KeyFunders Review | High-Tech Forex Trade Broker, Web Trader, Legit?

KeyFunders Review: listing indices that span tech (Google, Amazon, etc.) energy and currency pair offs, the platform offers brokerage services. Typically, clients can leverage the clutter of forex investment opportunities from KeyFunders to earn profits.

KeyFunders offers a 5%-15% bonus to an affiliate per referral to the platform. This follows a previous welcome bonus to the affiliate/partner. 

The KeyFunders website is an impression of colorful caches currying investments in different indexes. Bar its a gaudy exterior, what does the website offer clients? Is the platform a credible forex broker?

This KeyFunders Review attempts to find out the answers.

KeyFunders Review: Overview

KeyFunders Review: based on an egalitarian policy, the company expresses deep concerns about the drooping balance of wealth and means of wealth creation in society. In a matching altruistic fervor, it offers to bridge the financial gap through forex trade and CFDs.

The above remarks sum up the prelim to the KeyFunders webpage describing the company. The website subsequently mentions KeyFunders pedigree trading foreign exchanges and CFDs for at least nine (9) years. The current is the culmination of all efforts from the company’s managerial team.

As you can see, none of the vague references above says anything about KeyFunders.

Similarly, our KeyFunders Review finds no details of the company management. However, the KeyFunders website mentions an office address: Paramaunt Holdings LLC

 Add First Floor, First Saint Vincent Bank, LTD Building, James Street Kingstown, St Vincent, and the Grenadines.

Despite its inclusion of an office address, the company website does not contain a softcopy of KeyFunders’ trade license. Impatient clients may put down the website to scam. But does it appear any different to a patient customer? It is hardly the case.

KeyFunders might expect investors to take the company reg. the number on its website as adequate proof of regulation. But it won’t serve. Forex brokers typically register with an SEC (securities and exchanges commission) body since SECs serve as broker-investor buffers.

Contrarily, our KeyFunders Review does not find any evidence of SEC regulation on the website. Just like many reviews point out, this is the first confirmation test of scam forex brokers.

The next section of this KeyFunders Review briefly looks at the products on the platform. See below.

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KeyFunders Review: Products & Services

KeyFunders Review: offering 24/7 deposit/withdrawal services and affiliate cum referral bonuses, the company offers the following products in its services cache.

  1. Forex
  3. Commodities
  4. Indices
  5. Digital Money

True to form, the Shares category features a chart that prominently lists Apple Inc. in a list of stock shares. Impliedly, investors can make profits by clinching all IPO opportunities to buy shares at low prices.

Also, the Indices services cache includes the semblance of a real-time chart of the S&P 500. Similarly, the Forex and Commodities categories offer the semblance of real-time valued services.

However, all pretense at offering legit brokerage vanish when the company offers its Meta Trader 4 copy-ca (KeyFunders Web Trader).

See our take on the web trader in the next section of this KeyFunders Review.

KeyFunders Web Trader

The web trader on KeyFunders supposedly mirrors similar instruments on the popular Meta Trader 4.

How do prove that? Since the KeyFunders website does not disclose any information about its chief product, it stalls all efforts to review the forex web trader.

As a rule, though, all web trading counter requires a preliminary performance check by independent reviews. KeyFunders web trader records negative feedback from clients, despite its being kept a close secret.

Further, the app cuts a poor figure compared to other traders like Meta Trader 4, 5. Even with the 1:200 leverage, clients feel reluctant to subscribe to the company’s Meta Trader 4 copy-cat.

See the next section of this KeyFunders Review for the payment method on the platform.

Payment Method

All withdrawals and deposits are run through MasterCard, Visa, and Transfer Wire.

KeyFunders does not mention any preferential treatment on account of payment/withdrawal medium. Reportedly, clients can also use arbitrary brokers to cash out.

However, clients report that the website deducts exorbitant transaction fees to process withdrawal requests. Perhaps to stopper an unbalanced outflow of investments due to withdrawals, KeyFunders only remits a threshold of $250.

Moreover, the minimum deposit on the platform is $250. Note that re-commitments supposedly boost earning power, according to the website.

Given its unclear trading terms, the website strikes a newbie as a hoarding front for bilking unsuspecting investors of their funds.

Already, there are reports of scams from disappointed investors about the KeyFunders platform.

In the light of KeyFunders anonymous admin status, all information about supposed cutting-edge financial instruments on the website is a mere scam ruse. The point is to get you to invest funds. When the funds make for a huge stash, it’s shunted into a private avenue run by the company.

Please share additional information you have about the company with us in the comment box. Thanks 

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