Laetitude Review | Legit Crypto Bots or BitClub Network Hype? Credibility

Laetitude Review: with wealth and crypto-assets as target multiplicands, Laetitude intends to improve standards of living via new-generation trade robots. Its official website mentions that the company redefines crypto trading with an algorithm it has been working on for three (3) years.

Generally, clients can benefit from the following pivotal services on Laetitude:

Crypto Tool

Basic Tool

Binary Bonuses

Trading Bots

The items above are available in tiered investments. Other packages on the website are derived from the list, with a Pro suffix marking a change in trade conditions. For instance, Binary Bonus for the Business cache pays 9%, while the Pro extension pays 10%.

Our Laetitude Review finds that the company has an impressive webpage, excusing its index marker menu (instead of a category). Actually, the website says nothing about Laetitude’s bot traders, except merely announcing its existence. Moreover, there is sizeable evidence that Laetitude is a rebrand of BitClub Network, an older MLM company.

This Laetitude Review looks at the company affiliate partnership, Admin, and so-called crypto trading algorithm. For more insights into the platform, read this article.

Laetitude Review: Overview, having a private domain registration since February 2020, does not contain any details of its CEO or operators. This typically sets off the alarm for another MLM cheap shot at a crypto scam.

However, many reviews online are not in a rush to offer negative takes about Laetitude. In most cases, the reason is that the company pays promptly. But that’s not all.

Based on sustained positive feedbacks from customers, some platforms give Laetitude an above-average performance rating. The score also factors in Laetitude’s reliability.

Moreover, our Laetitude Review finds that the platform records low scores for exit scam tests _ although the metrics are questionable. Frequently, much of the downsides pinned on the platform appear to be spam from its detractors. One medial position on the Laetitude’s legitimacy (from Scam Detector) hinges on the company’s IP address, SSL Cert, and so on.

Also, our Laetitude Review finds no report of fraudulent emails from Laetitude so far. Regardless, if we allow that the website has all the requisite legal framework, we can’t pass off its key person’s appearance in a suspicious MLM investment.

Laetitude’s David El Dib is a marked PR agent of BitClub Network. You can learn more about his recurring role in the MLM duo of BitClub Network and Laetitude in the next section.

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BitClub Network PR Reprises Role in Laetitude

The most concerted efforts to pin Laetitude’s operators hit on several MLMs spliced with a few BitClub Network PR agents in Dubai. Our Laetitude Review finds that El Dib occurs in these MLM platforms. See more information below.

There is a video of a BitClub blurb occasion where El Dib appears as a principal convener of the event.  In the video, El Dib not only elaborates on BitClub Network’s investments but also poses alongside Russ Medlin who is an ex-convict.

Russ Medlin, culpable for a crypto Ponzi to the tune of $700,000,000,  later solicits sex from underage girls which culminate in his arrest in Jakarta. Although there is no substantial link between Russ and El Dib, their collaboration raises eyebrows.

Moreover, our Laetitude Review finds that BitClub Network PR agent, Stefan Stumpf doubles as the International Leader of Laetitude.

Given El Dib’s mix with promoters of a Ponzi platform, he is alleged to be reprising his previous roles in the BitClub Network scam. For, although he is from Australia, he consolidates a flurry of Ponzi stints with an alias _ switching from an English name to Arabian.

Laetitude Review: Registration Criteria

As we mentioned earlier in this Laetitude Review, the platforms, supposed cutting-edge services are tiered into three affiliate packages. Below is how the remittals work per package.

Founder Special (sign-up for $2500) _ available for investment threshold of $50,000, marked for Trading Bot Management.

Business Pro (register for $1200) _ available for an investment threshold of $12,000, marked for Trading Bot Management.

Business (register for $500) _ sells for an investment threshold of $5,000, also marked for Trading Bot Management.

From the lowest tier, remittals are paid as 9%, 10%, and then 10% Binary Bonus. Impliedly, the company uses a binary compensation model. A member earns from downlines, which are recurring binary units. On the whole, an affiliate’s downline is a lattice that starts with a unitary input and then branches out in twos.

See the Affiliate Ranks in the following section of this Laetitude Review.

Affiliate Rank

Laetitude puts affiliates in nine hierarchies. Serially, they are as follows.

All Star _ available for $1,000,000 in deposits culminating from a month’s recruitment. Also, the client will have to recruit someone to the 4 Star Rank.

7 Star _ available for $500,000 in deposits culminating from a month’s recruitments. Also, the client will have to recruit someone to the 3 Star Rank.

6 Star _ have $200,000 in deposits culminating from a month’s recruitments and recruit a member to the 2 Star Affiliate Rank.

5 Star _ have $70,000 in deposits culminating from a month’s recruitments and hold one referral in the 1 Star Rank.

4 Star _ retain $30,000 in deposits culminating from a month’s recruitments.

3 Star _ retain $10,000 in deposits culminating from a month’s recruitments.

2 Star _ retain $4000 in deposits culminating from a month’s recruitments.

1 Star _ available for $2000 as cumulative deposits from referral downlines per month.

Affiliate _ package is available upon registration, by default.

Note that a month reflects a 30-day work period on Laetitude’s calendar. Impliedly, clients earn bonuses through an AI trader, Swapoo, in this period. Is this a legitimate claim? See more details in the following section of this.

Swapoo, Ghost Bot Trader

Laetitude Review: totally out of the blue, Swapoo churns out 10% accruals for the specified investment period. Without any forensic backup, Swapoo’s publicized 149.32% 2020 trade volume is only a nominal summit.

As per the bot’s performance, no proof exists online for its alleged efficient trade algorithm. The only information that Swapoo makes public is its incorporation.

As it happens, the chunk of investments in Laetitude revolves around Swapoo, which supposedly has a Shell backbone mustering its crypto bot arsenal.

In this regard, trade tones pitch at the typical your-money-is-secure note of multi-level marketing companies. But always remember that only nine out of ten of these companies offer any SEC trade license.

As far as unregulated MLM trade goes, the moment operations run aground due to an unsustainable triangle scheme, its Admin post cavils online decrying the risks of crypto trading bots. Gullible investors would, in tow, pass off the scam as a necessary clause in any OTC contract.

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