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Immediate Profit Review: the platform is a multi-level marketing interest in crypto-related Defi trading. It also offers Affiliate/Partnership Plans. Immediate Profit is a crypto-defined marketing niche that supposedly provides instant wealth avenues to clients.

Beneath its bot-trade pose, however, the platform already tips off customers about imminent closure due to media pressure. Is that all the company is worried about, or is there more?

Our Immediate Profit Review discusses the company’s services and investment packages. We also take snips at the credibility of Immediate Profit through results on the website.

Immediate Profit Review: About the Company

From our Immediate Profit Review research, the Immediate Profit platform offers cached investment plans in crypto markets. As it displays on its website, Immediate Profit pays/accepts transaction fees, remittals, re-commitments, etc. with bitcoin (BTC).

Also, the company’s automated bitcoin trade program will remit percentage profits/tokens per validity period depending on the Affiliate/Investor Package. In the long run, the whole Defi machinery helps Immediate Profit Investors to earn passive profits.

As the company invariably explains on its official website:

“Once you have made an initial deposit, you just need to relax to the sound of money chiming into your account.”

You do not have to monitor trades or opt for manual crypto trading as a beginner. Immediate Profit suggests that newbies subscribe to the bot-run (automatic) trading on the website. What does it take to start an Immediate Profit automatic crypto trading? Zilch. Just invest and relax.

Further, our Immediate Profit Review finds that the website provides a menu of client gains transacting on Immediate Profit. Although there is no way of independently confirming the claims, it has a 50/50 chance of being bullocks.

What else does the platform represent? See the following section of this Immediate Profit Review for more information.

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Immediate Profit Review: Financial Regulation

For all its self-promotion as an international crypto trading channel, Immediate Profit does not provide any evidence of Financial Regulation. No trade licenses or SEC-related vouchers are available on the platform.

Immediate Profit Review: the company could well be a Ponzi front since it does not contain any information about its owner. Its website,, already issues a termination deadline. Afterward, everything about the company goes into thin air. And the reason is that Immediate Profit is not regulated.

Why is it important for a multi-level marketing platform to be regulated?

First, companies, or any corporate firms, offering financial securities are required by law to register with appropriate financial regulators

Second, Financial Regulation scrapes off the fraud masks on Ponzi platforms

And lastly, it affords some level of safety to investor funds.

Immediate Profit Review: bot-managed investments are peremptory contracts. It gives the investor little or no decision rights on how operations run. Moreover, an automatic crypto investment is a tough feat for an MLM platform to achieve.

See why the company thinks you can trade with it in the section of this Immediate Profit Review below.

Immediate Profit Crypto Trading, Strong Points

Here the strong points the Immediate Profit website delineates:

Superior Trading Tech _ again vaguely hints at its bot-managed crypto trading apps.

99%-100% bot trading accuracy _ solely vouched for by the Immediate Profit website.

Trading Awards _ as a credit, the company mentions winning a US award for the best trading company. It does not name the award, nor link to the company that gives it.

Finally, the company mentions its commitment to making lives better. It does not deign to publish its Admin Info or office location, though. Without any tangible information on the website, Immediate Profit seems to be a cheap Ponzi scheme from scammers.

The next section of this Immediate Profit Review explains how you can register with the company.


For a change, Immediate Profit does not accept money for all new registrations. It offers free account opening options for newbies. (But then it advises new traders to opt for automatic crypto trading).

Either you open a free (demo) account and hone your trading skills through crypto token swaps, etc. Or you can sign-up for a package and earn ROIs.

Immediate Profit Review: to get started, follow the registration steps below.

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click on the Register Now icon (or find the registration form at the top)
  3. Enter your first name, last name, and your email address.
  4. Also, provide your phone number.
  5. Then click on Start Now.

(Note that the phone number slot is marked for British networks.)

After registering on Immediate Profit, you will have to deposit a starter of 250 USD. Subsequently, the platform will pay you double, triple, the value of your deposit.

Payment Method

You can fund your account (make deposits) on the Immediate Profit platform through any of the following channels:



Direct Bank Transfers

Debit Cards

Visa Cards, etc.

Moreover, the platform says you can withdraw all investments on a 24/7 cash-out service. Withdrawal requests can also include the initial 250USD deposit.


This section concludes our Immediate Profit Review. Below are some major detractors from Immediate Profit as an MLM platform:

Immediate Profit is unregulated. And the platform does not provide any information about its owners or its office address. Likely, it will close down soon.

It discourages newbies from trading manually just so they can invest in a scam bot-run app. Immediate Profit’s listed beneficiaries are all hoaxes. Moreover, the website records high scam possibilities across MLM review communities online.

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