How to Check Airtel Number Using USSD | Airtel Free USSD Codes

How to Check Airtel Number Using USSD: Choose the retrieve/check my number option from Airtel Ng *121# USSD Code mobile service. Do you want to learn the steps for retrieving your Airtel mobile phone number? If yes, this article will guide you on the procedure for checking your Airtel Ng number for free

Airtel doles out a bevy of fascinating data bundles to customers and Airtel Ng’s data subscribers. You can also enjoy the data services alongside some call time bonuses from the company.

Maybe you’ve had a stressful day, and now you cannot recall your Airtel number. Don’t worry about this problem. As long as you still have your Airtel SIM card, you can always check your Airtel number easily.

How to Check Airtel Number Using USSD: get onto the Airtel Ng Com official website and access your Airtel phone number, data package, etc. See the following sections for more information about the USSD Codes.

How to Check Airtel Number Using USSD: Airtel Ng USSD Code

You might need different SIM Cards for separate tasks. In the long run, you might also need to recall the phone numbers of your registered SIMs. And soon, the demand becomes a grueling effort. So instead of always trying to remember your Airtel mobile phone number every time, you can use Airtel USSD codes to check it.

Also, the USSD link is important since it does not require prior knowledge of the owner of the Airtel line. You merely have to send the USSD Code to Airtel. Then you can get your number back in seconds.

You can use the following steps to check your Airtel Number via USSD codes:

  1. Put the Airtel SIM you want to retrieve its number into your mobile phone/.
  2. Type *121#, and dial the USSD link by clicking on the call button
  3. Press three (3) to manage my account
  4. Then click on the fourth option to retrieve your Airtel Number.
  5. Finally, the network sends you the Airtel Number you want via an instant message.

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Alternatives to USSD Codes

How to Check Airtel Number Using USSD: use any of the three alternatives below to verify your Airtel Ng mobile phone number.

Although the previous USSD Codes offer free services, the following procedures require at least an Airtel call credit balance to work.

Call any of the numbers in your Contacts you are familiar with. Then request your number from the person.

Note that typical service fees apply in this case.

Or you can still explain to anyone nearby, then flash their lines and ask them to call the Airtel number back to you. 

Any of the methods in this section may sound awkward for some Airtel Ng network users. So, they can use the customer service in the following section to check their Airtel number without USSD codes.

Airtel Ng Customer Care Option

Unlike flashing a friend to get your number back, you can reach Airtel Ng Customer Support for free. The process does not require call credits.

You can request your Airtel Number using the procedure below:

  1. Open your social media account (Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter)
  2. Go to the Airtel social media outlets
  3. Contact the customer care links on their page.
  4. Or you can get the code from subsidiaries on group chats.
  5. Send a request to customer service
  6. When your message goes through, opt to retrieve your Airtel mobile phone number.
  7. Finally, save the number in a convenient folder, so you don’t forget it.

Moreover, you can check your Airtel number through Customer support by dialing 111. If you live outside Nigeria, you can get the Airtel Customer Service through this phone number: +234 802 150 0111.

Please, share your experience using the Airtel USSD codes with us in the comment box.

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How to Find Your Airtel Mobile Number Online

You can also check your mobile number with the Airtel Thanks application. Just follow the steps below to do that.

  • First, download the Airtel Thanks app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Then you click on the download app and install it on your smartphone.
  • After that, you open the Airtel Thanks app and log in.
  • Then you will able to view your Airtel mobile number at the top of the screen.

You can also see all the information that is related to your mobile number with the help of Airtel Thanks. And those mobile number includes balance, validity, data usage, and more.

You can also recharge directly from the application, and the brand provides some additional offers too.

How to Find Airtel Number on Android in Settings Menu

For those who are using an Android smartphone, you can follow the steps below to know your Airtel mobile number.

  • First, go to the settings menu that is on your Android Smartphone.
  • After that, you go to the phone section which is at the bottom of the menu.
  • Then you will find the mobile numbers for both SIMs

How to Find Airtel Number on IOS in Settings Menu

As for IOS users, follow these steps to know how to find your Airtel number.

  • First, go to the settings menu on your iPhone
  • Then you choose the phone application and tap on it.
  • After that, you will find your mobile number in the My Number section.

How to Check Airtel Number Through Phone Call

You can also check your Airtel number when making phone calls, just follow the steps below to learn how to do that.

  • First, Dial 111on your smartphone
  • Then you change the language to your device by following the command prompt.
  • After that, you connect to the customer support
  • Then you tell customer support that you would like them to tell you your phone number
  • Then you write it down on a piece of paper or save it in your note

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