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Goojara Alternatives: although Goojara is an excellent platform for downloading TV Shows, its alternatives also offer fascinating content.

Usually, the website perm link, Goojara Ch, has all the trending movies on mostly international cinema. But unlike Netflix, it hardly features content according to demography. In this case, Netflix is the best option. However, downloading movies from Netflix requires frequent subscriptions.

So, this article shows you the Goojara Alternatives, where you can also get Movies, Animes, and TV Shows without a subscription. Read on below for more information.

Goojara Alternatives: Overview

If it comes to picking the best option from a list of old movie download sites, O2tvseries stands out. But every platform has its specialties. At least, we can cede this much until we visit the sites.

Many movie lovers hardly pay for the content they download. We assume they will prefer a non-subscription-based site to Goojara. This criteria rules out platforms like:




 Amazon Prime

But we still have other third party sites, however fraught with ads they are, like;





Toxicwap, etc.

Accordingly, we analyze our best pick from the list in the following section. 

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O2tvSeries, unlike the Wap clones and variable FZmovies URL, has a steady web address. One sure hint of a steady download plug is the back key function. If you cannot go to a previous webpage using the back function, try using O2tvSeries for a change.

Another appealing feature of 02tvSeries is its tabular array. Instead of a tiresome search through a long movie list, tables present them on the O2tvSeries website. This would be our first choice from the Goojara Alternatives.

Further, more credit goes to 02tvSeries because it is an old platform. Remember, we wish to find a reliable platform. Malware-ridden sites rarely stay long on the internet. 


If you have an easy time downloading from O2tvSeries, don’t bother visiting TvShows4Mobile. The two are the same, just different brands.

However, TvShows4Mobile has its uses. For one, it has less traffic volume than O2tvseries. Also, you can get up-to-date TV Series and TV Shows from the site. It has a live stream option and different movie formats like HD, DVD, etc.


FZMovies is also a top download plug. It does not exact subscription, and it also does not force cookies on visitors.

However, there is a price for free, fast, and constant download service; ads and redirections. You can expect the movie to randomly redirect to an undesired page. But you can always go back to the previous page and repeat the operation successfully.

Goojara Alternatives: Our Picks So Far

If we have to decide on the best Goojara Alternatives so far, we pick O2TvSeries, FZMovies, and TVShows4Mobile. Why? Because they are not as overrun by ads as most movies download websites online.

Moreover, these platforms stay visible on the internet and offer updated content for free. If you would download from a secure website, try using Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and so on.

Here is why the subscription-based platforms are secure:

There are no malware loopholes in the mobile app. Goojara app is a good example since it offers media content for a price.

You will have a better download experience on a paid site than on a free website. The reason is that free downloads meander ads and redirections before they execute.

Also, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, etc. all have far more impressive records than FZMovies, TvShows4Mobile, O2TvSeries, etc.

Lastly, there is a review option for users on subscription platforms.

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