GoFunders Login | Rebrands to O-Founders, while Onpassive Stalls

GoFunders Login: The platform resorts to O-Founders en route to the stalling Onpassive project, crowding the space with bonus pyramids.

Onpassive is the big roach in the whole story of GoFounder’s foray into MLM. Since its announcement in 2020, the brand remains in its PRs vids, with nothing to show publicly. On a different note, though, Onpassive manages to keep an affiliate base expectant.

Most of the PR digs focus on building multiple holder bases for several crypto coins traded in-platform intermittently. But the most hyped project, Onpassive, remains open to edition and unending corrections. Ash Mufareh, undecided on the best way to ply his MLM business, is the big whip operator at the end of the line.

Note that Onpassive would supposedly have a digital marketing optimization toolset, thus helping online enterprises to get to clients/customers.

Perceptive blogs called Mufareh’s bluff following the announcement, pointing out that the PRs are building a career off an imagined brand.

Before long, Mufareh and Co. boot O-passive as Onpassive in transition. How legit does this sound? It’s all make-believe in short. But the long story is a bit intriguing. So, here is an overview.

Across the iterations, the pervasive PR pitch is “hold on to us”. The said fronts would post rounds of YouTube videos encouraging unsuspecting fans to buy coins _ there are installments of it already _ and wait on the planned MLM digs. It turns out that the offing deal is Onpassive, which never launches.

Culling traffic from the U.S., India, and Bangladesh seems the next best strategy. Meanwhile, GoFounders execs sate demands for delivery by providing O-passive, a watered-down iteration of GoFounders.

Currently, the GoFunders Login page is only a portal, according to the PRs.

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GoFunders Login: Execs Defaults on Advertised ROIs

Many investors with GoFounders meet duplicity of use cases for the compensation plan. Often the CS (Customer Support) on the backend would deny that the company even offered the program that defaults on ROI payments.

You can see the feedback from customers, affiliates, and passive promoters.

The same issue always manifests, no matter what tone the next ABC-Founders version assumes. Why is this so? Because the said brand embeds unremitting ICOs in a flurry of high-ROI investment slates, which invariably fails to pay back to affiliates.

Point in Case: Hack Issues

Ponzi MLMs often run with their affiliates’ money (deposits and any assumed returns) by claiming hack issues. Watermine is a vivid case. Its operator ran the gig, supposedly an offshore crypto mining rig in Europe. Then, Watermine investors got we’re hacked message, signaling the abrupt end of any outstanding or due ROI payments.

The same thing happens in GoFounders. Instead of paying up, the platform deferred the withdrawals, eventually blaming affiliates for supposedly investing in the wrong programs.

What does the Portal avail Customers/Clients?

The GoFunders Login webpage connects members to the reward plans, replete with compensation grids and referral bonuses.

It is aptly named a portal for just one reason: enrolling for a passive profit.

However, GoFounders (we reiterate) does not operate a legit business, if it has anything to offer at all. All the investors/members/affiliates have to go by are spates of compensation and bonus tableaus.

If you want a passive earning option, ensure you pick a plug with all the requisite SEC papers. Why? Because Ponzi MLMs don’t bother about regulation.

Below is how the GoFunders Login procedure works.

How to Sign in to GoFunders

You can access the GoFunders Login portal via the steps below.

  1. Go to the GoFunders Login official website.
  2. Click on the alternative link. (Since GoFounders rebranded to O-Passive, the new sign-in webpage is ofounders.net/login)
  3. Fill in your E-mail address and GoFunders Login password.

Moreover, you can reset your password or request a unique referral code using the following steps.

  1. Enter your Password (the provided box specifies Reset Password)
  2. Also, enter your Verification Link (the provided box specifies Resend Verification Link).

Last Words:

Before investing your money in any high-ROI company, ensure you know about the terms of service, membership specifications, and SEC/regulation status. Scammers often pretend to offer a democratic payslip via community pool or some undisclosed backend investment. It all ranges from confidence tricks to Ponzi.

Always cross-check the relevant SEC index to avoid scams.

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