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MAVzone Login: the Colorada Mesa University (CMU) allows all students to organize and control academic curricula using the MAVzone portal.

The portal is like a tool kit that helps every student to prepare for schedules on campus. A large part of the covered areas involve applications, personal information uploading, and updates.  Further, it uses all requisite software and hands-on information necessary for a good academic period on campus.

The layout is also intuitive, providing a dashboard for users to access invaluable entries like updates (ultimately one of the most useful services from this widget), Apps, and reports. Yes, you read the last one right: you can file a report using just the MAVzone Login portal.

We explain the features of the portal in this article, including the sign-in procedure and how you can access them. See details below.

MAVzone Login: Features of the Portal

Many students get the wrong idea of a quick-fix (or log onto) web link, conflating the general features with a monitoring grid. But that should not be the case.

Also, MAVzone is entirely at the students’ disposal. Impliedly, you can set the features to your preferences, provided you do not exceed the functionality limit. Here, we highlight some of the prominent features briefly.

My Account

In this category, you can get all details of your courses, advisors, and account. In some way, My Account approximates the only customizable part of your MAVzone profile. So, you will have to follow the rules below.

Retrieve and memorize your 007 number (preferably, save it in a readily available storage device).

Ensure you update your account, keeping it on a par with the schedules on the platform.

My Task

Here, you get notifications to complete outstanding tasks. The alert typical shows a red exclamation. In that way, you do not lose sight of important tasks due to busy schedules or other influences, as long as you mind the My Task category.


Aptly described as a directory on the official university website,, Applications connects you to all the requisite apps for managing your schoolwork. It even allows you to archive particularly useful apps by offering Gold Star (to indicate Favorite).

If you have a fuzzy knowledge of how any application functions on the software, you need only hover over Question Mark. You can see this icon beside App Title.

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Do You Need an Account to Access the Portal?

No, you need not create an account or register for one. Why? Because the MAVzone portal is an incumbent widget, by design, for students in the university.

So, upon enrollment, you get a unique login detail from the school, although you can subsequently opt for a password change.

However, read the Electronic Communications Policy to understand the ambits of information dissemination regarding all electronic information in the university.

Our post briefly highlights the out-of-bounds, which implies e-prints (or print-outs) of any electronic property of the school, including MAVzone. See below for details.


Do not adapt/contrive any feature of the software for unauthorized commercials.

The Colorado Mesa University prohibits MAVzone users from any disruptions that could corrupt or compromise information or the security of the software.

Do not undermine any intellectual property law, including precedence of copyrights.

You can see the official website for the complete list.

Below is how the MAVzone Login procedure works.

How to Login to MAVzone

  • Go to the official login portal,
  • Enter your sign-in username and password.
  • Then click on Log in to your account (written in a purple bar).

Note: you can also opt for a different password at this point, provided you have a verification link.

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