JustAnswer Review | How it Works, JustAnswer App, Pros & Cons

JustAnswer Review: the platform provides ready answers to sundry and technical questions through 12000+ verified experts.

Getting help from professionals is easy on JustAnswer, especially as regards quick fixes and guides. All it takes to start is to forward the questions and then get the reply in minutes.

It is a convenient way to sift through the mass of results for a Google search, chipping off the irrelevant parts with the result that only the desired outcomes remain. So, you can picture the site as an interactive questions/answer space.


  1. Visit the blog section on the official website for free general publications on various topics if you require a glimpse before subscribing.
  2. . Some of the most featured content is for audiences like engineers, environmental activists, artisans, etc.
  3. The site provides a clue to the appropriate Q&A profiles by attaching ratings to them. In that way, you can select an expert without wasting precious time on preliminary evaluation (eventually, you will have to call the verdict on an expert’s performance since answers vary).
  4. You can get supporting links as follow-up articles and media clips depending on the complexity of the question being discussed.

Our JustAnswer Review highlights the crucial features of the company, including the pros and cons, with emphasis on user/customer satisfaction. Read on below for details.

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JustAnswer Review: What to Expect

JustAnswer is quite the handful, concentrating multiple fields in one website. It avails you of hundreds of expert help in the following areas:

  • Computers (ICT software tech, programming, machine learning, etc.),
  • Appraisals,
  • Plumbing,
  • Medicine,
  • Electronics, and
  • Law.

You can get help in many other branches that do not appear in the above list. Well, just for good measure, the blog part comprises all the available subjects and includes a trifle more off-the-beaten-path information.

Also, if you prioritize succinct answers to an emergency question (one that you require answers for at the moment), you can bet that JustAnswer is the right place for it.

Further, JustAnswer has an edge over many scheduling shifts online since it doesn’t require users to wait on a schedule. So, you can expect a fast service _ a reliable one at that.

How does it work, though? See the following section of our JustAnswer Review for details.

How JustAnswer Works

Note: you can get round-the-clock help from the platform by following the procedure for finding a suitable expert.

You will have to subscribe (click on My Account at the top of the homepage if you already have an account) to the service before accessing the experts’ database. Below is how it works.

Sign-up/Subscribe to JustAnswer Review

You can use the official subscription portal to sign up on the website. However, you can cut to the chase by clicking on any prompt/link for liaising with an expert.

You get a blank space requesting your questions once you click on the link (like the one in the clip below).

  • Fill in a random (but relevant question) and submit it
  • JustAnswer automatically puts up the subscription slip.
  • Enter the following information in the correct boxes: email address, credit card number, set subscription period by indicating expiry date, enter ZIP/Postal code and agree to the terms of service.
  • Lastly, click on the Connect Now banner. That is it!

First step: Ask for help

You will get a list of over twelve thousand (12000+) experts to select from, including medical experts, lawyers, tech experts, and engineers.

Also, you can access a growing base of dedicated workers in any of the listed fields above.

Second Step: Typical Response Time

The next step is to receive a response in a typical minutes-long period elapsed before the reply commences.

During the processing, JustAnswer looks for the best expert to answer the question (for which an experiential treatment may be necessary) in an understandable way as possible.

Moreover, you can select the communication route from the three options below:

  1. Chat,
  2. Talk, or
  3. Text.

You can also enter attached links, screenshots (image clips), or video clips for clarity while conversing with an expert on the platform.

Note that the above procedure rides on a member having a current subscription to the platform. Subsequently, the accumulated benefits include less time and money spent on in-person consultations.

Moreover, you can use the AI assistant as an alternative to the sign-up procedure highlighted above. Users can instantly access the subscription plan without a trial by setting a period for reply.

See the following section of our JustAnswer Review for how to make the most of your Q & A.

JustAnswer Questions & Answers

Our JustAnswer Review tried to get an answer for the question, how can I prepare spicy broccoli? The request (despite it being random) got a reply in less than three seconds. And the most surprising part of it is that the feedback suggested a relevant field (vet) immediately.

So, the above shows that interactions on the site are intuitive and instructive.

You can ask a question by following the guideline.

  • Choose the relevant field
  • Select an expert according to the attached rating
  • Express the question clearly, emphasizing the details or points of interest with clips, video cues, and emphatic stickers.
  • Opt for a video chat if you need pictorial and auditory support to grasp the answers from JustAnswer experts.

JustAnswer Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the positive sides to the company.


  • It is a convenient all-in-one self-help platform, focusing on users instead of the trends.
  • You can search questions from the previous conversation without paying for them.
  • There is no limit to the questions.
  • Also, it generally costs less than in-person consultations.
  • Further, you can cross-reference replies from different experts.


The pricing is susceptible to frequent changes, making JustAnswer somewhat dubious.

Sometimes the replies may take a long time to come.

Conclusion: How do the Pros and Cons compare?

JustAnswer Review: The pros for JustAnswer, pitted against the cons, come off heavy on the customer satisfaction scales.

JustAnswer is invariably best for tinkering your way out of an awkward situation since it provides on-the-spot information within minutes. However, always ensure you cancel any subscriptions to avoid unseemly charges.

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