Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card | CSL Plasma, BofA Prepaid Card Activation

Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card: learn how to activate your Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card, a Visa debit card for transactions at any supported ATM. The card allows you to transfer cash through any debit ATM that accepts Visa cards.

Also, you can learn about the CSL Prepaid Donor Card. If you already have a Donor ID, you can learn more about Plasma donations and their corresponding recommendations in this article. 

Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card: Overview

There is a growing sensation as regards plasma donations to Grifols. Much of the excitement revolves around Grifols compensation media, Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card. Once activated, the Plasma Loyalty Card makes you eligible for a token when you donate plasma.

One improvement in this healthcare cum finance system is its ease of sourcing bio-ingredients for much-needed therapies. At the CSL (Commonwealth Serum Laboratories), all plasma donations are treated for an end-user serum. The financial part of this organization involves a Grifols Card, which is propped by Bank of America.

Also, Grifols specifies a donor’s purchase limit on the card. While the set-up depends on the goodwill of its Bank of America support, it has prior insurance from the FDIC.

In this way, any defaults on payment by Grifols, or the Bank of America NY, is alternately rectified by the FDIC.

So, a donor does not have to worry about his due compensation _ up to $100, depending on height, age, and demographics as the qualifying metrics.

See what you can do with the Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card in the following section.

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Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card Coverage

Generally, this section explains the advantages of the Grifols Card. Briefly, they are as follows:

  • Withdrawals at any Visa Inc. supported ATM center
  • Deposit accounts through texts or USSDs.
  • Purchase products at any retail with ATM installations
  • Can pay for all groceries if the payment is possible via Visa Cards.

Any downsides?

So far, none is apparent. Bar possible complications due to ATM networks, there are no intrinsic issues with the Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card.

Further, the only prerequisite for using the card is its pre-payment. Continued use depends on the frequency of plasma donations and its accruing compensation. Grifols mentions that a donor can get a 10% bonus. 

Acquisition Fee & Surcharge

Grifols reiterates in a website footnote that it does not charge fees for its Plasma Loyalty Card.

However, you may have to pay off any charges from the ATM provider. All withdrawals through the Bank of America are feeless; others may come for a price.

See how you can activate the Grifols Card in the following section.

Grifols Prepaid Card Activation Online

As we explained earlier, the prelim to activating your Grifols Prepaid Card is to get the card first. Then, you can use the following steps to activate it:

  1. Go to the Bank of America web page for Plasma Loyalty Card (or click here).
  2. (You can also get the Activation details, in PDF format, from
  3. Enter your 16 digits PAN code.
  4. Create a PIN for your Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card.
  5. Enter your Zip Code.
  6. Then, provide all details as specified by the voice cue on the activation page.
  7. Finally, you will get a message confirming the activation.

Moreover, Grifols advises the Plasma Card Users to always check their account balance before using the card for any transaction. Besides checking account balance, however, a Plasma Card owner can check the last amount transferred in a transaction.

Check Grifols Plasma Loyalty Account Balance

The fast weblink for this service is But you can also send the texts below to 445544.

PAY _ to check the last amount paid in a transaction

TRANS _ to check the last amount transferred

BAL _ to view account balance

Also, you can check your account balance online using the following avenues:

As prelim, ensure you are with your 16 digit PAN (and other details relevant to the customer support). 

  • Go to Bank of America official webpage for CSL Plasma
  • Or, you can go to the bank’s supported ATM.
  • Preferably, you can call Customer Support via (866) 692-9282.

If you would like to log in to CSL Plasma, follow the steps in the section below.

CSL Plasma Login

  1. Go to the CSL Plasma website.
  2. Click on Login/Sign-in
  3. Enter your Griflos username
  4. Then enter your log-in password
  5. Finally, enter your three-digit security code

If you wish to access the Bank of America Prepaid Card without searching through the internet, you can download the app instead. The app is available on Google Playstore and Apple Play. 

Here is what the app cover:

  • Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card account statement
  • It helps you to check account balance, as explained previously.
  • Offers biometric sign-in options
  • Also offers notifications

Moreover, it has an ATM locator for ATM sites within your vicinity.

How Reliable Is The Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card?

Here, we will conclude this article by reiterating the reliability of the Grifols Card.

Due to a Visa USA Inc. and Citibank NA operational merger, plasma donors can transact with the Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card. Most withdrawals are run by the Bank of America. While the Visa USA Inc. deal with the Bank of America is a token of trust, it becomes more binding due to an FDIC insurance cover. 

P/S: donating plasma through CSL Plasma is a prime egalitarian call to all good people. As long as you are eligible, your plasma can be adapted for therapies that cure hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and other subtle illnesses. As per the range of CSL Behring’s service, it cuts across cardiac surgical procedures and delicate pediatric cases in infants.

Moreover, the company assures that donors get an adequate diagnosis before they can donate plasma. Accordingly, the Grifols 10% bonus goes to eligible donors who meet the requisite bio stats criteria. 

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