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LexaTrade Login: the platform trades commodities, indices, and foreign exchanges as a broker, amidst scam complaints from customers.

Are the negative feedbacks from a fringe of the broad investor strip? No

Point in case: Offshore Broker

Forex traders get layered cross-referencing from jurisdictions in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, which operate under the FSA (Financial Services Authority).

Scam brokers often prefer offshore units due to the sheer load of checks and balances involved. In this way, ninety percent (90%) of the regulatory body are exempt from whatever tone the business assumes.

How can you tell that a broker in the mentioned countries keeps your money safe? Because protective measures ensure that traders get their money back via the FSA if the broker defaults. FSA requires all brokers in its purview to meet the following criteria to keep up with the strain of traders’ cash-outs.

  • At least seven hundred and thirty thousand euros (730000 EUR) as a starting capital

In the event of a bankruptcy, chargeback redresses can fetch victims up to eighty-five thousand (85000) GBP per person (with the FCA) and twenty thousand (20000) GBP per person (with the CySEC).

Besides the LexaTrade Login procedure, we explain crucial aspects of the company in this article. Read on below for details.

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LexaTrade Login: Introducing Scalping as Compliancy

First off, what is scalping?

LexaTrade veers off the traditional stipulations for setting leverages in Meta4 software. Instead of the typical 1:30 tally in the United Kingdom (or 1:5 in the United States), the company provides 1:200.

Although a swing in this leverage can earn you huge returns, it also has an equal chance of losing carried-over profits and trading capital. LexaTrade doesn’t give investors any choice in the matter. So, instead of providing a better option than the 1:200 precarious lev, the company inserts compliancy with the tally for at least three (3) minutes in the Terms of Service.

(Note that the trading software is MT4.)

Anyone putting up with the above conditions consents to scalping.

An experienced trader can see that this stricture nullifies many props from trading with MT4. Some of these benefits include:

  • Fibonacci lines,
  • Bollinger Bands,
  • Moving Averages,
  • And other cyclical analytics.

Ordinarily, these tools are enough to bolster your profit options, depending on how well you use them. Regardless, forex is open to speculations, implying that external demands like compliancy to LexaTrade scalping can adversely affect profit margins.

We highlight the available payment and withdrawal methods in LexaTrade in the following section. Subsequently, we explain the LexaTrade Login procedure. Read on below for details.

Transaction Payment Media & Fees

Attendant on the fees strata is bonus levels, requiring traders to meet target trading volumes to clinch them.

So, if you wish to fund your wallet or withdraw funds, you will have to use any of the following media.

For Funding via Crypto:


  • e-Payouts,
  • ETH,
  • Bitcoin,

And so on.

For Funding via Credit/Debit Cards:

Visa and MasterCard.

Although the platform coopts cryptocurrencies in the payment options, it sets too many fees on traders. For one, trade lulls exceeding ninety (90) days attract a 5% fee deduction.

Below is how the LexaTrade Login procedure works.

How to Sign in to LexaTrade

You can access the LexaTrade Login portal via the following steps.

  1. Go to the web sign-in option for traders via the official link.
  2. (Preferably, click on the Login option on the official website homepage)
  3. Enter your email and password.
  4. Then click on Login.

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