Lotto Social Login | How to Sign In to Profile, Is the Company Reliable?

Lotto Social Login: the platform offers you coupons, waives strictures for consistent players but wobbles in a storm of negative feedback.

If you have an account on Lotto Social, learn the sign-in procedure for accessing your account. It is a trending go-to bet spot in the United Kingdom. But recently, many customers left the platform for alarming reasons.

The most recurring issue appears to be that the company refuses to process unsubscribe requests by disillusioned players, who mention random withdrawals from the bank linked to the company.

Note: we do not sell coupons or attempt to induce people to join the bet set. If you enter the list, you do so of your volition. We merely explain the Lotto Social Login procedure for enlightenment.

Lotto Social Login: Overview

As we mentioned above, Lotto Social is a bet media that integrates international promos to provide a shared fund to players. The pooled effort is called Syndicate on the platform.

Syndicate does not mean the clannish, shady racket of gambling houses. It is only a stylized reference to the productivity of sharing tasks and breaking up the involved costs.

Lotto Social requires all members to provide the requisites before participating in the sessions. These include:

Address and phone number,

Date of birth,

Email address and payment information (account details, probably)

Why request so many details?

Lotto Social has a reply to this question. See the excerpt from the company’s Medium post below.

This process said user’s membership application which allows them to be contacted about National Lottery and/or EuroMillions updates.

There is much to be said about this clip in the following section.

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Data Privacy Protection

The company does not explicitly guarantee that the privacy of members is safe. However, its reference to Hatchester Limited and Groupified Limited as overseers (managers) reassures players to that effect.

Yet, there is a stricture in this vague concession to data privacy protection on Lotto Social. The company does not disclose users’ information except for some cases outlined in the company policy.

You can try to access the company policy, except you won’t make any headway. Why? Because the web link is bogus, the same as in the link to the official website. Even so, the company says that Hatcher and Groupify encrypt messages between end-users, ensuring it is tamper-proof.

Conversely, the chunk of complaints about this company is about privacy invasion _ continued fee deductions from users’ accounts despite requesting Lotto Social to close said accounts.

Referencing the clip in bold print above, activities on the platform seem to revert to referral uni-level compensation, affiliate reward programs, and loyalty packages. If the company prefers this gimmick to verifiable game syndicates, it winds down to a triangle scheme MLM. You know how it ends.

See the Lotto Social Login procedure in the section below.

How to Sign-in to Lotto Social

Follow these steps to sign in to your profile on the site (currently unavailable).

  1. Go to (only the platform’s Medium account is accessible, perhaps also the Twitter account).
  2. Click on the Lotto Social Login option.
  3. Now, enter your email address, username, and password.
  4. Finally, click on log in.

Is the Company Reliable?

The long and short of it is NO. Here is why.

Traders do not get their cancel requests despite the promises from Lotto Social.

Players are also able to cancel at any time if the service is not for them, so there are no risks associated with joining.

However, saying it and doing it are different things. Most feedbacks complain about the same issues that Lotto Social guarantees does not happen. It proves to be the only con here, besides MLM (which always turns to Ponzi) and anonymous operators.

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