Lucky Dozens Review | Lottery & PPCs, Legit or Another OneCoin Ponzi?

Lucky Dozens Review: the platform starts with an anonymous Admin doling out lottery slots at supposed customer-friendly prices. Other aspects of the website emphasize earning options, referral bonuses, and various prop-up packages.

The general impression is that the Lucky Dozens website is an investment-currying medium. It does not show who owns the company or shed light on the services of Lucky Dozens. What’s more? The sparse information fodder on the platform raises suspicion.

Lucky Dozens Review: multi-level marketing reviews already peg daubed Lucky Dozens PR agents to the Ponzi OneCoin admin.

Is Lucky Dozens another OneCoin Ponzi trick? Let’s find out in this article.

Lucky Dozens Review: Overview

Lucky Dozens Review: variously named Lucky Draws and Lucky Dozens, the company derives a corporate ID from a Costa Rican facilitator, Launch Day S.R.L.

Subsequently, all Lucky Dozens supposed legal operations become incorporated services from a larger, older company in Costa Rica.

Also, the last trace of its domain history reveals an updated Lucky Dozens website around June this year.

Set for another career selling securities to the public, Lucky Dozens breaks on the market scene _ its fast-paced recognition buoyed by Jan Eric Nyman.

Further, our Lucky Dozens Review finds that the company roadmap is a riotous maze centering on the platform’s key person, Jan Eric Nyman.

Here, we revisit our previous reference to OneCoin/Lucky Dozens partnership. As a first tipoff to the company’s OneCoin link, we highlight that the Lucky Dozens Nyman is an Admin of the botched OneCoin Ponzi saga.

Why does it matter if Nyman has links to OneCoin?

See the next section of this Lucky Dozens Review for details.

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CEO Implication in Proven Ponzi

OneCoin is a proven Ponzi project that landed some of its creators in Jail. While many of them are incarcerated in European prisons, most PRs and spokesmen for the OneCoin platform are at large or innocent.

Lucky Dozens Review: the consequences of the billion-dollar OneCoin scam rakes the framework of regulatory agencies in Europe, and informs all-around media awareness on MLM Ponzi.

As it concerns Nyman, offering triangle earning structures predates even the flunked OneCoin token.

Jan-Eric Nyman occurs in several pyramids earning schemes, courtesy of Bycoi’s Duncan Arthur.

Although he shelved his hopes of running Bycoi as CEO, Jan-Eric Newman never lost his taste for MLM business. Later, he would run a derelict eComelize investment network.

Lucky Dozens Review: not relinquishing his MLM goals, Nyman subsequently founds the Lucky Dozens investment platform. And here we are.

Before its current look, Lucky Dozens variously records website re-creations and affiliate program ad-on. Although the CEO of Lucky Dozens prefers an anonymous status, he is reconnoitered to be in Spain.

Moreover, given his OneCoin record, all Nyman’s Lucky Dozens incorporation in Costa Rica proves a complex red herring.

Lucky Dozens Review: Affiliate Plan/Packages

Lucky Dozens Review: membership program on the platform is a two-tiered investment option. Below is how the Lucky Dozens affiliate program works:

€250 Mega Package _ sells for 250EUR and offers lottery wins of €2.4 million Mega Jackpot.

€50 Lite Package _ sells for 50EUR and offers lottery wins of €240,000 Lite Jackpot.

Note that all packages hold lottery draws for a thirteen months’ validity period.

Affiliate Plans: How it Works

Offering seven slots every day, Lucky Dozens pay affiliates who own equivalent draws after a week’s activity. 

Lucky Dozens Review: to incentivize more participation, the platform provides a unit ratio bonus to twelve members. Also, there is a chance for passive earning on Lucky Dozens Review through recruitments, where affiliates get a 5% bonus.

See a unique securities trade on the platform in the following section of this Lucky Dozens Review.

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Lucky Dozens Review: Pool Participating certificates (PPCs)

The platform allows clients to take out shares in a Pool Participating Certificates (PPCs) investment item. Three-fourths of all monthly accruals go into the PPC cache and remits profits weighted on the value of the client’s shares.

Moreover, an in-platform exchanges counter supports shares trading between members of Lucky Dozens. Attempting to string up its trade register, the website puts away part of the client’s Cashbacks (commissions) for PPCs.

How legit is the so-called PPC? See the next section of this Lucky Dozens Review for details. 

PPCs, Triangle Schemes after all

Lucky Dozens Review: a quick study of all investment options on the Lucky Dozens website shows it’s all lottery-tied. Using recycled investor funds to pump its PPC portfolio, Lucky Dozens offers little decision rights to clients.

Although they may earn profits from those investments, Lucky Dozens’ clients have little say in what they can invest in.

Despite its pretense at offering a stocks microcosm and whatnot, Lucky Dozens relies on investors’ funds to meet withdrawal requests. It plans to balance cash-out volumes with investment influx, a typical triangle scheme.

Additionally, Lucky Dozens says all shares bear derivative value on an in-platform futures network. Our Lucky Dozens Review finds no trades or markets on the website. All semblance to so-called market issue from Admin announcements.

Lucky Dozens Review: as the PPC cache is a securities investment, does the platform have licenses? No, it doesn’t. See more details below.

Unregulated Lottery, PPC securities

Although it runs on lottery investments and its financial appendages, Lucky Dozens does not provide any evidence of regulation for lottery gaming platforms.  

Further, Lucky Dozens does not publish any trade licenses for its growing initial public share offering. 

Lucky Dozens Review: all it offers as a voucher is an incoherent remark about being a mere game and fun site.

Coupled with an anonymous Admin, Lucky Dozens does not share insight into most of its investment plans where it matters.

Reportedly, members can access more affiliate packages upon registration. But Lucky Dozens does not explain the terms of this partnership deal on its website. It alerts one to the prospect of hidden agendas from the Lucky Dozens owner(s).

Lastly, the company solely depends on Ponzi MLM media branding to get clients instead of the legitimacy of its services. Lucky Dozens’ lack of license factors in with its Admin (Nyman) career history to reveal its scam core.

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