How to Check Own Number in Airtel | Airtel USSD Codes, Alternatives

How to Check Own Number in Airtel: you can get the Airtel USSD Codes to retrieve your misplaced Airtel Number in this article. Also, learn the quick access links for contacting Airtel Customer Support for other services. 

Do you wish to verify your Airtel Number? Then read this article thoroughly to get USSD codes and Airtel Number Check steps. Learn the basics of How to Check Own Number in Airtel using our Check your Airtel mobile phone number in this article.

This post also shows you practical methods for checking your data balance, and then it explains why the network service is good for you. Learn more about Airtel Ng Number, account balance, and data balance check here.

How to Check Own Number in Airtel: About Airtel Ng

How to Check Own Number in Airtel: Airtel Ng, being one of the best telecoms companies in Nigeria, offers USSD Codes for retrieving phone numbers. It also provides a litter of fascinating data offers on the official website. But there is more to the platform than just emails and phone calls.

Initially offering data promos for 3G-enabled mobile devices, the Company has upped its services to include 4G quick link services. Currently, Airtel Ng’s SIM is a must-have property in the market list of most internet surfers in Nigeria.

Globally, the company provides seamless consumer-centric products. One of the best offers in Nigeria proves to be the browsing data cache and extra call promos.

How to Check Own Number in Airtel: get Airtel SIM and enjoy data offers for different purposes through emails, calls, social media platforms, etc. But first, learn How to Verify your Own Number in Airtel in this post. See the USSD in the following sections.

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How to Check Own Number in Airtel: Why use a USSD?

There may be other procedures for checking your phone number in Airtel. Also, since Telecoms companies obtain trading licenses for their business, you might get your Airtel Number information through regulators. But if you want to get an easy, quick, and less expensive procedure, then use Airtel USSD Codes to check your number.

Besides telling your contact(s) to call your number back, you can use Airtel USSD Codes services to retrieve and save your number. It also affords you some level of privacy. The company also includes How to Check Own Number in Airtel USSD link in its services cache.

See below for how to retrieve your number with Airtel SIM.

Check Your Number Using USSD Codes

How to Check Own Number in Airtel: access your Airtel Ng Mobile phone number using the USSD short link codes. Follow the steps below to get the number retrieval steps:

  1. Ensure your Airtel Ng SIM is in your mobile phone
  2. Use the call button to reach Airtel Support via *121#
  3. Click on the option for Manage My Account
  4. On the new page, you can opt to find your number

After a few seconds, the telecoms platform will reply with a message bearing your Airtel Ng phone number.

Alternatives to Airtel USSD Codes

How to Verify Own Number in Airtel: just like your phone numbers, even Airtel USSD codes may be hard to remember sometimes. Also, you do not want to dial the wrong codes or request an unwanted service. So instead of using USSD links, you can opt for any of the alternatives below:

Call any entries in your Phone Contacts close to you (one that you are familiar with).

Then ask the Contact to tell you your number.


Dial the Airtel Ng customer care line, 111. (Ensure it is your Airtel SIM in the mobile phone). Then request your Airtel phone number from the center.

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