KOK Play Owner | Jiwon Kang Acquires $63 Billion, Overhauls Services

KOK Play Owner: KOK Play CEO Jiwon Kang overhauls services cache to compete with tech giants like Google, Apple, YouTube, and Netflix.

Reportedly, the company could take on the entertainment hubs (listed above) by acquiring $63,000,000,000. The upgrade is emphasized in this medium account: robertshim.medium.com.

Although Robert Shim does not provide links to most of the unverified claims in his article, he mentions that KOK Pay, with supposed recognition from Chinese and South Korean governments, poises to take on Google, Apple, YouTube, and Netflix. He further shares insights about the purpose of KOK Play: to compete against the media platforms mentioned previously.

Who is Jiwon Kang? What is his career history? You can get the answers in the following section of this article. Also, we attempt to learn how the KOK Play Owner intends to surpass high-performance arenas like Apple Store, Google, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

KOK Play Owner, Partners, and Known Investors

Superacid, Parent Company of KOK Play

The face of KOK Play is CEO Jiwon Kang. Before working at the organization, however, Kang has other multi-level marketing platforms to his credit. A visitor to the site sees references to the following alma maters and career history:

Kang is the CEO of Superacid (a graft of the older root, Nexon, hence propping Kang’s position), WEREDSOFT, and NETKER.

He also has a Master’s degree from Hanyang University and has worked as a Manager of Unilever. He also ensures that the public understands the business run by KOK Play. So, he leverages social media platforms to disseminate crucial details of the KOK Play Owner and his partners.

Reportedly, the following KOK Play workers are in the top tier for IT and Markets admin.

Young Choe _ credited with contributing significantly to BlockChain technology, given his career history as Director for Samsung Electronics. Besides the stint with Samsung, Young is reportedly a Professor (of what?), as seen from his LinkedIn account.

Also, Young has a lead role in a digital finance & cybersecurity venture, and 3KFinance as a Chief Security Officer, besides his positions as owner and CEO of Crypto Valley Lab, Inc. (a cue to Silicon Valley).

Elsewhere, he seems a Professor of Engineering at Yonsei University, with stints at various companies, including SK Hynix, Nvidia, and BMC Software.

Supposedly, Young Choe has a Bachelor of Nuclear Engineering degree from Seoul National University alongside a Ph.D. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University.

Before outlining the accolades of other partners of the KOK Play Owner, besides Young Choe, we try to examine the deluge of Choe’s accomplishments in the following section.

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Made-up IDs or Genuine Info?

Jiwon Kang, the KOK Play Owner, with six other authors, has a published article on this site, researchgate.net. The article necessarily scrapes the surface of fan interaction with K-pop over a chosen sample size. Jiwon does not attach his picture to the piece, making it hard to match him to KOK Play.

Besides, the article, very recently written, was published only in July 2021. So, it does not imply that Jiwon is a Hangyang scholar. In fact, the Google Image results show a different face than KOK Play Jiwon. The other ID case here is Young Choe.

There are many Google results for Young Choe. However, most of them mention only the UFC-style fighting champion, not a nuclear physicist. Further, the other variant of Yang Choe online implies that the man works in the humanities department in Carolina. His picture is also different from the Choe in the KOK Play videos.

We can conclude the following point about KOK Play Owner and his admins.

It is the typical case of made-up IDs in MLM, despite KOK Play attempting to gain traction by decrying MLM proxy CEOs.

More Information

We can ignore any remaining profiles of so-called AI experts on the website. KOK Play already proves it could manufacture IDs and information to get by on social media. Of course, that is why the company prefers that route. What else is available about the platform? There is still the KOK Token and Games.

Since its claims of having a Chinese government recognition traces back to its company website, KOK Play will have to link to a non-affiliated party to prove the alleged endorsements.

Also, the announcement of a $63 billion stimulus to take on Apple, Google, YouTube, etc., remain unsubstantiated information from KOK Play promoters. The same people also infiltrate Reddit and Quora, infusing non-affiliated reviews with comments that support KOK Play. So, be careful not to fall for these schemes.

KOK Play Owner: Jiwon Kang, or a Proxy Actor

As identifying the KOK Play Owner becomes a scramble game, many reviews online pin the CEO to some proxy actor. That is, after all, an inexhaustible card in the MLM deck.

If all the KOK Play executives could muster is fake CVs and hastily-created articles in free media, they have a light resume. Moreover, KOK Play mentions that it does not operate as a multi-level marketing company, despite the owner being pro-MLM. Regardless, the company lacks a security regulation.

Jiwon Kang does not exist outside KOK Play and its unverified admin ensemble. He could be anyone, a daubed CEO for KOK Play at the moment. Also, the supposed nuclear physicist with a degree from Carolina University, Young Choe, strangely prefers offering a game app and a crypto-miner app to research in Physics. That is odd.

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