GSPartners Review | A Tentacle of Botched G999 Karatbars? Credibility

GSPartners Review: Josip Heit’s GSPartners offers multi-level marketing earning options for investments in undisclosed blockchain security

Although he has barely cleared his sullied image brokering crypto-related securities, Heit highlights that a blockchain-intensive education is the best end-user asset today.

Before he exits the public spotlight on MLM business, Josip Heit was a conspicuous promoter of Karatbars International, a proven scam platform. He would reprise this role more significantly in the current GSPartner MLM gig as the CEO.

Our GSPartners Review could not find any information about the admin of the company on the website. Also, most references to an office or incorporation are off-hand and tentative. So our GSPartners Review mostly goes by the information online.

Read more about the company in this article.

GSPartners Review: Overview

GSPartners Review: online reviews about the platform are replete with a botched KaratGold Coin project by Heit.

The most recurring theme of these reviews is the giant gaffe that KaratGold Coin is. This supposedly happens after a surfeit of Harold Seiz’s flunked 100KGC for a gram the mass in gold. Adversely, KGC dips to several tens its pegged price at ICO while its creator, Harold Seiz, ghosted on investors.

Subsequently, Josip Heit offers a gaudy rebrand of proven scam investments, but the reconciliatory piece met firm rebuff from unsatisfied investors. Reportedly, he later cut clients’ links to videos in which he attempts to salvage the KGC’s image.

Our GSPartners Review finds that the KaratGold platform racks up regulatory headers in publicized notices from authorities in New Zealand, South Africa, Namibia, etc.

In the intervening years, KaratGold attempts to relaunch in various iterations as Gold Standard in 2020 and later as G999. Also, the company leaves PR fingerprints on Freebay and its accessories.

Admittedly, the career road map in public radar is a bit dramatic, and a serious Ponzi rip-off too. Moreover, the current GSpartners lurched out of an alleged tussle between its creator and Karatbars owner. However, it still offers a G999 crypto coin, a relic of its previous principal, KGC.

As a multi-level marketing platform, GSPartners offers affiliate compensation plans. See how it works in the next section of this GSPartners Review.

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Affiliate Compensation Plan 

With investments focused on the growth of G999 crypto coins on the GSPartners crypto counter, affiliates deposit specific threshold amounts in USDT, Bitcoin, and Etherium.

Subsequently, they earn profits accruing to their investments through an intermediary, GSTrade exchange. GSPartners arbitrarily Pegs 4999 G999 tokens to 69 USDT, intending to adapt G999 as a stable coin.

Also, the crypto token is available when a member registers on the GSpartners platform. 

275 USDT deposit for a yearly Brand Advantage Basic Package earns you 3498 G999 coins.

An undisclosed deposit for a yearly Brand Advantage Premium Package earns you more coins, however. Impliedly, the latter package tops the affiliate compensation hierarchy.

See how you can buy an affiliate package in the next section of this GSPartners Review. 

How to Buy an Affiliate Package

Note that the GSPartners platform does not indicate any blockchain where the comparative value of G999 trades. Instead, it offers blockchain tutorials at different prices.

Regardless, the company lists cached packages for the following prices: 

1110 USDT _ buys you the Brand Advantage Premium Package for one year.

275 USDT _ buys you the Brand Advantage Basic Package for one year.

See the next section of this GSPartners Review for details about the referral commissions.

Referral Commissions

GSPartners promoters can earn referral commissions, with the tiers peaking at Level 9. Below is how it works.

10% (paid for personally referred members) on Level 1

4% on Level 2, reflecting investment in at least the Brand Advantage Basic Package

3% on Level 3, also reflecting investment in at least the Brand Advantage Basic Package

Subsequently, Levels 4, 5, and 6 receive 2% percentage commissions.

Levels 7 earns you a 3% commission.

Level 8 generates 4% of investments in at least the Brand Advantage Basic Package.

Finally, the commission caps at Level 9 which pays a 6% commission

Moreover, our GSPartners Review finds that the investment specifications on the platform are a bit vague. It appears, though, that GSPartners deduct specific percentages of clients’ investments to fund the early stages of a pooled virtual share.

They include an Infinity Pool and a Community Pool. Investors on a high tier of the affiliate structure get a chunk of the remittals. But on the whole, GSPartners intends for the scheme to reflect a client’s investment. 

GSPartners Review: Credibility

This part of our GSPartners Review focuses the discussions so far on some key issues about the GSPartenrs platform. See more information below.

Given his inextricable history meddling in Ponzi scheme MLM crypto securities, GSPartners’ Heit records negative reviews online. The most vocal of the dissents is the report that G999 merely cleans up after its scam crypto coin forebears (KGC).

Also, since GSPartners does not disclose any tangible investments, its G999 token launch might well be a charity project, with the result that its holders learn a finders’ keepers’ morale.

For instance, the coin was launched just recently, tailing at 1 to 0.016USD which is in turn propped by a spike in recruitments. This suggests that the prime regulator for the G999 coin is the rate of withdrawal and deposits going on GSPartners.   

The above remark also shows that the G999 token lacks market-defined monetary value. 

Moreover, our GSPartners Review finds no evidence of securities regulation on the GSPartners website and it should be enough red flag to give a prospective client a pause.

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