for some time now. IM Mastery Academy (a bot trader plug) members also promote the site, which doesn’t constitute an issue in itself.

But the promo takes free rein on all services cache, reducing the NFT to high yield scheme baits. Thus, you have affiliate/membership incentives like WEEKLY REFLECTION PAYOUTS, RESIDUAL REWARDS for Bounty Hunters (payable to registered affiliates), and the typical MLM compensation grid.

Further, fronting promoters allegedly culpable for a string of Ponzi projects doesn’t bode many prospects for any company.

Our article highlights the compensation grid promos and referral reward cycles in Meta Bounty Hunters. Read on below for details.

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Meta Bounty Hunters: Genuine or Spoofing DC Comic’s Series

You can spot parallels between the storylines in the so-called Galactic Cryptopia Empire of Meta Bounty Hunters epic and Disney’s Mandalorian legend.

Nothing is amiss in tailing a good story if it gives due credit to the original source, especially when the said source retains some legal rights to the ownership. So, Meta Bounty Hunters is more than a trifle indifferent in this regard, which could trigger consequences.

The Meta Bounty Hunters NFT series, stripped of the above empire storyline, winds down to bottom rung projects already popular on DeFi spaces.

So, what’s more? Nothing

Unless MLM compensation grids and bonus credits factor in the offing deal to clients, Meta Bounty Hunters merely anchors on a DC storyline for traction.

Worst Case Scenario

NFTs are rewards for concluded blockchain transactions. When this message doesn’t catch on with NFT sellers, it assumes a different form: developers engage in wash trade. Buyers and MBH participants don’t factor this much into the T&C ethic in this regard. So, the whole idea of neutrality on DeFi spaces is lost on Meta Bounty Hunters.

See the following section for the membership/affiliate compensation program.

Compensation Plan for MBH Affiliates

You can earn NFTs for an investment of two thousand dollars ($2000). Deposits are in ETH tokens.

Also, fifteen percent (15%) of the realized deposits go to a locked vault (for charity), while the remaining amount is for ROIs and bonuses (including Community Reflection, mentioned previously).

Here is the MLM reward cycle.

The platform pays members bonuses for recruiting people to the platform. It uses the MLM unilevel lattice for this purpose. Here is how it works.

A unilevel grid places an affiliate at the top, with personally recruited members in the First Level. The same pattern goes for every recruit in the First Level, booting the Second Level. The complete lattice spreads via this recursive formula.

Moreover, each level earns percentage profits payable after the seventh level (7th Level). Below are the available bonuses.

Six percent (6%) _ Level 7

Eight Percent (8%) _ Level 6-3

Ten percent (10%) _ Level 2

Twenty Percent (20%) _ Level 1

MBH Rarity Bonus

We previously mentioned rarity categories as an original profit Plan for MBH members. What’s the qualifying metric, though?

The value scale is not intrinsic in the NFTs, as it happens.

So, cached collectibles are available as rarity types and qualify the holders for the Bonus Pool.

Meta Bounty Hunters Conclusion: Legit?

 Apparently, MBH members would be contributing to the NFT values on the Meta Bounty Hunters site instead of the reverse.

The profit model is not a one-directional chain but an ROI and bonus remittance cycle, paying back 85% of investment deposits.

Accumulations from the NFT sales also assume the same pattern as the affiliate rewards and weekly ROIs. So, it winds down to members inflating the values of the supposed rarity NFTs and struggling up a skew reward model to earn the same values (which is a triangle scheme).

As far as DeFi goes, most NFTs work that way, although not with so much hype.

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