Intelligence Prime Capital Login | Boris CEO Scam tagged with ASIC

Intelligence Prime Capital Login: despite advertising IPC AIA BOT’s average winning rate of 97%, the platform remains a Boris show.

The situation is intricate, with an overly stretched profit option promising monthly profits on seeded AIA BOT deposits. According to the official website, the available compensation plans are:

  1. Smart Bot (available for 19.90 USD per month and remits 15% per validity period),
  2. Brilliant Bot (available for 39.90 USD per month and remits 30% per validity period), and
  3. Genius Bot (available for 99.90 USD per month and remits 45% per validity period)

Moreover, the applicable fee for these services (calculated from accumulated profits) is 20%.

Regardless, the alarming aspect of this profit surplus is that it comes from dubbed sales con men. The most prominent is Dr. Val Ng See Huat, a personality without any verifiable business track outside IPC.

Another top-profile actor in this theatrics is Stefan Walker, allegedly a former Vice President of the European Central Bank (ECB). Of course, the descriptor is only a laundered image of a non-member of IPC.

Also attendant on this image projection is a false business roadmap about Intelligence Prime Capital possessing fifteen (15) years of work experience, which strikes as odd given the company’s recent start in MLM circles.

So, at a glance, IPC offers a tableau for bot investments and affiliate compensation programs. Investors will have to subscribe to either option. Do you want to learn about this company? See the rest of this Intelligence Prime Capital Login post for details.

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Intelligence Prime Capital Login: Affiliate Ranks

Besides the AI profit dig mentioned in the previous section, other profit churners include the multi-level aspect of IPC, ceded bonuses, and profits from the referral downlines.

Here is how the Intelligence Prime Capital Affiliate Rank works.

Shareholder Director _ available for 20000 USD deposit, 100000 USD accumulated in personal recruitment volume, and one million dollars in cumulative downline volume

Managing Director _ available for 10000 USD deposit, 30000 USD accumulated in personal recruitment volume, and three hundred thousand dollars in cumulative downline volume

Regional manager _ sell for 5000 USD, 10000 USD accumulated in personal recruitment volume, and 100000 USD in cumulative downline volume.

Department Manager _ sells for 3000 USD, 5000 USD in personal recruitment volume, and 30000 USD in cumulative downline volume.

Senior Manager _ goes for 1000 USD, 3000 USD in personal recruitment volume, and 10000 USD in cumulative downline volume.

Supervisor _ goes for 500 USD, 1000 USD in personal recruitment volume, and 3000 USD in cumulative downline volume.

Leader _ available for 100 USD and 500 USD accumulated in personal recruitments.

Besides the compensation grid and reward tier above, the platform offers a unilevel lattice for paying weighted bonuses via an affiliate’s referral downline.

Here is how the unilevel works. It places an affiliate at the top of a lattice, with personal recruits starting the first level beneath the affiliate. The same pattern repeats for subsequent recruits by each person in the first level. The procedure continues indefinitely down the lattice, branching out according to the membership inflow.

Referral Bonuses

Before the Intelligence Prime Capital Login steps, we briefly outline the referral bonuses per level from the unilevel model above.

Shareholder Directors _ 30%, level 1; 20%, level 2; 10%, level 3; 5%, level 4-6; 3%, level 7-9; 2%, level 10-14; 1%, level 15-20.

Managing Director _ 30%, L1; 20%, L2; 10%, L3; 10%, L4; 5%, L5; 5%, L4-6; 3%, L7-9; 2%, L10-14

Regional Managers _ 30%, L1; 20%, L2; 10%, L3; 5%, L4-6; 3%, L7-9

Department Managers _ 30%, L1; 20%, L2; 10%, L3; 5%, L4-6

Senior Managers _ 30%, L1; 20%, L2; 10%, L3

Supervisors _ 30%, L1; 20%, L2

Leaders _ 30% on L1

See the Intelligence Prime Capital Login procedure in the section below.

Intelligence Prime Capital Login

  • You can log into your affiliate dashboard on Intelligence Prime Capital (IPC) via the following method.
  • Search Intelligence Prime Capital Login Portal if you do not have the affiliate link.
  • Also, enter your membership login email and password.
  • Finally, click on Login.

Should You Invest In the Company?

The short answer is NO. But if you want to delve into the details, here is a brief highlight.

Intelligence Prime Capital conveniently sidesteps due securities regulations by downplaying its founders’ role as the negotiating agency for whatever trades that the bots do. By shifting the focus on largely unaudited bots, IPC execs evades providing a basic SEC pass for their activities.

Moreover, investors get a draft of the concluded trades on the backend, supposedly as evidence of the IPC bots’ performance. Of course, that is a poor excuse for not operating an actual bot.

Lastly, until the company clears the above points, its ASIC tag is merely an overcompensation for an unaudited bot trader.

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