Juicy Fields | Cannabis Crowd Growth Company Review | Legit or Scam?

Juicy Fields: The platform handles cannabis plantation fields and offers returns on partnerships and affiliate plans but remains unregistered.

Although the White Paper (Green Paper, in this case) attempts to hide the illegal business afoot as being subject to regional jurisprudence in the U.S., it mentions revenue reserves for settling military actions.

So, now you have an idea of what is at stake here. Investors not only face the sheer force of anti-drug abuse agencies in North America but basically do so unwittingly because Juicy Fields hides under the pretense of being legal.

You can see the façade falling off in the customer protection section (see the clip below). There is a thick line between force majeure and military intrusion due to illegality. Why Juicy Fields describes a possible drug agency clampdown as an insurable event speaks volumes about its business choice.

Also, the company is most active in places like Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Lesotho, South Africa, and the Netherlands, with supposed partnerships in Costa Rica, Colombia, North Macedonia, etc.

Canopy Growth and other platforms roped into the Partners list already say they have zero ties with Juicy Fields. Read this article for more details.

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Juicy Fields: About the Company

Execs: Alan Glanse, CEO (New York-Berlin); Daniel Gauci, CBDO (Malta); Joel Duarte, Latam Supervisor (Colombia); and Thomas Walker, Master Grower (South Africa).


Juicy Fields operates out of Berlin, Germany, providing cannabis crowd growing field subscriptions to prospective investors. It typically offers benefits, rewards on concluded sessions, and other loyalty perks.

It intends to capitalize on the market value of cannabis globally, relying on supportive stats to gain traction in the consumer space. 

Juicy Fields draws inferences from such relevant stats as Brightfield Group’s submission on the range of non-psychoactive cannabis market, projecting the valuation at $1.7 billion ($318 million in 2019). Probing the right market for the product seems the best choice for profits (if regulatory papers are in order).

Also, Colombia and South Africa seem to be the best go for all high-remitting cannabis production businesses. Juicy Fields says these places constitute the most competitive markets, although the U.S. bans shipping across its borders (and for the right reasons).

Is it Legal practice to outsource medicinal cannabis from third-party farmers?

The answer is NO. In fact, an aspiring producer would need a license to operate, not throwing vindictive shades at government regulatory agencies in the U.S, which is what Juicy Fields does subtly. The company conflates acceptable cannabis levels in pharmaceuticals with a privately-run production-fueled cannabis investment. Here is an example.

The UK, Germany, Italy (sic) and the Netherlands already have legal systems in place for medicinal cannabis (sic) and France and Spain are currently reviewing key legislative reform to align themselves with international pra‑ices and norms.

It correspondingly mentions a gradual state endorsement of the medicinal value of cannabis, linking an anchor, Cannabis Business Times, where mentioned locations are aligned with the prevailing state laws. Even so, adult-use tax rates correlate with consumption deficits between regulated and illegal sales, further requiring state actors to control the market.

So, cannabis is ever the purview of government agencies _ not a public investment lee as Juicy Fields projects.

See the affiliate plan below.

Membership Subscription Plans

Although Juicy Fields is not into direct sales (at the time of writing), it offers ROIs on subscription plans. Instead of growing the crops through all the maturation stages, members only need to buy ownership that starts remitting after one hundred and eight (108) days.

Below are the available packages (subscription tiers).

JuicyFlash (45g – 55g) _ sells for $50 and starts ROIs after 108 days

JuicyMist (150g – 200g) _ sells for 2.00 Euro per gram, paying ROI in 3 years

Also, JuicyKush (200g – 300g) _ sells for 2.50 Euro per gram, paying ROI in 4 years

JuicyHaze (300g – 400g) _ sells for 3.00g Euro per gram, paying ROIs in 5 years

Is it MLM?

It is not the typical MLM compensation grid. However, Juicy Fields extends ROIs to as long as 5 years, although its domain is renewable in two years.

How many investors would relish the prospect of a five years incubation period?

On the flipside, stacking returns payable on a five years timeline is the same as earning off a triangle program if no proofs of cannabis cultivation are available. So far, Juicy Fields provides zero evidence of the said plantation.

Is it legit? That would depend on its endorsement by the applicable jurisprudence. See below for details.

Juicy Fields: Is it Safe to Invest?

As per legalization, below is the factor underpinning Juicy Fields as a supposedly legit business.

In 2015, a report from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), st­ated that drug use, when not injuring others, should not be illegal in the EU. While there are 37 million people in Canada and 327 million in the United States, the European Union is home to almost­ 743 million.

But is an offhand, general call to legalize drug use (no specification of type) the same as legalization? The answer is NO. You can look for any legitimizing documents on the Juicy Fields, except you won’t find them. 

Unless the company is legally-propped for business/investment, it is not a safe investment option.


Juicy Fields is allegedly under investigation in Germany, with results pending an official press release from the investigating agency. Keep a tab on this post for updates.

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