IQ Option 247 Trade Review | Offers app amidst Complaints, Pros & Cons

IQ Option 247 Trade Review: the platform offers an app for optimal yield in binary options trade but bags loads of complaints.

Since there is no trace of multi-level marketing about IQ Option, it gives you the first impression that the company is legit.

As it happens, the organization boasts lots of acclaim on its website and promoters’ page. The most recurring positive scores include unverified recommendations, awards, and mentions by various platforms.

Among other things, the company hints at an unmatched performance index on Google Play. Nothing proves that IQ Option enjoys these laudations without a publicly available source for unraveling these baggage knots.

One bizarrely obvious detractor is a link to NASDAQ showing materials unrelated to IQ Option instead of recommending the product to traders. You can see this botched attempt at image laundering on the company’s review front,

If anything, the typically effective emphasis conferred by a link to NASDAQ does not work for IQ Option. Why? Is this only a gimmick, which buckles the multi-award winner bandwagon before it even picks speed?

Our IQ Option 247 Trade Review explores the possibilities of earning on the platform (using the mobile app). See below for details.

IQ Option 247 Trade Review: Overview

According to the press attachments on the site, IQ Option has been in existence since 2013. Its gloried start mostly feature in sponsored news bits, without globally popular journals to spine the arrangement. Yet, the partnerships bolster IQ Option status. Here is a brief take on IQ Option affiliations.

Our IQ Option 247 Trade Review finds a link explaining partnerships between Aston Martin (a car racing company) and IQ Option. Both companies consolidate in the light of the Brexit 2016 debates.

IQ Option takes a theme from this affiliation: racing implies speed, design, efficiency, and excellence.

A sponsored post on takes the company’s media presence as far back as 2013, citing it is one of the earlier risers to the opportunities in Forex and cryptocurrencies.

So, the company unpacks plenty of services to over forty-eight million users in 2021. The platform has seventy-nine (79) specialists as the support team (according to the website).

According to a sponsored review (from the same address mentioned in the first section of this article), more than twenty-six (26) countries contribute to user traffic.

What do these people do on the site? See the following section of this IQ Option 247 Trade Review for answers.

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IQ Option Services

The features you access on this platform pivot on trading _ binary options, including extras like education/training mails and the basics about hedging.

Also, it gives you a demo account and up-to-date emails for a prep, although the emails prove to be IQ Option updates instead of a track on stocks.

Although some reviews hint at charts and typical instruments being available on the app UI, our IQ Option 247 Trade Review could not verify that they are optimal for profits in an options trade. They include candlesticks, charts, and indicators.

So far, a demo account always offers a glimpse at the trade instruments available on the site. Surprisingly, IQ Option and its media fronts expend little effort at providing information about the contents of the demo binary trader.

It proves to be another con, the first being negative customer feedback. IQ Option mentions that the remarkable things about the demo are:

  • Completely free, and
  • Unlimited.

There are strings on the unlimited, of course. The first one, free demos, is IQ Option speaking reflexively since demos are free. Apart from providing a $10 000 virtual money prop and instruments in the UI, the demo is not different from the typical starter packs.

Note: none of these details above are verifiable on the site. Instead of attachments and soft copies, IQ Option prefers to skip these prelims by taking over the media reviews. See the possible issues about IQ Option 247 Trade in the following section of this review.

Red Flags

IQ Option 247 Trade Review: besides vaguely hinting at a menu of financial instruments, the company does not link to an independent audit.

Here is a run-through of the issues about the IQ Option.

Negative feedback from customers about new app features

IQ Option app might pose more than a marginal risk, inferring from the users’ complaints, which converge on problems with the features.

IQ Option dominates the reviews by fronting affiliates and sponsored posts.

What about the pros?

Nothing constitutes tenable Forex, stocks, or crypto trading on IQ Option until the above issues are duly addressed.

However, the IQ Option 247 Trade has a mobile application on Play Store. So, it is not a scam.

Moreover, most of the cons do not constitute problems beyond basic trade widgets on the UI. So, you can make profits from the IQ Option app without the foreboding of scams.

Google Play contains positive reviews about the app, interspersed with complaints.

IQ Option 247 Trade Review: Verdict

Except for the glitch with the app, IQ Option might bear heavily on the available reviews online. But then, there is no harm in this, as far as internet visibility goes.

Generally, the only voucher for the IQ Option app is the user feedback. The company can improve by linking to an audit to defuse mixed reactions from hesitant customers.

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