How to Check Airtel Number | Airtel Ng USSD, Flash Messages

How to Check Airtel Number: use Airtel Ng Customer support, SMS flash messages, and other methods to retrieve your Airtel Number. Learn about How to Check Airtel Number in this post. Customer care (111) and USSD free services from Airtel.

Often, mobile phone users own more than one SIM card. Some of the SIM cards for different data-using tasks, while most are for calls. Whatever the purpose of your Airtel SIM, you may not always remember your Airtel Numbers if you have at least one.

So, our article explains How to Check Airtel Number using easy procedures. They are also cost-free as the service does not require fees. Stay on this post to get quick links for checking your Airtel Number.

How to Check Airtel Number: Use Airtel Ng Self Help

Ordinarily, you can check your Airtel Number through the official Airtel Ng self-help center. The platform offers convenient columns to help customers locate address any issues with their network service.

However, you can side-step using web links to check phone numbers, especially when you do not have data. In this case, your best recourse is to use Airtel Ng USSD Code. It is not only short and efficient, but it is also readily available on the internet. As it happens, we have the USSD Code for you here in this post.

Moreover, you do not have to commit the Airtel USSD codes to memory. Just visit this website (or save this page) so you can look up the code when you forget it. What’s more? The USSD code service is for free!

Additionally, our post on How to Check Airtel Number explains several methods for accessing your Airtel mobile phone number. You can read on below to learn more about it.

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How to Check Airtel Number: Use Airtel Ng USSD Code

How to Check Airtel Number: use the Airtel Ng USSD quick link service below to access your Airtel Phone number. Follow the steps below to get the number:

  1. Send the USSD request, *121#, to Airtel Ng using your mobile phone call button.
  2. Click on manage my account
  3. Then click on the fourth item on the list to retrieve your number.

Retrieve Your Number via Customer Care Service

You can also access Airtel Ng’s self-help services through its Customer Care unit. The number is available for abroad Airtel Number users. Since the Company offers a broad bandwidth coverage, foreign users can contact Airtel Customer Care Support through this number: +234 802 150 0111

If you are contacting the network providers from Nigeria, then use the following procedure to check your Airtel Number:

  • Put your Airtel SIM in the phone you are using to retrieve the number.
  • Then call Customer Care (rather contact them through the USSD, 111 or 121).
  • Opt to talk with a rep from the Customer Care Unit.
  • Request for your Airtel mobile phone number.
  • Save the number in a separate folder for easy access.

Preferably, you can check your Airtel Number by requesting an Airtel Customer Care Rep to send it via message.

Alternative Methods

How to Check Airtel Number: you can easily check your Airtel phone number if you are nearby a friend. You merely have to dial his/her number and then ask them to show you your number on their phone.

Also, the method works even if you are not currently near an acquaintance. You can call them on phone using the Airtel SIM you want to retrieve its number. Later, they can send you a message containing the Airtel number.

Note that the method above in this section uses credit. In case you do not have a call credit, you can send an SMS instead.

Below is how you can send the message:

  • Insert your SIM Card in the phone you are using to send the message.
  • Type *140*Friend’s Mobile Phone Number#
  • Then click on the call button.
  • When the receiver sees the message, he/she can call or send your Airtel Number back to you.

P/S: ensure you keep the number safely in a convenient folder so that you can easily access it.

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