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Instagram users via Twitter and Facebook APIs have a hard time fixing an “Oops an error occurred” glitch recently.

Although many people have been providing guides on how to solve the issue, it seems to persist. An error carrying over six hours over a swathe of the user domain definitely draws attention to the app company.

Is it only a minor issue, or does it pose a serious problem? It’s almost silly to ask these questions, given the billions of dollars obtainable from the app. Facebook had a similar outage, losing billions in multiple source revenues. You can imagine the same problem for businesses attuned to Instagram for profits.

If you wonder whether Instagram is Down, you have an affirmative reply: yes, it is down.

You can attempt to sign in to your account during one of those downtime hikes with the Oops an error occurred message blocking the page.


Our article refers to the random downtimes that set off Instagram Down trends on social media apps. It isn’t concurrent with the timeline presently but serves as a fix and awareness whenever the situation occurs.

Moreover, we attempt to proffer ready solutions and fixes in this post. Read on below for details.

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Instagram Down: Has it happened before?

Everyone would be better off if they had the troubleshoot for Instagram Down situations. In the absence of any help, a brief look into previous outages might yield some details about the glitch.

As it happens, Facebook already witnessed a similar disruption last year, when its Instagram went down for six hours.

Several Facebook units promised to rectify the outage, which eventually cost an estimated two billion dollars in revenue streams ($2000000000).

Facebook users typically can’t access the photo-uploading Instagram widgets from their Facebook and WhatsApp accounts. Also, automated downtime estimators report an average of two hundred million (200000000) users reporting WhatsApp Login Issues before the total blackout.

Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and currently has Meta subsidiaries like Facebook Messenger and Facebook Watch.

An unforeseen outage spells retro profit chats for the tech companies (Facebook and Meta), cue the earlier dip in Facebook stocks in early 2022. And it has happened a few times already.

What About Twitter?

As per Instagram Down trends on social media, Twitter put out a cue worded thus: Hello, literally everyone.

A recuperating WhatsApp and Instagram (after last year’s Facebook Down) caught on, posting similar greeting styles.

Meanwhile, several apps relying on Facebook for traffic shared subtle memes, hinting at the Instagram glitch.

Affected businesses tethering to Instagram include food vendors, fintech apps with download ads banner space and accounts on Instagram, online services plugs, etc.

So, here is the first window out of the blackout: Twitter.

It boasts a mini-blog space that supports at most two hundred and eighty (280) characters. But more importantly, it has a reassuringly uninterrupted uptime whenever Instagram Down becomes a thing.

Twitter does not have as much user traffic as Facebook, but it offers much-needed consistency _ a priceless jewel for businesses globally.

Why Is Instagram Down, By the Way?

Users can’t always resort to the next best thing after Facebook, on which preferences definitely vary. After the fifth hour of the outage, people began to wonder what could be the cause.

Various parties provide disturbing reasons for the Instagram Down experience. Here are the most popular ones.

  1. Facebook only ran disruptive maintenance of its services
  2. Facebook has been hacked.

The first case strikes as a routine response, but the second deserves attention. A hacker reportedly obtained over £3,700 worth of Facebook users’ data in October last year.

Most of the hacked info are personal details of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram users.

Subsequently, Instagram responded in kind to the hack claims, recording over six (6) hours’ dip in log activity in its history.

The following section highlights steps for checking non-global Instagram Down issues. See below for details.

How to Fix It

Please, note that you can only preempt a possible hack or attack from a third party (or other entities) using these troubleshoot steps. A worldwide Instagram outage will require an expert solution from the company.

  • Ensure you have an up-to-date Instagram app on your Android or iOS.
  • Go to HELP (a page on your Instagram account).
  • Find a possible error, according to proximity, by looking up the entries on the left peripheral of the HELP page.
  • Read the error message descriptions to provide a definite reply.
  • Submit and wait for a reply

You can contact the CS if the problem persists. A similar procedure works for Android smartphones and PCs.

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