Lotto Social Review | Downlines as Lottery Syndicates amidst Complaints

Lotto Social Review: after months of paid trials from UK players, the lottery strikes as a cheap scam posing as a legit platform.

Recently, lottery players go to the internet for an unrestricted spree at the decks of cards, roulette (different kinds of it), and scramble. For newbies, this seems so trivial it hardly registers as a possible passive earning option. (But that is not wholly true, except in the case of Lotto Social.)

Some states in the USA publicly endorse organized gambling, minus the violence and erotica, intending to curb increasing crimes in the black markets. Over time, the scheme matured, reinventing gambling in a different perspective and allowing people to trade from the comfort of their homes.

Also, many gaming sports (including virtual sports and electronic arts) currently adapt soccer simulations for online betting. Staking on the results of football matches is now colloquially known as punting.

By all indications, gambling has evolved from the backdoor, smoke-filled dingy room stereotype to a conducive and enjoyable activity online.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Many companies began to offer loyalty programs for participation in their games, intending to profit from the trend.

Hence, our Lotto Social Review looks at the terms available to players in this company.

At the time of writing this post, the Lotto Social website ( is unavailable. Note that this happens in the thick of negative feedbacks from many customers looking to disable subscriptions to the platform.

Why are people quitting Lotto Social? Does the company make good on its promises? See the answers in this article.

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Lotto Social Review: How It Started

There is no mention of the Lotto Social owners anywhere online. So, we take it that the owners wish to be anonymous. Regardless, the origin story for the company is not so shelved.

Our Lotto Social Review finds that the company supposedly began with a group of friends playing in a lottery syndicate. To make the game available to all participants at any location, the group started Lotto Social.

Later, it adds options and other allures to draw players. Available lottery integrations include EuroJackpot, Mega Millions, Bundles, EuroMillions, Powerball, etc.

Does it restrict participation?

No, it allows everyone to play. Moreover, the stakes are open to members outside the UK, where Lotto Social operates.

All you require to join the platform is your mobile phone number. Once you provide the information on the site, you can access the gaming options.

Which company manages Lotto Social?

Our Lotto Social Review couldn’t access this information on the website, which invariably displays error 1020.

However, it seems to be run by Hatchster Ltd. Also, the company provides a mobile app (strewn with problems) for customers to access contents easily.

Players post warnings against the lottery program and its so-called syndicate (despite the colorful tableau). Correspondingly, our Lotto Social Review digs out an MLM-like loyalty program, awarding as much as a £300 Amazon, 

We briefly explain the possible red flags about Lotto Social in the following section.

Possible Issues: Anonymous, Syndicates, MLM

The first problem here is anonymity, while the second one is MLM.

Often, a passive earning platform tasks members to perform daily tasks for returns. Our Lotto Social Review finds this gimmick in the company, with several bonuses, affiliate rewards, affiliate compensation, and prize competitions.

Moreover, Lotto Social comes across as too grasping to be legit. For one, it requests access to players’ bank details, which decides the matter _ approach with caution, scam alert.

Anonymous Owners

Lotto Social, run by anonymous operators, is an unlikely avenue for any worthwhile investment. But then, people subscribe to the company regardless of the obvious lack of digs on Lotto Social owner(s).

Offers Affiliate Compensations

This proves to be the worst feature for many disgruntled customers, as it shifts the focus on listed games towards MLM. That is scary. Here is why.

Affiliate reward programs dominate multi-level marketing. Remunerations from these packages depend on the hallmark MLM unilevel grid. 

A Unilevel builds your downlines by placing personally recruited members on the second level. The same thing goes for each member, continuing the sequence infinitely. 

Lotto Social caps accruals on syndicates (determined by downline volume) at forty-nine (49) shares. Our Lotto Social Review could not access a format of how the syndicate shares are disbursed. But the tacked-on metric suggests that payments culminate from downlines

Moreover, there are qualifiers for competitions shown below.

(You have one month, 30 days, to claim your wins on the platform)

£300 Amazon/iPad _ available when you play for four weeks at a stretch, staking at least £18.

BMW, Audi, Lotus _ available when you play for sixty days.

15% Cashback _ for plays extending for at least ninety (90) days.

Triangle compensation is unacceptable because it skews profits in favor of rich participants.

Players Can’t Unsubscribe

Many players report that they could not discontinue their subscription to Lotto Social. The same website requests users’ bank details during sign-up.

This leaves customers at a disadvantage: Lotto arbitrarily deducts fees from the customers’ accounts. None of the victims has successfully disconnected his bank account from the platform in all the cases online.

Further, passive profit avenue operators often lure people into this trap by brandishing high ROIs. But ultimately, such remunerations earn subscribers all the syndicate rows in a vicious cycle.

The first sign of this scam is a platform running incognito. Always avoid it.

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