How To Delete Expedia Account | Deactivate Account, Alternatives

How To Delete Expedia Account: you might be using Expedia for many reasons like business, tourism, or school but wish to delete the account.

As a popular US business conglomerate, the Expedia Group comprises some of the best brands for international flights globally. And they cover your trip requirements for all kinds of purposes.

It offers competitive terms and grants you unmatched (in many countries) travel options. Also, if you use the flight for an aesthetic outing, you get catalogs of the most idyllic scenes, hotels, bars, and place that matches your recreational fancy.

However, the company offers other services besides brokering your flights. For one, Expedia is a reliable plug for bookings. And the service works backend as well, allowing you to check out of hotels and rentals using only the online account.

Even so, Expedia may not be the best for everyone. Tastes and interest vary, though they may converge at some points. While many people want to open an Expedia account, some want to close theirs. The reasons for the trend vary. But the most frequent clues point at mail.

Some people are averse to unsolicited commercials in their private media account. If they keep getting piles of notifications from service providers in the name of ads and promotional, they might decide to close the account. 

So, our article explains How To Delete Expedia Account, concluding with possible alternatives to deleting the service from your cellphone. Read on below for more information.

How To Delete Expedia Account Via The Website

The most economical (speaking about the time and ease of contact) way to delete your Expedia Account is to visit the official website. As a prelim, ensure you have the following details ready.

  • All former login details as they appear on your account profile on the website.
  • Itinerary Number
  • Your valid email (including Gmail address), used for registering the account.
  • Ensure you can still the emails you provided.
  • Retrieve the mobile phone number you typically use on the booking account.

Subsequently, follow these steps below to delete the Expedia account on the website.

  1. Go to the official site.
  2. Opt for the Account Login option.
  3. Select Support at the top right peripheral of the homepage
  4. Hover on the icon to select Customer Support from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click on the category for Customer Support.
  6. Now, click on Contact Us.
  7. Opt for Other from the popup form that displays.
  8. Click on Account Registration (includes options for changing email address).
  9. Go to Still Need Help. 
  10. Enter the relevant details (email address and full name in order).
  11. Then, write the body of the complaint (delete Expedia Account) in the space for the message type.
  12. Finally, Click on SEND.

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Alternative: Delete Account Via Mail

Instead of sending a message to the support service, learn the How To Delete Expedia Account alternative procedure in this post. Below is how it works.

  • Sign in to your Gmail account (the one that appears on the Expedia account).
  • Click on Compose to write a mail.
  • Enter into the dispatch address (destination email).
  • State the Subject type by indicating the purpose of the mail (To Delete Expedia Account).
  • Ensure you clearly draft a good reason for wishing to delete your account on Expedia.
  • Finally, send the mail.


Any method you choose from the above procedures can help you close your account on Expedia. 

However, if you do not wish to leave the service entirely, use a few troubleshoot fixes to keep a clean mailbox (assuming a cluttered inbox is your reason for leaving).

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