Golden Way Review | Bonuses and Compensation Grid Pyramid, Scam?

Golden Way Review: the first clue about this platform being a Ponzi is anonymity, zero published trades or profit portfolio, and no regulation.

You can spot the flimsy excuse of a multi-trader that is supposedly the Golden Way if you keep a tab on the crackdown on Ponzi (especially the ones operating on the referral-reward level).

And for that matter, lots of scammed investors reveal that the platform merely hides behind dubbed MLM reward schemes to sell its image as a sensational trade aggregator.

Our Golden Way Review explains crucial parts of the loyalty packages (which merely spurs the recruitment on the platform), emphasizing its semblance to proven MLM triangle schemes. Read on below for details.

Golden Way Review: What Do We Know About the Company?

The question ought to be, what does anyone know about the company? To which the answer is nothing.

Neither the Golden Way official website nor the company’s affiliates provide a shred of information about the business roadmap. However, the company seems to have booted frontend operations in early 2020. So, here is the gist.

The website is an investment tableau, with investors hoping to get profits from a daily, weekly, or monthly plan. It is the same give-one-take-two template all over.

Golden Way does not offer any products, no schedules for NFT arts, crypto mining, or HOLDLER hype. What do you get on the site? Nothing short of a bonus grid. If you sign up for a Golden Way partnership, you enter any of the several weekly or monthly earning schemes (which typically caps incomes after a month).

As it happens, promoters are afield, recruiting people to a mountebank’s idea of a passive income. The deal in the offing is to earn 10%-19% according to position on the triangle hierarchy. You can guess how long the stint lasts until it runs out of hype. It won’t be the first botched pyramid.

Our Golden Way Review finds zero information about any participatory profit-tied activity on the site. So, it puts paid to any hopes of acquiring a resalable product from the company.

Now, what’s left? There is still the affiliate option. See below for how it works.

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Golden Way Affiliate Compensation

 The call price for the lowest Golden Way membership plan is 50 EUR (you will have to cede 20% of profits as a withdrawal fee). You can invest more to increase your profit margin. Below are the available tiers.

530.4% ROI cumulating over twelve (12) months and paid per twenty-four (24) month

393.9% ROI cumulating over twelve (12) months and paid per eighteen (18) months

360% ROI culminating over twelve (12) months and paid per twelve (12) months

Also, 334% ROI culminating over twelve (12) months and paid per six (6) months

308% ROI culminating over twelve (12) months and paid per three (3) months

282% ROI culminating over twelve (12) months and paid per month

256% culminating over twelve (12) months and pay per week

The corresponding ranking structure is as follows (you’d have to meet the criteria for every rank, though).

King Diamond _ available for a total of one-hundred-and-fifty million (150000000 EUR) investments in referral downline

Diamond Director _ available for a total of 100000000 EUR investments in referral downline

Black Diamond Director _ goes for 75000000 EUR in download volume

Emerald Director _ goes for 50000000 EUR in referral downline volume

Ruby Director _ sells for 25000000 EUR in referral downline volume

Sapphire Director _ 10000000 EUR in referral downline volume

Topaz Director _ 7500000 EUR total investment volume in the referral downline

Platinum Director _ available for a total of 5000000 EUR investment in referral downlines

Gold Director _ available for 2500000 EUR investment, culminating from the referral downlines

Silver Director _ goes for 1000000 EUR in referral downline volume

Bronze Director _ goes for 750000 EUR in referral downline volume

Director _ sells for 500000 EUR total investment in the referral downline volume

Gold Master _ 250000, EUR total investment in the referral downline volume

Master _ 100000 EUR total investment in the referral downline volume

Gold Mentor _ 50000 EUR total investment in referral downline volume

Mentor _ available for 10000 EUR total investment in referral downline volume

Gold Manager _ available for 2500 EUR total investment in referral downline volume

Manager _ goes for 500 EUR in referral downline volume

Partner _ sells for 50 EUR (the starter pack)

See the following section of our Golden Way Review for the bonus/loyalty grid.

Bonus Grid, Unilevel Commission

As we mentioned previously, Golden Way is a full-blown multi-level Ponzi. The trademark MLM unilevel reward grid strikes as a core bonus leverage on Golden Way.

How does a unilevel grid work? 

Your referral(s) stay on the first level. Subsequent levels boot similarly by placing referrals below an affiliate in a higher tier, with the complete arrangement branching out like latticework.

Our Golden Way Review finds the following percentage bonus matches for each affiliate rank on the site.

  • King Diamond _ earns you 19%
  • Diamond Director ­_ gets you 18.5%
  • Emerald Director _ pays 17.5%
  • Ruby Director _ pays 17% after the validity period
  • Sapphire Director _ gets you 16.5%
  • Topaz Director _ pays out 16%
  • Platinum Director _ earns you 15.5% after the validity period
  • Gold Director _ gets you 15%
  • Silver Director _ gets you14.5%
  • Bronze Director _ earns you 14% off the investment downline volume
  • Director _ pays 13.5%
  • Gold Master _ pays 13%
  • Master _ gets you 11.5%
  • Gold Mentor _ pays 12%
  • Mentor _ earns you 11.5% off the investment downline volume
  • Gold Manager _ gets you 11%
  • Manager _ pays 10.5% 

Lastly, the Partner rank earns you 10% of the total investments in referral downline volume.

Note that the above plan depends on real-time trade activity supposedly run by Golden Way. But is that the case? The short answer is no. See below for reasons.

Golden Way Review: Verdict, Scam, or Legit?

The deal is to cash out annually from the value of Gold. So, the options are to enter an investment tier and staking on a plan (annual ROIs are tacked to the advertised investment plans).

First off, the prospect of paying n-investors returns to the tune of 500% is not realistic. Such fantastic sums merely stoke public interests in a masked Ponzi, which always ends in tears.

Second, Golden Way can best forestall the above issue by providing evidence of trades (crypto or indexes on Gold prices). Yet, it doesn’t do so. The reason is that Golden Way does not have any stakes in Gold (there is no record of the company offering any business in that field, anyway).

Third, do you relish the idea of struggling up a triangle scheme just so an anonymous company can maintain its rhetoric about Gold and stocks? Of course, the feint will soon wear off, exposing the company as a fraud.

Finally, our Golden Way Review does not find any legitimate, sustainable earning option on this platform.

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