JAMB CAPS 2021 | JAMB Portal, Accept or Reject Admission

Use the JAMB CAPS 2021 admissions portal to accept or decline University Admission offers from Nigerian Universities. Learn the procedure for accessing and using the features on the JAMB CAPS 2021 portal here in this post.

The Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) is a portal that serves as a primer allowing successful candidates of the Unified Tertiary and Matriculations Examination (UTME) to either ACCEPT or REJECT admission offers from universities.

Besides accepting or rejecting standing Admission offers from Universities, Candidates with good JAMB/UTME scores can also refer to JAMB CAPS 2021 for favorable university admission prospects.

Admission Prospects with JAMB CAPS 2021 Portal

Upon activating the CAPS portal allowing successful UTME Candidates to keep track of possible admission offers, JAMB publishes a notice to create public awareness.

This publication from JAMB typically holds for admissions into colleges of education, polytechnics, universities, and all publicly-owned special institutes. 

Candidates can proceed to the JAMB CAPS 2021 to either ACCEPT current admission offers from these institutions of higher learning. The JAMB Portal also has an alternative feature allowing a student to decline/reject an ADMISSION OFFER from a University.

Also, there are benefits candidates can derive from using the JAMB CAPS 2021. Several of these benefits are discussed briefly below:

  • Using the JAMB CAPS truncates labor and expenses
  • It also helps institutions to retain the purview of their administrative influence.
  • Processing post-UTME scores and accessing admission prospects becomes candidate-specific.
  • The JAMB CAPS 2021 portal has a list of universities/polytechnics/colleges of education offering many courses to candidates with admission offers.
  • Proffers broader admission options for more candidates (including direct entry candidates)
  • Checks against multiple admissions

Moreover, it is an online cradle of every detail relevant to JAMB/UTME data, exams, scores, admissions, etc.

Additionally, JAMB CAPS Portal is always a ready reference should you wish to access admission lists that do not appear on the notice boards of your school of choice. The admission offers available on JAMB CAPS conclude your request for admission to a Nigerian University.

However, you can still apply for admission if you reject an admission offer.

JAMB CAPS 2021: JAMB CAPS Portal Overview

JAMB CAPS 2021 is an automated university admissions portal. It offers several features allowing students to process their university admissions faster and without stress.

The JAMB CAPS Portal also makes up for a transparent, feasible, and coordinated admission process online.

Further, JAMB CAPS 2021 serves as a hive connecting high-scoring UTME Candidates with universities. And this conveniently saves them the stress of scrambling to fit in any higher institution in Nigeria.

Working on a preliminary JAMB Cut-Off mark, Universities will offer admissions to candidates whose UTME Sores are above their departmental threshold scores.

Also, JAMB improves the cache of available features on their CAPS 2021 Portal by including the following options in it:

  • An intermediate network connecting successful UTME candidates to good universities
  • The JAMB CAPS 2021 Portal also allows for intermittent admission lists (batches). Candidates can always view the portal at any time for admission status update, though.
  • It allows for longer periods so that Candidates can access and consider the prospects of an admission offer from any university before replying to it.
  • Candidates who are yet to provide their WAEC/NECO results can also view updates and provide their O level results when it is available.
  • Only candidates with admission offer on the JAMB CAPS 2021 can click on the icon for reject/accept admission on the portal. Other candidates cannot do so since the accept/reject admission icon will show a pale light/color.

Use JAMB CAPS to Accept/Reject a Course

Follow the steps below to either accept/reject a course from a Nigerian University:

  1. First, enter the eFacility page on the JAMB platform. (see news of portal activation here)
  2. Then provide your login details like unique password, valid email address, and username (if applicable).
  3. Navigate to the Check Admission Status option on the page
  4. Click on it.
  5. Here, you will provide further information like Examination Year, JAMB Reg. No.
  6. Ensure you enter the details correctly.
  7. Press Access my CAPS
  8. Then select Transfer Approval
  9.  Ensure you have read and wish to accept/reject the course
  10. Now, either “Accept” or “Reject” the course by clicking on the right icons.

If you prefer to reject/accept a course using your PC, then you can use this procedure:

  • Use the login steps to enter the JAMB CAPS 2021 Portal eFaciltity
  • Click on the Admission Status
  • Find the search feature near your JAMB Reg. No.
  • Use it to retrieve your JAMB Profile
  • Find the options for Accept or Reject program offer

Check Admission Status on your Phone

Besides the enhanced features on the JAMB CAPS 2021, most mobile phones may not access the Check Admission Status feature on the portal.

So how do you check admission status on your phone using the JAMB CAPS 2021?

First, you need a mobile phone with a Web Browser that toggles between the phone tab and keyboard. Second, opt for the keyboard option and then use this procedure to log in to the JAMB CAPS 2021 Portal:

  • Enter the official eFacility Portal.
  • Ensure you have the complete login details
  • Then fill in the relevant details in the spaces in order.
  • Find the option for Check Admission Status.
  • Click on it.
  • Here, you will provide further information like Examination Year, JAMB Reg. No.
  • Ensure you enter the details correctly.
  • Press Access my CAPS tab.
  • The next page typically displays an option for a better and broader view.
  • Click on it.
  • Click on the Admission Status
  • Find the search feature near your JAMB Reg. No.
  • Use it to retrieve your JAMB Profile.
  • Find the options for Accept or Reject program offer.

You will need the hardcopy/printout for subsequent clearance at the university offering you admission. So ensure you print out the original admission offer from the JAMB CAPS 2021 portal.

Other Features You Can Access on the Portal

Besides using the portal to check your admission status on the JAMB Portal, you can still access any of these features:

  • Always keep track of your admission status on the platform by referring back to it.
  • Upload pending WAEC/NECO results on the JAMB CAPS Portal
  • It further allows you to view the available courses and programs in different universities in Nigeria.
  • It also shows, at a glance, the cut-off marks of most universities and matches students with schools depending on their UTME Scores.

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