KOK Play Review | Legit 200% ROIs & KOK Token, or another Scam?

KOK Play Review: the South Korean platform coopts mobile KOK application and Korean Wave as an entertainment mountebank for its MLM.

Besides roping people into vague investment terms and bailing on its failed business, KOK might have more for you than most multi-level marketing companies you know. Well, maybe not. KOK Play is the run of the litter, choosing an ERC-20 token over walking the entire MLM marketing rounds.

Although it seems a newbie to the spate of MLM businesses out there, KOK Play has had a website since 2019. Recently, it boots all fixtures for recruitment. Is it a reliable platform? Our KOK Play Review explains the payment structure of the company, including the issues about its operation. 

Is KOK Play any innovative app for passive crypto investment? Find out in this KOK Play Review.

KOK Play Review: Overview

Spelled fully, KOK means Keystone of Opportunity & Knowledge and forms the chunk of the official domain name kok-play.io.

Our KOK Play Review learns that Jiwon Kang owns KOK Play besides running SuperAcid, a gaming platform. However his career history winds up, Kang appears to have caught the MLM fad for cryptocurrency. Hence, he currently offers an unaudited miner cum KOK Play.

Despite KOK Play being a suggestive title for the company, it does not imply any retails. Typical of MLMs invested in cryptocurrency, it only offers coupons and returns on investment (ROI). In this case, KOK Play offers profits in the range of 3.7% daily to 200% ROI per month.

We briefly explain the payment structure in the following section of this KOK Play Review.

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Compensation Structure

 Every MLM network offers a compensation whitepaper, a blueprint detailing the payment plan for investors in its programs. Our KOK Play Review finds similar plans in the company’s PR videos. Below is how it works.

7% per month _ available for $10,000 equivalents in KOK token

5% per month _ available for $1500-$9999 equivalents in KOK token

3% every month _ awards go to investors in the KOK token threshold equivalent of $100-$1499.

The profits work for the valid investment period. ROIs are paid out in KOK Tokens after an investment cycle. If an affiliate wants to continue, he would have to reinvest in any partnership package in the KOK Play platform.

As our KOK Play Review finds, you only get your remittals when they hit the ROI cap at 200%.

The following section explains the available ranks in this company. See the details below.

Affiliate Ranks

KOK Play Review: instead of the few referral compensations down a few ranks, KOK Play provides nine (9) levels of affiliate ranks to partners. Here is how it works.

8 Star (the highest level) _ available for personal recruitments of three (3) 7 Stars members.

7 Star _ available for personal recruitments of three (3) 6 Stars members to the platform.

6 Star _ sells for three recruitments (necessarily 5 Stars) to the platform.

5 Star _ sells for personal recruitments of three (3) 4 Stars Members to KOK Play.

4 Star _ available for three recruitments (necessarily 3 Stars) to the site.

3 Star _ available for ten recruitments, three of which must be to the 2 Star tier, and $30,000 culminating from downlines.

2 Star _ recruit five people to the 1 Star tier.

1 Star _ available for five recruitments to the KOK Play platform.

To join the earning streak, you will have to register on the site and buy into a KOK Token.

Unilevel Compensation Structure

This section of our KOK Play Review explains the preferred payment structure in the company. See how the process works below.

Note: although most multi-level marketing sites augment their unilevel lattice with binary compensation structures, KOK Play offers only the unilevel plan to clients. Regardless, there are several other bonuses accruing affiliates in the company.

So, how does the unilevel structure work? Briefly, it works like this.

It starts from the first level, for only one affiliate, then branches out depending on downline recruitments. You can build your downline by recruiting at least one member. If the affiliate refers others to the platform, he starts his referral volume. 

The structure is an MLM copy of a family tree, with every member starting a different branch. The only advantage in this mode is the chance to build separate downlines. In this regard, payments do not depend on matched pairs. After reaching a maximum downline volume, you can cash out your bonus. 

KOK Play Review: Legit or Scam?

We conclude our KOK Play Review on the following notes.

You only have to check online to get the first turn-offs about the so-called investments in KOK Play. The company decidedly has a mobile app, allowing you to buy products (not belonging to KOK Play) and download video games (?). 

But for a seminal game/shopping app platform operating on a global scale, KOK Play provides typical features. As one reviewer puts it: the KOK Play app has nothing innovative in gaming technology.

Another part of the company that raises eyebrows is the 200% ROI. That is merely the typical overcompensation tactic to lure people into the platform. 200% ROI is an untenable feat for any MLM platform, regardless of the recruitment influx. The only remedy to the issue is daily evidence of revenue inflow on the website. However, our KOK Play Review does not find this prelim on kok-play.io.

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