Kapan Update PES 2022 Mobile | Konami eFootball Mobile Release Date

Kapan Update PES 2022 Mobile _ v1.0.0 is underway, with fans thrilled to try out the new game features on the mobile PES version.

After a few years hike on the download stats some sports lose steam, but not PES. It spirals new outfits, replete with wonderful background for diehard players. Do you want to get the latest bit yet? If so, hang on as we announce the latest update about the game.

Leading Up to the Announcement _ 

eFootball, the username of the official Twitter handle, kept gamers informed about the latest input, new entrants, and improvements to the game.

Keeping in tow finally paid off, for most fans, with the recent release date announcement capping off the long wait.

What’s the jackpot, guys?

It’s the v1.1.0 update kickstarting 2022 with bursts of thrills and fun tournaments on the game.

Following the Announcement _

Fans are giving a fair toss as to what goes where in the promised Season 2, with expectations for the in-game event mounting by the hour. Konami didn’t disappoint, posting about a sure treat once the in-game offer matures.

“After the maintenance is completed, SEASON 2 is scheduled to kick off on June 16th, which will be accompanied by various in-game events. Further details will be announced in-game, on the official website (sic) and on this Twitter account.”

Get the gist in this article.

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Kapan Update PES 2022 Mobile: When Is It Happening?

Since the plan incubates from May 30 to June 2, it boots fully on June 15, unveiling the exciting bits kept under wraps for so many months.

Officially, the wait is over by June 15, 2022.

However, Kapan Konami Update PES 2022 Mobile kicks off the full squad on the 16th.

Meanwhile, fans are not left merely to count down to the event. They can enjoy the trial matches between set leagues and host teams.

Also, the trial/friendlies have their thrills, posing appreciable flex handicap for newbies in ten (10) minutes play period in sync with an ambient background theme song.

Konami Kapan Update PES 2022 Mobile coopts all the backdoor cutting slacks, host TV shuffles included as voiceovers, leading up to the match. So, you have event shows, campaigns, and shortlisting to boot.

Let us wind the dial back a period. If you missed the Konami Update PES 2022 Mobile Season 1, read the following section for context to Season 2.

How it Works

Fans get to play in sync with the real-world football timeline. So, Konami Kapan Update PES 2022 Mobile attempts to break up the events to match the seasons.

Accordingly, Season one has cleared off the cart, ushering the Season 2.

These treats are the best offers to gamers yet _

Challenge Events: Allows football matches between gamers.

Tour Events: Allows football matches between the bot and gamers.

Moreover, everyone has access to backdoor player lobbying and all the features that go with them. It’s the right mix for a let’s-get-kicking moment!

Where Can You Get a Kapan Konami PES Version?

Kapan Update PES 2022 Mobile

If you want a local footprint for PES Mobile 2022 in the region, use the Kapan Update PES 2022 Mobile live feeds from geeks in India.

Some of the up-to-date posts are compiled in a TickTock thread, and they are available online. You can see some of the vids here _ tiktok.com

You Should Note the Following, though

There are no treats for users who prefer curated streams for Kapan unless an APK tweaks the display to include Indian tournaments in the UI.

We don’t see any instance of happening, anyway. Regardless, some Kapan viewers crop some few minutes videos for people in the region.


The Konami Update PES 2022 Mobile Season 2 is not out yet. In the meantime, you can enjoy Season 1. Good Luck!

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