Google Drive WhatsApp | Download & iCloud Access to WhatsApp Backup

If you have a Google Drive WhatsApp backup on either Android or iPhone (iCloud Backup), you can trust the tool to restore and relay the contents between the two systems.

It’s not a toggle key, and neither is it a folder. The best way to picture its functionality is to compare it remotely to a cloud service.

However, they are is different. Here, you start with _

  • Installing Google Play and
  • An active Google Account in the android device running the operations.

Further, you must have backed up your WhatsApp chats on Google Drive, which is also linked to your Google Account.

From then on, the task is really easy. Open Google Drive Settings >> Managing Apps >> Options. You can now access a range of options to delete, continue using, or edit a backed-up WhatsApp chat.

If you don’t know how to use backup in the first place, use these brief steps _

  • Select Chats from the settings
  • Click on Chat backup
  • Then, click on Back up to Google Drive
  • Pick a cycle period, typically weekly or monthly frequency

Once you are done, the algorithm takes over, backing up your WhatsApp chats on the specified basis, although a default backup brings up content in your local files for the last seven (7) days. Google Drive WhatsApp backup is obviously the better option between the two.

Do you need steps for iOS mobile phones? If your answer is yes, check the sections below for details.

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Google Drive WhatsApp For iOS gadgets?

The header sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? It happens that you can’t really transfer Google Drive backup files to an iOS gadget. If it were necessary, and iCloud does the job satisfactorily. So, we will see how it works in this section.

Apple doesn’t have similar Backup options to Google for iPhones. In fact, it isn’t there at all, owing to the company prioritizing security. Not only is it a handicap, but also a gross concession the WhatsApp users have to make for all iOS phones.

Sometimes a go-between is necessary, if not all the time. So, you can access typical backup options without iCloud using the steps below.

  • Use iTunes to back up your WhatsApp chats.
  • Then, retrieve the backup anytime using the iTunes backup extractor, which allows you to load ChatStorage.sqlite to complete the process.

Is there a Google Drive WhatsApp for PCs?

The answer is YES. Have you heard of MobileTrans before?

You can get one for either android or iOS PCs, with iCloud taking more extensive storage than the period-based Google Drive WhatsApp can afford.

Also, you can back up WhatsApp chats for the two systems using the MobileTrans app.

  • Connect the mobile phone (android or iOS) to the PC
  • Once you open the app, click on Backup & Restore,
  • Then, select Backup App Data.

All connected app icons will show on the screen, from which an android phone user selects WhatsApp chats while iOS backs up by default.

Subsequently, you can open WhatsApp on the PC and complete the backup to the PC local files.

Can You Download WhatsApp Backup?

It’s not possible since Backup is an embedded feature on the app. Often, people asking the question merely wish to learn the Google Drive WhatsApp backup steps, in which case, they can follow these steps.

  • Open your WhatsApp (download from Play Store)
  • Select More Options >>Settings>Chats>Chat Backup>Backup to Google Drive
  • Set a backup frequency (selecting Never would terminate the process)
  • Now, click on the Google Account connected to WhatsApp. (Alternatively, you can opt for Add Google Account using the on-screen prompt)
  • Click on Back up over for network or Wi-Fi options.

Moreover, you can complete the security algorithm for end-to-end WhatsApp Encryption by selecting More Options>>Settings>Chats>Chat Backup>End-to-end Encryption.

Then click on Turn On and create your password (preferably, generate the WhatsApp encryption lock key).

Finally, click on Create.


Google Drive WhatsApp is powered by Google, which doesn’t have a similar service for iOS devices. So, you can use an exterior tool to relay the content to your PC and then restore it to the gadget you are currently using.

You will have to link your Google Account to the app to complete the task.

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