Invexeo Review | CFD Trading, Legit Forex Brokerage? Credibility

Invexeo Review: as a high-toned forex broker, Invexeo supposedly offers GFA-overseen services to all CFD traders on the platform.

In a subtle disavowal at the end of its About Us webpage, Invexeo reminds investors that Credit for Differences (CFDs) are high-risk investments. Impliedly, Invexeo clients should expect some losses trading CFDs and related futures markets on the platform. 

Clients wonder if there is any Global Financial Authority (GFA) regulation for Invexeo. For all its effort at proving its regulation, Invexeo offers no evidence on the website. Also, our Invexeo Review finds no tangible lead on the company, not a PR front or office location.

On the whole, people wonder if the FYI addenda on the Invexeo website is not an inkling of a possible scam from so-called Invexeo forex brokers. Is the company really regulated? Who’s behind the platform?

See the answers in this Invexeo Review.

Invexeo Review: Overview

Invexeo Review: all pretense at GFA regulation aside, the company website reveals nothing about its supposed high-tech financial instruments. Its owner is anonymous and all Invexeo services are only skimmed and bluntly worded on the official website.

Regardless, Invexeo says it offers Meta Trader 5 and Meta Trader 4. Also, clients can access an account type that caters to Islamic forex traders and so on. With Invexeo’s bevy of stocks, commodities, and crypto trading avenues, clients can earn profits from the company.

To signal its credibility, the Invexeo website says it offers regulated services and possesses trade licenses. However, this voucher is undermined by the absence of any evidence of regulation on Invexeo. Where does that leave investors?

Despite offering 1:200 leverage and close spreads, Invexeo cuts a poor image of forex brokerage and crypto P-2-P network. Moreover, the company already piles up scam records from volumes of clients’ feedbacks.

The next section of this Invexeo Review looks at the credibility of the forex broker and its alleged GFA regulation.

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Invexeo Review: Scam GFA Regulation

A cursory Google search of the words, Global Financial Authority, shows nothing tangible. For all it is worth, GFA is bait from Invexeo, luring undiscerning investors into a scam brokerage.

Invexeo Review: for a start, the only proof of regulation the company can muster, GFA, does not exist. 

After its paper shield, faux GFA license, what does Invexeo offer clients as an article of good faith? Nothing more.

The website issues a caveat citing Invexeo is not culpable for any losses clients may run into while trading with it. Note that the warning is undercut by a message to customers to invest only the amounts they are prepared to lose.

Moreover, our Invexeo Review finds the company’s choice of regulation queer. In the EU and UK, none of the legitimate forex brokers include any semblance to GFA. Investors on the Invexeo website can decide to trade CFDs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and stocks on an unregulated counter. And the choice bears grim prospects: loss of funds, bogus brokerage, and so on.

Invexeo Review: besides cryptocurrency quotes and futures-tied investments, what other services does Invexeo says it offers? See the next section of this review for details.

Products and Services

Invexeo Review: being an FX broker, the company does not offer tangible products. 

We are not entirely sure of this as the wordings on the Invexeo website are rather dodgy and unrevealing. Since Invexeo offers online forex training sessions and eBooks, it may provide learning guides to clients _ for a price.

Our Invexeo Review finds the following services on the website:

Market Trading Tools (News and Market Insight, Market Analysis Video, Live Chat options, Asset Index, etc.)

Education (Seminars, Webinars, One-on-One Training, Help Center, Trading Academy, Glossary, etc.)

However, the thrust of the above services is the Trading category on the Invexeo website.

Invexeo Review: the Trading cache contains a prelim commitment to protect investors’ funds. And then, it mentions the following items:

Deposit and Withdrawals

Leverage and Margin Requirements (where Invexeo offers 1:200, fair leverage for most traders)

Forex, Crypto, and finally

CFD Trade.

Earning options in the Forex Trading cache includes the following niches:

Vanilla Options






Moreover, clients reportedly get more options if they dial the contact.

As always, the hidden ad-on reveals the scam aspect to the Invexeo published services. Customers report being scammed of investment funds in the range of 200EUR to 300EUR on minor investment packages.

How does an anonymous brokerage garner investments from forex traders? See the next section of this Invexeo Review for more information.

Promotions, Affiliate/Partnership Packages

Invexeo Review: the website is fraught with promotional incentives for partners. Currying funds from several fronts, Invexeo offers referral bonuses to affiliates.

However, the Invexeo website requests a call from prospective affiliates, where they can discuss the partnership program and all accruals therein.

Invariably, prospective affiliates report persistent calls from the Invexeo officials. As a safety check, scam detectors warn that frequent and intrusive calls from brokers are early signs of a scam.

Invexeo Review: Credibility

Invexeo Review: for all it is worth, the Invexeo website strikes as a registration slip for undisclosed investments.

There is no proof of FCA (the legit UK regulatory unit) on the website. All you can get from the company is its penchant for paltriness.

Besides a jumbled forex trading investment cache, Invexeo offers no charts or instruments to support its claims. Further, the website cedes a Meta Trader 4, 5 download link to signed-up members. But that is all the service you can get from Invexeo, which is not remarkable as Meta Trader 4, 5 are typical features of Forex brokers.

The only important item on any forex brokerage website, proof of SEC regulation, is missing on The lack of an SEC-regulatory firm makes Invexeo a poor choice of broker for foreign exchange trading.


We conclude our Invexeo Review on the following notes:

Invexeo offers do not bear any semblance to a credible FCA-regulated exchanges counter. Also, it attempts to shrug off any request for a license from traders by publishing a fake GFA regulation on its website.

Lastly, without the requisite regulation from credible agencies, Invexeo cannot offer legitimate services.

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