GoDiamond Review | $500 per Referral, Clone MillionN MLM, Legit?

GoDiamond Review: the platform promises $500 per month for every referral to its MillionN Clone MLM Portal, without any definite business.

The website currently makes waves for West Africans, where affiliate marketing is rife. So, what’re the stakes? A multi-level market portal advertises $500 up for grabs, and all shades of MLMs scramble for the best part of the prize.

 GoDiamond spurs this rush by making its referral program free (according to the website).

Supposedly, the cycle of loyalty rewards in dollars has been on since 1997(inferring from the domain registration). However, GoDiamond only acquired the website barely a year ago, prompting many prospective investors to query the referral-for-profits model of the company.

Many people are trending tags for alleged profit potentials in GoDiamond, same for the US, but none attempts to review the pay flow. Is it stable? Will you be earning from the company for a long time (is it feasible)? 

Our GoDiamond Review answers these questions. Read on below for details.

GoDiamond Review: $500 per Month per Referral


GoDiamond is a tad on the tone of business consultancy but sets more stock in referrals than a typical consultant. The gist is that users earn per referral (generally, five hundred dollars). That is not all, of course. If you scrape off the sheer jumble of altruistic takes on the GoDiamond website, you discover loads of MLM.

How can you tell?

You can tell that help-your-business pitch is only a ruse by observing that the $500 reward per referral ad is the only consequential content on the site, which strikes as a what-we-do tableau, anyway. How often does an MLM look like this?

Elsewhere on the site (especially down the page), Become a TOP EARNER glaze the MLM core. GoDiamond specifically offers the following services They are as follows.

  • Build Great Partnerships 
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Instant Engagement

The offsetting plan is to engage people and build strong connections by leveraging (a supposedly scientifically-designed) GoDiamond website.

Meet real people looking for a business opportunity, a social media scientifically designed to create empovering (sic) and lucrative connections.

So far, our GoDiamond Review does not find any business-propping science behind godiamond.com (you can check for yourself).

The most revealing part of the purpose descriptors above is obviously Instant Engagement (referral and everything else MLM), while the others merely hint at non-existent consultations on the site. A $500 loyalty reward reveals the MLM rhetoric.

See the following section of our GoDiamond Review for the compensation plan.

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Compensation Plan

Although the website says that affiliates need not spend a dime to enter the revenue pool, it requires them to deposit $297 in a 3×3 matrix cycler to boot the earning streak.

What is this streak, anyway?

GoDiamond aggregates the marketing strength of all members in your referral downlines, paying you 100% off the total revenue accruing from referral ads. So, that is the gist. 

Here is a crunch of all the tiered plans for members.

Titanium Ambassadors _ receive $500 (the complete draw) monthly for every personally referred affiliate.

Regular _ receive two-fifths ($200) the same price as Titanium Ambassadors.

3×3 matrix cycler for $297 (Regular) and $497 (Titanium Ambassadors)

A 3×3 matrix cycler generates levels in multiples of three: 3 on the 1st Level, 9 on the 2nd Level, 27 on the 3rd Level, etc.

Referrals buy entries on the cycles, which automatically boots another position until the three-bit entries on a cycler are complete. 

Filling an $1100-entry on the starter level boots another $110-entry and the first three-bit Level

Filling a $4400-entry on the first three-bit level starts another $4400-entry and the second nine-bit Level

Also, filling a $17000-entry on the second three-bit level starts another $17000-entry and the third twenty-seven-bit Level.

Filling a $70000-entry on the third level boots another $17000-entry and the fourth eighty-one-bit tier

Filling a $280000-entry on the fourth level boots another $280000-entry and the fifth 243-bit Level

Moreover, Ambassador earns 3×3 matrix cycler bonuses from the above scheme.

The bonuses per level are as follows.

1 Level pays $400

2 Level pays 1600

3 Level pays $6400

4 Level pays $25000

5 Level pays $100000

 GoDiamond Review: Is this 3×3 matrix cycler Legit?

Like we said previously, if you scrape the seeming pretext at business aggregation/consultancy (or whatever else), you get full-blown MLM staring in your face.

Also, the website is a copycat (if not a rebrand) of MillionN, an MLM. That said, there is no reason to expect a clipped penny from this company in the long run. Why is this so? We examine the revenue sources for context.

According to the website, 100% of marketing revenues go to members. The revenues, in turn, depend on sustainable business activities on godiamond.com. However, our GoDiamond Review does not find any proof of MLMs advertising stuff on the site, which is the usual MLM evasion style.

What’s the next option for GoDiamond?

The above question assumes that the 3×3 matrix pool is an alternative. However, it seems to form the core of the GoDiamond revenue plan, which is ultimately infeasible.

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