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Mega Personal: promoted online as a one-of-a-kind bot-free, zero ads, and friendly dating app for people from all parts of the world.

Is that so? Well, we had a good impression of the site’s sensitivity, which requires first-timers to state whether they are above nineteen years old. The same attention to user compliance responsibility is obvious from the request for visitors’ location.

Cue loads of fun activities on the site, and Mega Personal may well be the best twenty-one (21+) years plus online dating site yet. As it happens, many users are looking for the recent APKs and app versions of the site to download, implying that the platform is fascinating.

At the time of writing, the most traffic for the site comes from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom (and other European countries), etc.

Learn more about Mega Personal in this article.

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Mega Personal: About the App, How to Download It

The first thing you’d notice about the site is the predominantly positive reviews about the user interface and moderation.

Also, the Mega Personal app has over five million (5000000) downloads on Play Store. So, how does it pull off this? The answer is simple: clean interface, conducive user relationship, and minimal ads.

Every visitor will have to pass the 19-years old user threshold test to access the platform. Besides being attentive to user activity, the app is also free. All you have to do to get the software is click on the download links on the provider(s) site. Preferably, you can still download it from Google Play Store.

If you want an optimal experience, try the APKs, although the versions on Play Store guarantee safety. (Ensure that your plug does not contain malware before asking for the APK)

See how to download the app in the unit below.

Mega Personal App Download

Procedure for downloading the software from Play Store

You can follow these steps to get the mobile app.

  • Open Play Store
  • Search Mega Personal (ensure you enter the name correctly since a typo could yield unwanted results).
  •  Appended reviews and over five million downloads (a seal on its safety and ease of use) on the site confirms that the product is valuable.
  • Now, you can click on INSTALL.
  • Then, open it on your smartphone or PC and set features to your liking.

Procedure for downloading the software from Play Store

  • Open App Store
  • Search Mega Personal (ensure you enter the name correctly since a typo could yield unwanted results).
  • You can also check the reviews to verify that the product works well on Apple devices.
  • Click on INSTALL

Upon installing the application into your apple smartphone or PC, set the default features for an enhanced/optimal user experience. Ordinarily, social media products (just like Facebook and WhatsApp) would recommend that users try out new features to personalize their accounts.

How do you create an account on the software? See the following section for details.

Sign-up/Create Account

Dating websites are necessarily immersive platforms for users. It should be the same for you too. However, you have to sign-up/create an account to unlock loads of content and thousands of friends on the application. So, how do you go about it? See the account creation procedure below for details.

  • Ensure you have your email address.
  • Then go to the website (preferably use the app on your mobile device).
  • Click on the Sign-up tab.
  • (If the Agree that you’re above twenty-one years pop up appears, click on it)
  • Now, enter your email address and password.
  • Check the terms and conditions (T&Cs) box to proceed.

Subsequently, you can place a “seeking partner” ad by using any of the following options.

  •  Men seek Women (M seek W)
  • Women seek Men (W seek M)
  • Men seek Men (M seek M)
  • Women seek Women (W seek W)
  • Trans

The above list makes it easy to locate a dating partner based on sexual orientations and areas of interest. You don’t have to look for the relationship ad tab since it is on display on the homepage,

Features: What you can expect from the Software

Some of the fascinating features of Mega Personal include the following.

Like/Dislike Option _ you can like or dislike a post or an update on the app using a swipe cue on the screen.

More than five million (5000000) people are using Mega Personal. So, it will be relatively easy to build your friend list within a single platform, as against importing friend accounts from other apps to join your group list.

Also, you can set features to suit your preferences by relevant details on your Mega Personal account. The product works optimally when it detects a fixed personalized/set location. So, you can add beautiful pictures and fetching tags to your uploads to improve your dating experience with Mega Personal.

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