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Are you in search of more details concerning the LCredit Loan Platform? Getting to know about the LCredit Customer Care Number will also interest you as you go through this article.

As many loan platforms arise daily and existing ones update themselves, many updates get to be included to ensure the proper functioning and operation of such platforms or programs. One among such is the LCredit loan platform.

In this article, we will be analyzing more about the LCredit loan app and how you can get to contact its customer service when you get to experience any problems or difficult situations either while using the app or while trying to sign up or log in.

Now, let’s get to know about the Lcredit Loan platform


LCredit Loan Platform

Lcredit loan platform is absolutely a nice and easy loan platform that many users are enjoying. Many users get to enjoy as many loan benefits available as possible once they get to have access to the loan apps.

Users can get to borrow and choose dates on which they get to pay back the amount of money that has been borrowed from the platform. For example, one can get to borrow up to a sum of N100,000 and repay on the date you yourself will have chosen to do so.

To access the LCredit loan services, you will need to download and install LCredit mobile app. Once you get to download the app, you can then create an account and enjoy the many loan benefits available to its users.

Essential details which relate to you are to be provided when opening an account.  Once the app is downloaded, and the creation of the account is complete, you can have access to all loan benefits available on the platform.

In a situation where you have slight issues getting to create an account or having difficulties in getting loans, you can get to talk with the customer care number which is always available.

Let’s get to see more about the LCredit customer care number.

LCredit Customer Care Number

Not all users get to have access to the LCredit customer care number, the reason being that they do not have the contact details of this agency.

Well, as this service is considered the most important service on the platform, all who have access to it ought to contact its customer care if the reason arises.

Moreover, you can get the customer care number from us here. Anytime you get to call, they are always available 24 hours to give you an answer.

The LCredit customer care number is +23416310555.

Using the number above, users can always get to contact customer care and make necessary complaints when needed.

LCredit Customer Care Email

The platform also has a provision for email messaging. Users can get to drop a message through their email address and they will get to reply in no time. Their email address is available as

Lcredit Office Branches

Another fact about the platform is its branches which are accessible to all. The majority don’t know about this aspect.

Users can get to visit and meet with the LCredit customer care team face to face and talk with those in charge about problems that they may find difficult as a user.

All you have to do is to get to know their location and where they have an office. You can interact with them in person as you want to.

Who is the owner of LCredit?

Cashigo International Limited.

How much can I borrow from LCredit?

With the use of the LCredit Loan Service, you can borrow up to N50,000 and instantly receive your loan in your bank account.

How genuine is LCredit?

The interest rate available on LCredit is way better than many of the loan apps available. On the interest rate, theirs range from 0.1% up to 1%under the period of 91 to 180 days. They also get to offer longer repayment periods for all loans you get to borrow. Therefore, LCredit is real and legit.

Why is LCrrdit not opening?

The mobile app is currently not on the play store, as it is removed by google play protect, which guards the google play store against malware and other malicious virus and apps.

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