LXPLife | iLearning Crypto Reboot | MLM and Smart Contract Scam

LXPLife offers experiential freedom from racism, national bankruptcy, blockchain security, and affiliate subscription tiers.

The long and short of it is that LXPLife is another passive earning plug _ a low-budget MLM offering ROIs and loyalty perks for membership participation. Its official website reads (see the clip below).


Since the site has a splash of visual gadgets-blindfolded gamers in the background, we assume it forays into DeFi crypto (if only for a bit of credibility). The website says that all transactions are secure on blockchain tech, after all.

Also, LXPLife has an overt amount of preposterous claims about its scope of services. For instance, it mentions that nations can avoid huge financial deficits by subscribing to the vague, unstated, unlicensed investment tableau (like the random love hike over a global community below).

LXP LIFE stands for Love X Prosperity Life, which we will help millions of people around the world experience.

Not outdone by the DeFi fad, the company offers blockchain as a binding/compliance algorithm for its world love message. Loads of MLM affiliate/membership subscription tiers would follow suit, casting LXPLife in its true colors as a shroud high yield project.

Why is the platform (or any investment avenue with similar features) a scam?

First, it always relies on an invented business timeline without verifiable history on the internet.

Second, it latches onto the trend for traction (most Ponzi MLMs pretend to be legit NFT communities, recently)

Third, it offers a novel/complicated investment scheme and pesters members with compliance.

Fourth, it offers skewed ROI conditions, hoisting the biggest profit margins (typically already sold before IPO) to the highest tier affiliates while spurring others to deposit money to earn huge profits.

Zero SEC License

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Affiliate Compensation Grid

LXPLife pays pout ROIs accumulating from prior membership deposits in a 2×2 reward grid (also matrix).

You can see this on many MLM websites as a binary team structure or residual drops. Here is how it works.

A member buys a tier, automatically booting the first two positions in his downline, which are each split into two positions. The two-level downline consists of a 2×2.

Upon completing a level, the algorithm boots a different grid in the same subscription tier as the previous one, thus, completing a cycle. So, affiliates can earn profits from these 2×2 matrix nuggets by investing in the following membership plans.

Tier 13 ($102400) _ remits $276480

Tier 12 ($51200) _ remits $138240

Also, Tier 11 ($25600) _ remits $69120

Tier 10 ($12800) _ remits $34560

Tier 9 ($6400) _ remits $17280

Further, Tier 8 ($3200) _ remits $8640

Tier 7 ($1600) _ remits $4320

Tier 6 ($800) _ remits $2160

Moreover, Tier 5 ($400) _ remits $10800

Tier 4 ($200) _ remits $540

Tier 3 ($100) _ remits $270

Additionally, Tier 2 ($50) _ remits $135

Tier 1 ($25) _ remits $67.50

Below are the corresponding perks on referral downlines: $3200 on Tier 13, $1600 on Tier 12, $800 on Tier 11, $400 on Tier 10, $200 on Tier 8, $100 on Tier 6, $50 on Tier 4, and $25 on Tier 1. 

Possible Red Flags: iLearning Crypto Rebrand, Pyramid Structure, More

iLearning Crypto

The first red flag about LXPLife is its semblance to iLearning Crypto in everything but name. It isn’t the first crypto scam to rebrand after defrauding people. Chainmine, Watermine, Finiko, Girali, Bitlocity, etc. are all flunked projects.

Pyramid Structure

An investment model is a pyramid structure if it relies on a directional revenue inflow to meet withdrawals. For instance, LXPLife offers a bonus credit on any filled matrix cycle, relying on the newbies’ deposits to pay the promised bonus.

It also offers Elite Travel Clubs, with the qualification criteria requiring members to subscribe to the bookings (which depends on benchmark downline accumulation and affiliate tier).

None of the above profit models can sustain any national economy unless the said country indulges LXPLife’s recruitment fest. It all winds down to Ponzi, regardless of the promised ROIs.

LXPLife Conclusion: Scam Crypto Project

At one point, the company (via the website) mentions that it has mental and health care solutions underway for ailing people.

Instead of coming through with this promise, LXPLife does the opposite, throwing an MLM membership catalog at every chance.

Also, the supposed blockchain security protocol remains a fiction that suits LXPLife’s Ponzi blueprint. So far, nothing proves that any genuine investment happens on the platform.

Additionally, the company doesn’t have any verifiable businesses or exes profile anywhere, which is a red flag.

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