HyperFund Login | Offers ROIs, Faces Ban in India, Denounced by FCA

HyperFund Login: amidst insinuations of a ban in India and a timely warning from the FCA, HyperFund boots a 300% ROI MLM.

That is hardly the first time an iteration of this enterprise breaks on the scene, but it always retains its proprietorship, chiefly Ryan Xu.

Ryan is only foraying into multi-level marketing for the first time, spreading the fronts to a place like India. But then, it already has a warning from a UK financial institution (the FCA) on its tail.

Although HyperFund gets the kickbacks from Indian authorities because of a prior stance against trading cryptocurrencies, it seems to gain followers by the day.

So, the conflict is between Hyper Tech (the parent company of HyperFund) offering HU tokens and India denouncing the said token as an illegal tender, for the most part. 

In this scenario, the verdict lies with the jurisprudence in the affected region. For starters, the company will have to rectify lots of details with the relevant authorities.

Moreover, as many locals jump on the DeFi bandwagon, hoping to profit from the HyperFund Login portal and its coupon attaché, the company struggles against a Ponzi label.

India’s investigation cordons the platform with the pyramid scheme ilk, requesting disclosure of so-called HU tokens and other HyperFund DeFi businesses. 

Besides the HyperFund Login procedure, we explain the compensation plan, earning options, and other business aspects in this post.

Read on below for details.

HyperFund Login: Overview

The HyperFund origin story, whatever it is, shows the typical MLM features.

The website contains a page describing the businesses run by this subsidiary of HyperTech. But as far as MLM goes, the page is only a scribbling that echoes the usual vagueness.

Instead of answering the apparent question in the header, What Is HyperFund Global? the site merely interposes the daily profits for investors.

Regardless, the following excerpt from the same section says all there is about the company.

HyperFund Global is a membership community created by the HyperTech Group, an Ogilvy Plan, as part of a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

(Italics is ours, for ease of reference)

So, the HyperFund Login steps take you to the fledged investment community. What can you hope to gain, though?

Membership Package

There are several offers here:

300 HU,

500 HU,

And a peak at 1000 HU.

However, you only pay the equivalent in USDT Tether, with alternatives in TRC20 and ERC20. Hyperfund pegs 1HU to $1 and allows deposits in any package, although it peaks earnings at 50 HU.

Of course, you may want to see the affiliate compensation package before accessing the HyperFund Login method.

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Affiliate Compensation

The mark is a three hundred percent (200%) ROI for cached investments (in USDT ERC20 and TRC20) in the available affiliate packages. 

The attached bonuses and other airdrops raise the profit cap to 300%, after which re-investment is necessary. The straight shot here is the returns (200%/300%) accruing to corresponding deposits for the validity/trade period.

Additionally, HyperFund provides the following airdrops (remitting fractions to the HU pool) as props to both affiliates (supposedly) and the company.

We explain the uni-level compensation structure below.

Referral Commissions: Unilevel

The Unilever grid builds downlines via referral levels. Also, it typically starts with a member, then splits the member’s recruits into as many units, making up the First level. The pattern repeats for each entry in this level, starting the second level.

Subsequent levels follow the same pattern. Although the levels proceed in this sequence infinitely, they never remit bonuses beyond the twentieth (20th) tier.

Below are the weighted percentage profits.

1% for Levels 16, 17, 18, and 20

2% for Levels 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15

5% for Levels 4, 5, and 6

10% for Level 3

15% for Level 2

Finally, the first level gets you 20%.

Besides these two earning options above, HyperFund offers airdrops for elite classes and other qualifying investment tiers.

You can see the HyperFund Login procedure below.

How to Login into HyperFund

You can log into HyperFund using the following steps.

  1. Go to the official website (alternatively, you can request a join link from the promoters but do not fall for the scam).
  2. Click on the option for Affiliate Login.
  3. Enter the relevant login details and click on Login.

Is HyperFund Reliable?

We look at the business footprints of HyperFund in the UK for an answer. In regards to this, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has the following to say about the company.

We believe this firm may be providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorization. Find out why you should be wary of dealing with this unauthorized firm and how to protect yourself.

You can check the FCA website for detailed information about HyperFund, which sidesteps due processes. That is a reliable primer on the need for caution while dealing with this company.

Ensure you understand the implication of investing with an FCA-indicted platform, HyperFund, before throwing in with it.

Caveat: we do not encourage anyone to invest in this platform nor distribute its coupon codes. Also, the UK warns the public against the company, and India (according to reports) sidelines HyperFund as a Ponzi.

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