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Check your JAMB Result using the JAMB Result Checker app on Google Playstore or the official JAMB page for checking UTME Results/Scores.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) organizes and oversees the entire process involved in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations every year. The board currently has several online media that allows students to get JAMB Result Checker online.

Apart from listing available UTME Scores, the annual JAMB Result Checker charts show the spread of scores. It also allows JAMB to set realistic UTME Cut-Off Marks for public Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria.

JAMB Result Checker: Check your JAMB Result 2021

JAMB Result Checker is available to every West African examination unit that liaises with JAMB to offer admission to West African Students intending to study in Nigerian Universities

After the exams, JAMB usually sends every candidate’s score to his/her mobile phone. It typically happens within two (2) weeks after the annual UTME.

Here in this post, you can learn how to access your JAMB Result 2021 using the JAMB Result Checker.

Moreover, you can access your JAMB Result 2021 using either of two ways. First, you can use the JAMB Result Checker to verify your scores and then print it out. Or second, you can only access your Jamb Results 2021 online without options for Print-outs.

Although you can use any of these two procedures to access your JAMB scores, there are certain aspects you should consider as well:

  • There is a JAMB Result Checker app on Google Playstore. Get the app for verifying JAMB Result 2021
  • Also, you can go to the official UTME Scores page on the JAMB Portal, check JAMB Result 2021, and get Print-Out for a fee.
  • Finally, you can only view the JAMB results without any Print-Out options.

Check JAMB Result and Get Print-Out

If you intend to check your JAMB Result 2021 and get a Print-Out of your JAMB Scores, then follow these steps below:

  1. Ensure you have a stable network and a fast Web Browser to avoid disruption when checking the results.
  2. Then, log in to www.jamb.org.ng.
  3. Go through the available categories on the homepage to view the services on the platform.
  4. Select Create e-Facility Account/Login
  5. Click on it.
  6. On the page that displays subsequently, you can proceed to sign in to your account.
  7. Navigate through the features and click on the Login/Sign-in tab.
  8. Click on the login form and fill in the empty spaces with the relevant details like email and password.
  9. Then click on the Login icon.
  10. On the jamb.org.ng dashboard, a candidate can check his/her admission status, UTME Results, and a few extra details relevant to the JAMB exams.
  11. opt for Check UTME Scores/Results and click on it.
  12. As soon as you request your JAMB Result 2021, you will see the payment slip requesting payment via Naira Debit Card. 
  13. Pay through specified debit medium and then request for your result. (Although it should display immediately after payment)

Note: the login procedure for accessing JAMB Result Checker requires your email address. Also, ensure you provide only the email you registered with if you have multiple email addresses. Further, you can opt to receive a verification message for retrieving or resetting your JAMB Portal Login password through your valid email.

Moreover, keep your mobile phone number with you since JAMB will usually reach you through it.

Check UTME Result Without Print-Out

If you do not need the print-out of your 2021 JAMB Result immediately, you can easily view it on the JAMB Result Checker online. What does it take to do this task online? Just follow the steps below:

  1. Always ensure you have a reliable web browser and stable internet connectivity.
  2. Then go to jamb.org.ng/eFacility/CheckUTMEResults (see here for updates jamb.gov.ng).
  3. Fill in the empty spaces with the relevant login details like your valid email address or Reg. No 
  4. Once you enter the requisite login details correctly, you can then view your JAMB Result 2021 and see all your UTME Scores.

Possible Limitations

These steps for accessing JAMB Result Checker on the JAMB Web Portal only allow you to view your scores without options for getting print-outs.

Moreover, your UTME scores may not be available when you request them. If this happens, you can refer back to the JAMB Portal within the two (2) weeks period for JAMB result publication. In any case, you can always use the options for checking JAMB Results online without Print-Out to access your UTME Scores.

Get UTME Scores through JAMB Result Checker App

You can also check your UTME Scores using just the JAMB Result Checker App available on Google Playstore. How do you get the app? Follow the procedure below:

  • Use the Browser on your Mobile Phone or PC to search JAMB Result Checker 2021
  • Click on the Search Result for UTME Result Checker on Google Playstore.
  • Look for the “install” option.
  • Click on it to install the mobile app on your phone.

Note: please, ensure you download only the updated Result Checker app. Otherwise, use only the official JAMB Portal to check your JAMB Result.

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