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The JAMB Registration date for 2021 is April 8, 2021. According to a publication by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), the JAMB Registration will continue till May 15, 2021. 

Although the JAMB Registration Form is not yet available to prospective JAMB/UTME candidates, the exam board marks the start of the registration period.

The exam board further discloses that the 2021 JAMB CBT Examination will be on June 5, 2021.

JAMB Registration 2021 Updates

The JAMB Registration announcement usually precedes the activation of the Registration Form portal on the platform. It also allows eligible candidates to sit for the 2021 CBT UTME, regardless of their location in Nigeria.

You can also use the JAMB e-facility portal to opt for admission into a foreign university after concluding your Registration, taking the exam, and getting an admission offer from a foreign University.

As the 2021 JAMB/UTME exams are coming up shortly, you need all the information you can get about the Registration requirements. It also includes JAMB Profile creation, learning about JAMB Login steps, and getting the list of accredited JAMB CBT units in Nigeria.

Other self-help documents can familiarize you with the JAMB Registration process. For instance, you can use the JAMB CBT preparatory coaching to learn more about the actual Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination (UTME). 

Note that the JAMB/UTME form holds at the accredited JAMB CBT units. Special cases like Direct Entry JAMB Exams candidates can use the alternative JAMB Direct Entry Form instead.

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JAMB Registration: Duration and Price of e-Pin

 Regardless of the higher institution, you intend to study in, you need the JAMB e-Pin and requisite details before you are eligible for the 2021 UTME Exam.

Like we said previously, JAMB says that the 2021 Registration period will hold in the interval, May 8 – April 15, 2021. You can refer to the data below to check the applicable fees for UTME Reading Text, Registration Fee, and Services Charge”:

JAMB Reading Text _ N 500

Registration Fee _ N3 500

Service Charge _ N700 

This gives a cumulative fee of N4 700.

Additionally, you can opt for an admission offer in a Polytechnic, university, military/para-military academic units, and so on.

To further allow candidates to prepare well for their UTME exams, JAMB lists general pre-requisites for all UTME exams. And this information is available at the accredited JAMB Registration centers.

All candidates need at least 5 O’ level credit passes in English Language and Mathematics, and other three subjects relevant to the course/program they wish to study.

Registration Date and JAMB/UTME CBT Units

The JAMB Registration Period commences on 8th April. Currently, there is only the scheduled date for the JAMB Exam. However the result turns out, the 2021 JAMB Exams will take place at the CBT units in the country.

Ensure that you chose an accredited CBT Center for your JAMB Registration. Also, registering for your 2021 JAMB Exams in proxy centers may be risky. To avoid frauds, go to the JAMB-recommended CBT centers for registration.

Guides on How to Get Registration Form

You may get tricked if you fail to note the nuances surrounding the 2021 JAMB/UTME Registration Form. To be on the safe side, read the guide below to get the form successfully:

  • JAMB only requests N3 500 for Registration. It further corrects N500 from a candidate who requests for the JAMB Recommended Text 2021.
  • The registration enables you to get the UTME virtual class CBT training if you do not know how to use a computer. 
  • Your JAMB e-Pin is linked to your JAMB Profile on the JAMB Portal.
  • To avoid unauthorized login attempts into your JAMB Profile, endure that you keep your JAMB Login details private.

Your Login details like Password, valid email address, and UTME Registration Number are essential to editing your Profile details on the platform. A third party may compromise the information you upload to JAMB Portal if it gets hold of your Login details.

Create JAMB Profile

Follow these steps to create a JAMB profile on the JAMB Portal:

  1. Do not use multiple SIM Cards for this service.
  2. Avoid transferring unique details to other profile accounts since Jamb links details with one profile.
  3. Keep your SIM Number safe and readily available.
  4. Go to the official JAMB Portal (jamb.gov.ng) and click on the create JAMB Profile option.
  5. Then provide the details and click on create a profile.

How to Register

  1. You can send your name, surname/middle-name/first-name, in this order to 55019. (Middle-name is optional)
  2. Also, not that this service only allows up to 40 text characters.
  3. Subsequently, you will get a JAMB Profile Code through the mobile phone number you are using for the process.
  4. You can then proceed to business units running the service.
  5. There, you will get your e-PIN after submitting your JAMB Profile Code
  6. Lastly, you can submit the unique e-PIN at the accredited CBT unit to complete your UTME  Registration. 

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