iCloud Mail App | Mail Review, Download App, Pros & Cons

iCloud Mail App: its staggering pros _ free features for starters, integration, and reduced spam _ make the iCloud Mail App unique.

The software may well be a cipher to newbies, given a few cons about using Apple wares outside the company products. However, it remains a satisfactory mailing experience for non-business purposes. Also, it is one of the products from Apple that you can use on any supported device other than apple.

By experience, many subscribers to mails often decide on a service by first checking the pricing, interface, and level of encryption. We start with these points, then get to why you need the app.

Also, we explain the download process and outline the good parts and downsides of the iCloud Mail App in conclusion. See the details in the following sections.

iCloud Mail App: Overview

If you are just getting to grips with this service, know that you can use it on any Apple device. It comes automatically with the purchase order. Name any product in your possession: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and so on. iCloud works on them, recently adding email fixtures to it.

On the get-go, iCloud Mail gives you five (5) Gigabyte of storage space, 5GB for attachments, and more free storage for Mail Drop. It also interlinks with a keyboard feature, providing screen toggles and the like.

Still, on the free email account, you can archive loads of unread messages in your inbox. Besides, there are lees, in case you do not want specific features. The app allows you to unsubscribe from any package you do not like.

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Getting Started

Note: if you do not have the app already, you can skip this part for later (when you have gone through the pricing, pros, and cons, etc.).

Then, create an address (specifically for iCloud, and only on your Apple-supported device).

Also, you can bypass iCloud Mail off-limits to POP access by configuring the app to dispatch messages through other hosts like Bluehost.

That is how to set up your iCloud Mail. Maybe you want the mobile app for easy IMAP access? We will get to the part about iCloud Mail App download.

Pricing: Limited Features, Opt for Paid Services?

Like we mentioned previously, the free plan is an automatic offer to all users of Apple products. It also has a 5GB capacity, which starts off the first limitations of using the free package.

The five (5) Gigabyte, no doubt, constrains the storage space to a few GB. If you do more than send emails through the app, you might need more than a basic 5GB. Of course, Apple covers the data lapse by providing higher packages (three, in all) for a subscription.

Here is how each storage reflects subscriptions to the plans:

50 Gigabytes _ available for $0.999 monthly, including other features that might make the basic plan seem redundant.

200 Gigabytes _ available for $2.99 monthly, including extra widgets and more cloud storage options.

$9.99 Gigabytes _ gives you the chunk of data in the whole lot, two (2) Terabytes, for one month.

However, pricing alone may not decide the matter for you. How about a glimpse of the Pros and Cons of the iCloud Mail App? See more information about it in the following section.

Benefits & Downsides

Below are the benefits that accrue all subscriber tiers at a glance:

No Adverts _ filters off the ads, unlike many services that clutter the interface with pop ads. This emphasizes the focus on user experience. S, it gives the iCloud Mail App a strong positive score.

Keyboard Shortcuts _ already mentioned, it makes the mailing service a great moment for you.

Access Emails through IMAP _ is a free and intuitive feature, allowing you to shortcut to mails on the web fast.

Regardless, the following points might detract from the benefits you enjoy from the mobile app. Here is how it works below.

Limited iCloud Mail Visibility _ implies that other iCloud-created email accounts are inaccessible via the World Wide Web or POP. Note that this only works on the website. The mobile app does not have these limits.

No Search tags _ limits the search results since there are no folders to search through on the app.

Why Do You Need an iCloud Mail App?

From the onset, we highlighted the intricacy of going for an iCloud Mail pricing tier. But everything about the subscription caches, like most web mailing plans, boils down to the purpose of the app.

If you want to use a mobile app for bulky tasks like sending and receiving emails, buy the iCloud Mail App. It is ideal for the purpose, given the affordable pricing. However, there seems to be an issue with the domain for any business intent.

Regardless, Apple provides invaluable support online. It covers all self-help parts about the software on any Apple product.

Moreover, there are no AI sneak-peeks into your emails as regards iCloud Mails, unlike Google. Of course, that is why many people revamped to Apple.

Big tech companies typically look through your emails, chats, inbox, etc., attempting to source account cohorts for targeted ads. You see this trend on Facebook, which makes billions from marketing adverts. Apple does not have the ad gimmick in its iCloud Mail App.

So, why not download the mobile app? See the iCloud Mail App download steps below.

How to download iCloud Mail App

The mobile app download procedure is as follows:

  • Go to Apple Store (or the iCloud Mail webpage if you prefer the online service)
  • Search iCloud Mail App
  • Then click on install (if you have an Apple device).

Last Words

Although competitive mailing services are raising the stakes for iCloud Mail, they do not diminish the reach of the software.

For one, the mobile app allows you to recover old accounts. Further, the interface is neat and free of irrelevant ads. Moreover, the monthly subscriptions have some allure for myriads of iCloud Mail users, given the high pricing in many mail hosts.

So far, the only glitch for users, only those requiring custom for their workplace, is the lack of domain address. But generally, the Apple mailing application is good for you.

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