Inertia Finance Review | Daily Task ROIs Forex Broker | Legit or Scam?

Inertia Finance brokers forex, offering margins like indices, shares, and FX, based on an ineffective regulatory prop from St Vincent and Grenadines.

As long as an LLC-tagged company lacks the basic license for legal operations in a jurisdiction, every proposed ROI is hogwash. Without a reliable state censor, digital markets are prone to scam attempts, with the owners conveniently sidestepping the SEC index using shell companies.

MLMs are popular for that trick. In particular, Inertia Finance is an MLM shroud in bogus forex templates. If you read beyond the list of features for traders, you will see a gaud of MLM loyalty programs and affiliate airdrops.

See why requisite regulation must come before ROI PRs in this article. Read on below for details.

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Inertia Finance: What It Offers

As always, the plan is to build from small to great. So, you can expect a newbie trial and error tier, fairly-experienced trader tier, experienced trader tier, and expert accounts.

Each subscription level comes with a cache of benefits as it progresses to the peak value tier. Here is an overview.

Mini ($2500) _ provides support, 0.01 lot as minimum order size (contract is 10 to 1 lot), and 1:10 leverage.

Standard ($1000) _ provides support, 0.01 lot as minimum order size (contract is 10 to 1 lot), and 1: 30 leverage.

Classic ($5000) _ provides support, 0.01 lot as minimum order size (contract is 100 to 1 lot), and 1: 50 leverage.

VIP ($10000) _ provides personal consultation, 0.01 lot as minimum order size (contract is 10000 to 1 lot), and 1: 800

Professional ($50000) _ provides personal consultation, 0.01 lot as minimum order (contract is 100000 to 1 lot), and 1: 100 leverage.

 Inferring from Inertia Finance assuring people that experience does not matter, consultations likely weigh in on the tier benefits/features.


There is room for investors, added on the sly as an afterthought.

InertiaFinance is a proper choice for all traders and investors, whether you have traded on the exchange before or not.

Props for Traders

Beginners can access risk management features, the latest strategies, and possibly CFDs.

Experts, on the other hand, can use smart trading tools. Vague as the caption is, it cues a bot or the beginnings of a bot PR.

Also, Inertia Finance mentions that experienced traders can work on a proven platform, reinforcing the same bot PR. You get the following offers if you are throwing in with the company.

Forex _ Over seventy (70+) currency pairs

Indices _ Over twenty (20+) global indices

Stocks _ Over one thousand two hundred global shares

Commodities _ Over one hundred and fifty (150+) multiple source commodities

To sate curiosity, maybe click on the Inertia Finance Indices for some information. But there is nothing there besides a spam redirection to a URL, which doesn’t even say anything about indices.

At this point, we call your attention to some serious red flags about the company. See below for details.

Possible Issues: Is the Inertia Finance security index Relevant?

Put properly, the above header should read, to what extent is Inertia Finance culpable for violating SVGFSA forex statutes?

It follows from this notice (clip is from the official website) available on the SVG FSA (St. Vincent and the Grenadines).

Inertia Finance

Nothing ties the company to the SVG agency, thus rendering any advertised security license useless and irrelevant. Companies in the jurisdiction are at liberty to offer any shade of forex brokerage and mutual fund proposals without breaching the rules. Why? Because the country’s legislation does not have any legal framework for the business.

Instead, you can request evidence of registration with the National Futures Association (NFA), the most reliable U.S. forex brokerage licensing agency globally.

Among other things, the NFA ensures that traders get up-to-date audits and insured liability.

So, why does Inertia Finance offer up an inconsequential license when the NFA registration is viable? Cue smart tools and the subtle bot PRs in the above sections, the company is a sham.

Moreover, a PR site for Inertia Finance mentions that members can earn ROIs by completing tasks per day. Unlike a crowdsourcing gig, the ROI aspect only requires affiliates to share links and videos on social media. Then, voila! The money comes.

If running an FX ads campaign is the deal, is it legal? Of course, yes. However, it boils down to complacency and indulging in a possible scam. There is not even a single audit proving that an XYZ trade happens on the platform.

Conclusion: Is the Company Legit 

Notwithstanding the bogus license on the website, Inertia Finance remains an unregulated forex sham.

According to the site, the website is owned and operated by Tryst Consulting LLC, with reg. number 1453 LLC 2021 and address, First Floor, First ST Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street, Kingstown VC0100, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

For context, there is a Trust Consulting Group in the United States. But it has zero ties with Inertia Finance, at least on the public side. Given the skewed profiling, the better judgment is that Inertia Finance is either using a shell company to offer forex trade or inventing the numbers.

Until these issues are rectified, the company is unsafe for investments.

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