Immediate Profit App | Profit-generating AI, Bogus, or Legit App?

In its media PRs, the owners suggest that the Immediate Profit App can generate crypto profits with over 87% chances of success. This supposedly happens per trade using the fortuitous crypto-trading AI software in its possession.

Go down a bit on the Immediate Profit App webpage and you’ll see published proofs of the app’s credibility.

But then you’ll have missed the fact that the publicized proofs are just so-so. They do not offer any verifiable evidence besides a short affirmation of the app’s worth.

Is there more about the Immediate Profit App? We’ll try to find out in this article.

Immediate Profit App: What it does

Before we plunge into our discussion on the Immediate Profit App, let’s briefly highlight some poking issues about the website. In a sneering remark to Immediate Profit App detractors, the owners wrote the following sentence on the website:

“The automated trading sites for cryptocurrencies are in full flow, dropping in favor of several individuals and still not satisfying those who do not know how to reap the advantages of this sort of trading.”

Later, it affirms the typical MLM chant to make lives better through automated bot-run crypto trading. You can contrast the PR with those obtainable on YieldNodes and Binance. Obviously, Immediate Profit does not take opposing views about the Immediate Profit App lightly.

Moving on to the topic, here is what the app does.

It helps you trade crypto coins through its special bots. The website says that crypto trades are in full swing on the platform. It chiefly helps cryptocurrency traders to precisely forecast trends in the value of crypto coins. Later, they can trade their tokens through Immediate Profit brokerage.

Or you can just invest and the company will trade for you using this app that they alone know how it’s run.

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Immediate Profit App: How Credible?

Here, all efforts to understand how the Immediate Profit App works stalls even traders on the platform.

The reason is that the anonymous owners of the brokerage do not disclose any details of their crypto-trading bot. The only article of good faith you can access about the platform is the evidence of returns on investment that clients show on the website.

Also, note that other trading bots (whether for Forex or blockchain networks) have been cordoned off the public space by the appropriate EU agencies. The reason for this move is because they lacked SEC licenses.

Whether the Immediate Profit App operates as private property or a publicly-traded franchise, it requires a license. Why? Because virtual traders are value creators. In this case, they are brokering securities. Yet, Immediate Profit App does not have any SEC license.

Possible Issues on Immediate Profit

The following points highlight the possible issues on the Immediate Profit website:

The official website is run backstage by anonymous owners.

Also, the Immediate Profit website does not list stock quotes, indices, or other financial tools that inform professional crypto trading on Defi P-2-P networks.

There is no link to any Admin.

Moreover, the website seems to be worded in a gruff and unprofessional manner.

Lastly, there is no way to independently confirm all the claims that there is a bot trading for Immediate Profit clients.

See what the trading bot does in the following section.

How It Works

As shown on the website, Immediate Profit App trades crypto for registered Immediate Profit clients. But that is not all the services you can get on the platform.

The Immediate Profit platform promises to provide Credit For Difference (CDF) trading options to customers. From its reckoning, Immediate Profit traders can earn all-around by gauging fluctuations and leveraging options signals.

Moreover, the app will provide automated projections to traders with complete trade signals.


Based on the scant information on the Immediate Profit website, it’s hard to resolutely determine if they are making a legit claim or not. However, any shrewd crypto trader can tell that the platform leaves much to be desired as per credibility.

Some reviews strongly advise against trading with the platform. Immediate Profit continues to render bot-run crypto trades, though. But we’ll conclude on this note: be careful trading with the platform, as they do not offer any insurance for your investments.

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