Latitude Review | Latitude Events Manager, A Marketing Brand?

Latitude Review: as Latitude is a recurring brand name for several companies online, it sheds no light on the services of This difficulty is compounded by the website’s “We’re Updating” message. 

For most multi-level marketing businesses, though, a website is not all the information fodder for clients. Details about Latitude Event can be sourced from other platforms like Reddit and similar event-planner brands.

Our Latitude Review sieves the information about the company from online feedbacks by clients or prospective customers of the platform. Read through this article for more details.

Note: it’s suggested that Latitude Events is the same as Sage International, but there’s no definite proof yet.

Latitude Review: Overview

Latitude Review: this company is certainly not the same as Latitude Go MasterCard or the comedic event known as Latitude Festivals. So, what does it do exactly?

As we mentioned at the onset, there is not much information to go by on However, there are many cues to the MLM aspect of Latitude’s business. See what we mean below.

Multi-level marketing platforms typically copy famous company brands in name and even operation. As per Latitude Event service, its first few Google search present different companies offering consumer services.

Also, we can make a case for the MLM business of Latitude by noting that its official website (coincidentally the only one) is the only digital link to the company. This is the same website that is currently being updated.

Further, there is no information about the Admin of the company, nor are there any details of Latitude Event’s road map. As the update status of the site implies, all services are halted on the platform. Visitors will have to check back later.

Regardless, it might possible to pin Latitude to an MLM platform based on reviews online. See the following section of this Latitude Review for more information.

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Same as Sage International?

Generally, Latitude and Sage International look a good 90% alike, save for the former’s lack of Services Description.

Due to Latitude’s preference of LinkedIn for contacts and ads, our Latitude Review searched the platform for information about the company. Often, the descriptions invariably read as,

“Latitude Events is an integrated marketing agency. We are a multidisciplinary company that builds…”

But when you open the link on LinkedIn, you only see a notice suggesting that Latitude has pulled out from the app. Again, it is typical of most MLM ventures to muddy their tracks. Perhaps the company put out recruitment ads when it launched, as the following lines suggest.

“Latitude Events is seeking candidates for our Spring & Summer Internships.Gain (sic) the valued training…”

While the first reference in italics was posted in April, the second was posted in May, showing that the company had started recruiting people then. Yet, there is no trace of MLM in these trends. 

As it happens, Latitude’s supposed links to Sage International might just be a fancy of random Reddit users, or it might be true. Our Latitude Review lack enough information to decide on the matter.

See the next section of this Latitude Review for more information., Latitude’s Unregistered Domain?

Based on similar advertisement style and services type, our Latitude Review finds a LinkedIn account registered as that might belong to Latitude Event. Specifically, mentions it offers comprehensive international services. Some of these services include the following:


Public Relations


Social Media

Special Events

Crisis Communication

Planning, etc.

Other services involve adapting recreational scenes for tourists and so on. At a glimpse, you can see that the platform focuses on events management like Latitude Event. At least, this suggests that might be a current version of a previous website _ possibly,

Also, the two sites do not offer any information about their operators or Admin, which is a strong cue to trademark MLM.

Moreover, a customer, who manages to contact Latitude, explains that the company offers courses/tutorials on marketing. However, he is unable to get tangible replies from Latitude when he broached its marketing education with the company’s agents.

Impliedly, whoever renders customer support for Latitude does not care to explain the company’s services to potential clients.

How credible is the platform?

See the next section of this Latitude Review for details.

Latitude Review: Conclusion

Currently, Latitude is viewed as a platform that evades client reviews by offering vague marketing plans.

Additionally, for an international brand that offers crisis communication services among other things, a description of its utilities might’ve been a good start. However, the company overlooks this basic task.

As per the MLM side to Latitude event, our Latitude Review finds only suggestions that the company is the same as Sage International. Hopefully, we’ll have more to say about Latitude when it is back to normal operations. So, you can refer back to this post for updates.

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