IX Inversors Review | Dubs 300% ROI MLM tableau and Offers Robots

IX Inversors Review: without a prelim, the website delves into the typical 300% ROI trope of MLMs, claiming to care for your money.

The remarkable thing here is the choice of incognito admin mode over the usual media hype for traction. IX Inversors left the part to affiliates, we assume.

Also, the company seems to keep events and previous business/career roadmap a secret, leaving everyone (including prospective clients) in the dark. If anything, the decision might click wrongly as a ploy to run an unregulated service off the regulation radar.

Read on below for more details.

IX Inversors Review: About the Owner

Like we mentioned at the start, the company prices a vague, albeit colorful, tableau over meaningful communication with clients. Why else does it present a Spanish-worded catalog for a website?

Precious little is known about the platform outside of a general sweep at being the only selfless member of the MLM cohort. Hence, it expects members to fund their IX Inversors account in the hopes of making a 300% ROI profit.

Regardless, the presence of a few PR agents in media videos suggests that the company is rising to the hype bait. One of these videos shows Alexander Hermandez as the face of the company.

Most likely, he might be acting the typical proxy CEO script. Also, as the preferred language is Spanish, it limits the target group to native Spanish speakers (which credits the nearly blank page on account of selective intimacy).

See the following section of this IX Inversors Review for the affiliate compensation plan.

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IX Inversors Membership Commissions

The company retains trademark MLM loyalty programs: referral commissions and binary matrix (residual commission).

As an affiliate, you get six percent (6) of the investments by personal recruits. 

The other earning option is variously labeled residual drop, airdrop, residual bonus, etc. It always features a grid branching out in twos on every level, starting with the entry at the top as the first level.

The origin is the first two branches, which divides the downlines in two and accrues weighted profits by tacking investment volumes in the downlines. Once the bonus is paid out (usually on the lower team side), the lattice sheds the extras on the higher team.

Our IX Inversors Review could not access the draft for calculating the commissions. However, it caps profits on the lower leg at 10%, requiring the client to reinvest to enter the grid. Note that the downlines can grow indefinitely in this scheme.

Below is the Compensation Plan for IX Inversors affiliates.

Affiliate Compensation Plan

You can earn daily profits on the strength of package-tied deposits. The ROI is the cumulative two percent (2%) of the traded volume on the backend. Here is a brief run-through of how it works.

IX 20,000 (the IX Inversors arbitrarily pegged equivalent of $20,000) _ invest $20,000 and get 300% ROI on the package.

IX 10,000 _ pays you $10,000

Also, you get $5000 on the IX 5000 package

Invest IX 3000 for $3000

IX 2000 for $2000

Further, you can earn $1000 for IX 1000

Invest IX 500 for $500

IX 300 and IX 100 earn you $300 and $100 in turn. Note that the switch between IX units and $ is only a nominal valuation. It does not equate the crypto coin to a USD.

Accompanying rewards include the following.

You get a free five-day trip to Dubai for $5 000 000 culminating from your downlines.

Cruise _ available for $3,000,000 culminating from your downlines

One Rolex Watch _ available for $1 000 000 culminating from your downlines

MacBook _ you get the prize for $100 000 realized in downlines.

iPhone _ for $50 000 in downline volumes.

But these awards depend on the most crucial aspect to any investment company: security regulation.

So, we discuss this part in the following section of our IX Inversors Review. See below

Is IX Inversors legit?

The company merely claims to offer investment options for crypto traders, buying into the hype of DeFi technology. 

It also offers a bot trader as leverage for prospective traders. However, there is no evidence of any bot trader or a demo AI earning a profit on the site.

Also, an AI-owning company using the bot as an ICO anchor defies logic. Why doesn’t the company keep the bot and make all the cryptocurrency gains from it?

The answer is, IX Inversors do not have such software. So, the company could not possibly be a legit platform.

Moreover, it merely offers a list of garbage in/out gaudy portfolios on the website. By itself, the tableau is as unprofessional as the unethical decision to operate an investment company anonymously.

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