Jubiter Verification Process | Requisites, How to Verify Your Account

Jubiter Verification Process: depending on the purpose of your Jubiter account, its validation requires an ID and other relevant documents. We discuss the process thoroughly in this article and also explain the requisites for verifying the Jubiter account.

Also, since much of the details would require image feeds to the Jubiter website, they can be collected in the following manner:

  • Ensure that any image you upload to the platform when registering is clear.
  • Use one color throughout for a background.
  • Do not post images that have specular effects like reflections.
  • Further, ensure that you upload only the valid documents.
  • All image sizes will have to be in the range of 50kb-8MB data.
  • Lastly, the requisite formats are GIF, PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, and PNG.

Since the Jubiter Verification Process allows you to create an account on the Bitcoin/Litecoin exchange platform, Jubiter, it requires absolute care. We shall explain the necessary steps in this post. Read on for more information.

Jubiter Verification Process: Overview

Jubiter is a crypto exchange broker that does not trade altcoins, making it a good choice for BTC/Litecoin-intensive trading. The platform also recently offers a credit card (and a debit card option?) to its users. This allows users to fund their Jubiter Wallet directly through fiat.

Other key takeaways from the Jubiter services cache include the following:

  • 24/7 Customer Support for a five-day trade period (striking off Saturdays and Sundays).
  • A highly secure database that is inaccessible to anyone, including Jubiter employees
  • A Cold Storage option for offline deposits, which rules out any chances of cryptocurrency scam on the platform
  • Competitive Rates for all crypto transactions on the site
  • Near 100% availability

Further, Jubiter offers Advanced Fraud Detection for all transactions on its network.

Another improvement on this crypto service is its Two Factor Authentication.

However, there seem to be some recurring issues on the Jubiter platform. Perhaps large swings will lay off some crypto accounts from the highly fluctuating markets, which does not imply a scam. But on TrustPilot, a user of Jubiter brusquely mentioned he is was scammed of his funds. The review, quite recently posted on the 17 of September, reads thus,

“Was conned out of nearly ten thousand pounds – avoid”.

Besides these pockets of downvotes, there is a predominantly positive feedback inflow on the company.

Below are the pre-requisites for the Jubiter Verification Process.

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Verification Requisites

The following are relevant to the validation procedure of your Jubiter account:

Selfie (unedited) _ taken full frontals, as Jubiter will not accept profile views. Also, ensure your face is not blurred by your eyeglasses, tousled hairs, etc. in the picture. Finally, the selfie will show your registration ID or the Credit Card you registered with.

Upload Image of Credit Card _ Jubiter requires a pictorial impression of your Credit Card to ascertain its ownership. As such, you will show the last four digits of the Credit Card number, although you can block the eight security numbers on it.

Address _ confirm your address by uploading any of your homebound mails to Jubiter. As per the proof of address, you can send any utility bills receipt, bar receipts for clearing network tariffs. Jubiter will also consider a missive from your school, government, etc.

Confirm Terms and Conditions _ order Confirmation Form 210 or 310, which you will send to Jubiter along with your pics affixed to it. By digitally signing the form, you confirm your ID and also tick the terms and conditions requirements.

Agree to the Return and Cancellation Policy _ order Confirmation Form 214 and 314, which you will send to Jubiter along with your pics affixed it. By digitally signing the form, you agree to Jubiter’s stipulations regarding the intricacies of the crypto trade and its implications.

Declare Source of Funds _ Jubiter will send you an evaluation form requiring details about the source of funds in your Jubiter account. Also, the platform stresses the need for an honest reply.

Prove Source of Funds _ you can confirm your source of funds as it is necessary for conversions through banks. As always, Jubiter Customer Support will guide you through this step.

How it Works

Once you conclude the above process, Jubiter will subsequently verify your account.

Afterward, you can buy and trade BTCs and LTCs for the tallied rates. However, depending on the nuance of orders, you may need to forward additional documents to Jubiter. 

Whatever the result of the Jubiter Verification Process, always recall that the procedure complies with regulatory policies. The regulation, in turn, checks frauds and nefarious acts through digital assets.

Additionally, Jubiter may request some private info of a user if it deems it necessary for transactions via banks. It is also necessary for the platform to glimpse the ID of a customer. Why? Because BTCs and LTCs, being cryptocurrencies, can be used to fund terrorism.

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