Goldy Capital Review | Fake Execs MLM offers High Yield ROIs | Legit?

Goldy Capital is the typical run-of-the-mill, replete with proxies, advertised returns, compensation grids, and zero business on the backend.

The minimalist office setting calls different things to mind for different people. It could be a sign of a highly functional employee space, a CEO’s corner, or a shrink’s section.

You’d have to introduce covert MLM into the list to cut a complete picture. Goldy Capital is one such MLM.

It offers a Goldy Blockchain Trading Platform, using cryptocurrencies and precious metals to provide profits to investors and clients alike. The services cache also includes shares, stocks, and commodities, with Goldy Capital claiming to leverage the best advice from professionals.

Members can join the rewards pool, driving up the recruitment uplines for bonus points. So, if you have a soft spot for windfalls, you might be suckered into this Ponzi. However, it need not happen.

We explain the affiliate reward cycles, binary team airdrops, membership loyalty grid, etc. Also, we highlight possible issues about investing in this company. Read on below for details.

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Goldy Capital: Proxies and Business Roadmap

Goldy represents variously as a limited company, a limited liability company, and an entirely digital trade pro. If you want closure on this entity, you’d get zero info about its roadmap online. Nor does the CEO, Simon Adams, mention any fiscal reports, partnerships, or verifiable reviews to the company’s credit.

As it happens, the Adams character is questionable, appearing for a presentation with a lighting stand in the background of the rented office in the UK.

Further, the listed execs, only a few of them, were allowed an ingratiating cameo on the site, although their hellos couldn’t possibly carry over Adam’s pervasive spin.

On a closer look, Simon Adams’s words don’t sync with the English PR intro. It is all good for optics _ albeit, the company has ruined the traction gimmick with that bumbling YouTube show.

Where does this leave you, the prospective affiliate?

The situation here is that of a CEO offering investment instruments (crypto deposit ledgers, stocks, and so on) using proxies. Absolutely nothing about the execs exists outside the website.

Scouring the PR vids on Facebook shows that the most crucial Goldy Capital promoters are rooting for traffic from Indians.

Given the fad for crypto freebies, it isn’t a surprise to see a non-direct sales company building a client base using a blockchain pitch. Most people are looking to earn piles of BTC clippings, only getting scammed in the long run. A similar gig offered synergy trading while posing as an Englishman. Currently, the scam is exposed, and its promoter has fled.

Finiko was another high yield ROI trap that fell off the bandwagon after its promoters made away with investors’ money.

Pilvest offered what constitutes securities as an in-platform ROI primer but faced the SEC in the end. Some similar scammers were subpoenaed in the US and Australia, with a court of law confiscating a hard drive worth millions of convertible bonds.

Goldy Capital is the same MLM ROI template as the bunch. Below is the compensation plan for members.

Affiliate Compensation Plans

Affiliates can deposit in cryptocurrencies (check the site for the supported tokens). Here are the viable tiers.

Premier (available for $25000-$99999) _ pays three percent (3%) daily over a hundred (100) days’ period

Pro (available for $5000-$24999) _ pays two and a half percent (2.5%) daily over a hundred (100) days period.

Basic (available for $50-$4999) _ pays two percent (2%) daily over a hundred (100) days period.

Instead of the usual downline/upline unilevel reward grid, Goldy Capital uses a fixed, tiered commission rate to pay referral commissions.

Fifteen percent (15%) goes to Premium

Twelve and a half percent (12.5%) goes to Pro

Lastly, Basic takes ten percent (10%) of the rewards.

Binary Team Compensation

The name, binary team, is revealing. It uses two-step recruitment to build a member’s downlines, paying commissions on the lower team leg.

How does the model work? See the explanation below for details.

The affiliate’s personally recruited members fill the First Level. The First Level referrals boot the Second Level by recruiting people to invest in Goldy Capital. Subsequently, the recursive arrangement yields a typical MLM binary compensation grid.

It grows organically (as MLMs fondly call the downline lattice principle).

Profits on the binary teams are tier-weighted, with everyone earning capped percentage bonuses per cycle.

As in the previous unilevel model, this model pays the commissions outlined below.

Fifteen percent (15%) goes to Premium

Twelve and a half percent (12.5%) goes to Pro

Lastly, Basic takes ten percent (10%) of the rewards.


Although you can join Goldy Capital for free, you need to deposit at least fifty dollars ($50) to boot an ROI cycle.

Conclusion: Is Goldy Capital Legit?

The answer is obviously no. It would’ve been a no-brainer, save for the trifle case of Simon Adams appearing to have an office in the UK. You shouldn’t let that deter you from calling the bluff since the UK has lots of MLMs operating via shell company SEC licenses.

Often, an obtrusive sham ROI peddler gets a subpoena in the country, but a few more sell their tickets using proxies and shell incorporations in the UK.

 Please, note that these scammers are taking advantage of a redundant indexing system to line their pockets. So, don’t fall for their scam.

Here are the highlights:

Zero investment blueprints (just the reward cycles and a blanket claim about blockchain trading),

Proxy execs,

No verifiable business road maps,

Zero regulation,

No testimonials on the site,

Amateur PR setting, etc.

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