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How to Check Airtel Number in Sri Lanka: use Airtel Sri Lanka USSD codes to retrieve your Airtel Number. This article explains the quick routes and short-cuts to checking your Airtel Sri Lanka Mobile Phone Number.

Our article also briefly explains other services you can get from the Airtel Sri Lanka services. It covers a brief roadmap of Airtel Bharti’s creation, briefly hints at Airtel Sri Lanka licensing, and lists the USSD codes for checking phone numbers. 

Do you want USSD links for retrieving the lost Airtel Sri Lanka number? Then read this post about How to Check Airtel Number in Sri Lanka.

How to Check Airtel Number in Sri Lanka: About Airtel Sri Lanka

As an off-shoot of Airtel Bharti LTD, Airtel Sri Lanka works in tandem with the parent company to enable telecoms growth in Sri Lanka. It has since garnered several notable awards for its services. Also, its user base growth is projected to have an upward cusp by many indexing firms.

How to Check Airtel Number in Sri Lanka: with customers in almost every part of the globe, Airtel Sri offers USSD number checks. Is it hard recalling your Airtel Number? Do you wish to access the codes for Airtel USSD number checks? You can read this post thoroughly to learn more about it.

With a full license from the Board of Investment Sri Lanka, Airtel Sri Lanka offers a broad services cache. The company operations traverse these niches:

  1. Voice Call/Messages, etc.
  2. GSM services, and lastly
  3. Far-flung data services.

However excellent the company’s services are, you may find it hard committing your Airtel Number to memory. So use this self-help How to Check Airtel Number in Sri Lanka post whenever you want to retrieve your number.

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How to Check Airtel Number in Sri Lanka: Dial *282#

The procedures for checking Airtel Sri Lanka’s phone number are simple. This section explains the USSD *282# code. You can read on below to learn how to use it.

To use this procedure, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure your Airtel Sri Lanka SIM Card is on your mobile phone.
  2. Enter the USSD, *282#
  3. Then press Call 
  4. (Activate your SIM, as a preliminary)
  5. Airtel Sri Lanka will reply to you with a flash mail note showing your Airtel mobile phone number.

Copy the phone number and save it for easy retrieval in any folder you can easily access.

Alternative Airtel Sri Lanka Phone Number Check

There are alternative USSDs and quick routes to verifying your Airtel number. Instead of the preceding method, you can use the steps below to check your number:

  1. Ensure your Airtel Sri Lanka SIM card is on your mobile phone.
  2. (Also, see that you activate the SIM configuration settings before trying out the rest of these steps) 
  3. Go to the Airtel Dialer app on your mobile device.
  4. Enter *121*1# and send the USSD by pressing the Call button.
  5. After the last step, Airtel Sri Lanka replies with a message showing your promo bit.
  6. Click on Accept

Subsequently, the network sends you your number in another message. 

Further USSD Codes for Checking Airtel Number

How to Check Airtel Number in Sri Lanka: access your Airtel Sri Lanka phone number by dialing short USSD codes. Retrieve your lost Airtel Number using the steps below:

  1. As in the previous two procedures above, ensure your SIM is on your mobile device.
  2. Then dial Airtel Sri Lanka USSD, 121. (Also Airtel Sri Lanka Customer Careline)
  3. Select the mobile phone services option for number retrieval.
  4. Lastly, wait as the voice courier states your Airtel Sri Lanka phone number.

Further, Customer Care is reachable through Airtel USSD, 180. You can also get your data and call credit balance from the customer service above.   

 Moreover, there are other means you may find better than the ones above. For instance, you can download the mobile Airtel Sri Lanka App for android phones. Subsequently, you can check your Airtel Number in Sri Lanka using the steps below:

  1. First, download the mobile app.
  2. Second, install the app on your mobile device.
  3. Third, open the app home link and 
  4. Lastly, search through the features to verify your Airtel Sri Lanka mobile phone number.

Besides simply retrieving a phone number, you can also check your Airtel Sri Lanka call credit balance, etc.

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Why use the Airtel network in Sri Lanka?

Airtel Sri Lanka is a big telecoms company with a broad reach in Sri Lanka. It provides more than the threshold requisite for local and international calls. It also dominates huge swathes of all GSM demographics in the Country.

Moreover, the company receives laudations from renowned international agencies tracking global companies’ services for quality. Enjoy your time using the platform.

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