IM Mastery Academy Review | A Rebrand, Forex Tools Retails MLM

IM Mastery Academy Review: supposedly a forex educational niche, IM Mastery Academy forays into core MLM AI products retail.

In its case, the platform tags some forex algorithms at retail prices. Instead of tangible products, you can pay for AIs that help FXM traders earn more while trading.

Before its current version, however, IM Mastery Academy has been marked for an unregulated security broker in different demographics. This tag came from various sources in the UK, Curacao, Columbia, etc. It spans the reach of IM mastery Academy’s career history.

Previously, the company led a vortex start as different reboots of iMarkets, since its founding in 2013. In these gigs, it variously sold an AI trading unit to clients but had to stop all operations due to a CFTC investigation.

This IM Mastery Academy Review explains more about the company and its affiliate program. Also, you can get more information about the platform’s bot traders in this post.

IM Mastery Academy Review: Overview

In its other iterations, IM Mastery Academy made an unsavory record due to the submission of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The organization mentions that IM Mastery Academy received automated remunerations from clients through an unlicensed intermediary.

The company would later accede to a $150,000 settlement, proving the CFTC is telling a true story. Afterward, it quiets down operations for two years before it recoups in its current brand. 

Our IM Mastery Academy Review finds that the company is now jointly run by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre, although much of the administration is overseen by the former.

Moreover, much of the company’s previous services revolved around bot-run trading or so. Currently, IM Mastery Academy affixes an MLM opportunity on its brand as it offers AI traders for a price.

You can learn more about the products in the following section of this IM Mastery Academy Review.

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AI Trade Products & Subscription Rates

The AI Trade on IM Mastery Academy is all digital products, bot-traders as such. Below is a list of the available AI forex tools on the site.

SwipeTrades _ mirrors trending ideas on FXM, including market analysis

Liberty _ optimizes your earning avenues for the Binary Options trade.

Delorean _ supposedly positions you to access better chances as a forex trader.

GoldCup _ IM Mastery Academy says it offers better trading strategies _ essentially.

Steady _ as the company mentions, if you hope to get trade swings (fluctuations?) for long periods, this one is for you.

Pivots _ determine the best call zones and helps you make more profits on the forex markets regardless of time.

Harmonics _ we assume this is a math series tracker. (As there is a harmonics function and Fibonacci after all).

Levels _ fixes decisive entry points, profit levels, etc.

Vibrata _ does all market analysis you require for optimal trading on the foreign exchanges counter. You only have to worry about profits.

BounceBack _ also fixes the entry point for you.

Product Subscription Prices

The above products are pegged to the following subscription packs for the specified periods.

Digital Currency Monthly _ besides a monthly $179.95 subscription, you also deposit $189.95 for a matching crypto package.

HFFX Monthly _ besides a monthly $179.95 payment, you also deposit $189.95 for a members’-only AI-trader.

Platinum Starter Pack _ available for a$164.95 subscription and a $199.95 deposit for a members’-only AI-trader

Elite Starter Pack _ sells for a fixed $274.95 (in BTC) monthly fee, and then a $325 prior deposit

Prime 12 month Plan _ sells for a fixed $3150 (in BTC) monthly fee for one year.

Prime 6 Month Plan _ package is available at $1600 (in BTC) for Q2 (half a year)

Lastly, Prime 3 Month Plan _ available for a quarterly (three months) $825 subscription in BTC.

The following section of this IM Mastery Academy Review is a brief take on the implication of the above products. 

How Reliable Is an AI Forex/Crypto Trader?

IM Mastery Academy Review: as many reviews already point out, IM Mastery Academy does not state the criteria for clinching bonuses in its compensation plan. This pattern shows in the products cache where a member is prodded to buy more instead of incentivized by competition.

So instead of a bot-trader, a client of IM Mastery Academy Review winds up on an affiliate tier depending on his purchase. As there is no proof of any automated trading on its website, the company seemingly makes profits from selling products.

But then the products usher its buyers into subscription packages, an affiliate hurdle a buyer might not wish to encounter in the first place. 

Also, our IM Mastery Academy Review finds there is the implication that the company issues an MLM security that remits profits depending on an undisclosed compensation plan.

As per MLM, passive earning (or automated profits) always means a cycler shuffling bonuses through affiliate levels or a declarative contract imposing a hitherto undisclosed earning criteria on clients. 

IM Mastery Academy Review: Regulatory Issues

Our IM Mastery Academy Review finds no evidence of securities regulation on the website.

Given iMarketsLive clash with CFTC previously, it might’ve been fitting for IM Mastery Academy to clear doubts as to the legitimacy of its AIs.

The typical retort is that the company is offering a Defi service. But that rebuff doesn’t hold here. If a company’s revenue generation takes on marketing heuristics, it falls in the jurisprudence of securities regulators.

Besides these speculations, our IM Mastery Academy Review finds no issues about the platform proper.

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