IM Mastery Academy Nigeria Review | Forex Tutors & MLM Overtones

IM Mastery Academy Nigeria: if this is a trickle of the mainstream Christopher Terry’s IM Mastery Academy, a rip-off clock ticks in Nigeria. 

But this is not a bazaar where everyone smiles home clutching a gift. The die is biased, and it guarantees that you lose your bet in the end, however much you stake.

On second thought, IM Mastery Academy Nigeria might not be a branch of IM Mastery Academy. In which case, it only offers forex tutorials _ at $200 for the first year! Also, there is no multi-level marketing side to it. Regardless, we cannot excuse the platform when it concerns MLM. Why?

Because too many Nigerian Defi investors have unwittingly lost their funds to triangle scheme MLM. First, there is Racksterli and its various reboots; Noderworks and its flunked pips; and then Wales Kingdom Capital and its Ponzi end.

Another reason this platform requires a review is the growing trend of Africa being a favorite recourse of fleeing scam companies. As it happens, IM Mastery Academy, previously operating as iMarketing, is not your typical clean investor.

Learn more about the platform in this article.

IM Mastery Academy Nigeria: Overview

Like we mentioned earlier, we cannot give the company a no-MLM pass, especially as we encountered a Facebook recruitment account for it.

The account is run by IM Mastery Academy Nigeria promoters, obvious from their Platinum affiliate level. So, you can expect a skewered pitch from them. The entire story, however, follows below.

Christopher Terry, the co-owner of IM Mastery Academy, previously ran a forex bot trader company, iMarketing. After a while, this company became culpable for securities issues with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and paid a fine.

Perhaps offset by the CFTC fine, iMarkets is now unavailable. But its MLM shadow lingers.

Christopher Terry is back with another bot-feature forex trader, which he calls IM Mastery Academy. Closely on the heels of iMarketing scam ruse, IM Mastery Academy also poses as a non-securities earning platform.

Impliedly, Christopher Terry allegedly has no securities regulation for his company. The same company is daubed as IM Mastery Academy Nigeria, with promoters quietly sharing coupons on WhatsApp.

Please, be clear on this.

While there is nothing wrong with a company having a clash with authorities over operations, there is everything wrong with the said company attempting to bypass this issue by rebranding. That company looks very like IM Mastery Academy.

See the possible issues with this platform in the next section.

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Possible Red Flags

IM Mastery Academy Nigeria, being only a front for the parent IM Mastery Academy, has no website (at the time of publication). Regardless, the chain of operations for the platform is the same as IM Mastery Academy.

Top investors on the platform buy trade bots in different caches. Some of the available bots are:






For one, Pivots spots reversal zones through at least one activity frame (time series). This is a prime financial service, if legit. Anyone offering these software products for a price is selling financial information. IM Mastery Academy does so.

Regulatory infringement occurs only on the condition that the company operates the bots as a middle-man.

All is well if, conversely, the company only sells the bots.

Also, it offers investment avenues. Clients only have to invest and earn profits, supposedly from underlying assets. The intermediary here is IM Mastery Academy Nigeria. If the company does not have a license for this brokerage, it is committing securities fraud.

Currently, none of the Nigerian promoters of IM Mastery Academy offer proof of regulation. They focus only on sharing affiliate coupons, which hints at the lack of information about this company.

See the affiliate options on the platform in the following section.

IM Mastery Academy Nigeria: Affiliate Packages

There is no published affiliate compensation plan on IM Mastery Academy.

Instead, investors in the trade bots on the platform will get remittals _ bonuses, daily tokens, etc. Regardless, much of the affiliate plan on the website derives from the Platinum and Chairman tier.

Also, IM Mastery Academy Nigeria offers premium forex training mostly to investors in the Platinum and Chairman plan.

How to Join

It costs $200 (about $16.71), which is roughly one hundred thousand naira. You only get the basics for this price. If you want better packages, you will have to pay higher subscriptions.


We summarize this article by highlighting some points below.

Bar regulatory issues, IM Mastery Academy Nigeria might be offering too little for a high price. A $200 annual starter plan for just the basics of forex trading is a gaping deficit a newbie may not want.

If the affiliate compensation plan depends on revenue from IM Mastery Academy Nigeria tutorials, it is an undisclosed contract. It implies that affiliates are funding investments they do not know.

Also, reiterating, except on the instance that IM Mastery Academy Nigeria is only a tutorial platform, the company infringes regulatory laws if it sells coupons for profits accruing from its bots. That would make it an unregistered broker.  

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