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GMT Price Prediction: Holders are left with a series of dumps in GMT values after it listed on Binance, with STEPN rising correspondingly.

While GMT downscales to the #466 rank, losing 6.765% in the last week, STEPN rises at almost twice (roughly 43.59%) the same rate. Given that liquidity is ever unpredictably spiraling from the holders, people are genuinely worried that the coin might not amount to any appreciable value.

Also, some Redditors blame the dump on whales buying off gains to crypto burner accounts. If so, the project is a nod to inflation, intended to hike demand at STEPN’s commensurate rise.

Now, at $0.3, it isn’t certain how the coin might break the $1 threshold for hundreds of its holders. Long past $2.9, STEPN offered GMT as a governance coin, stoking interest in the media. People took to the deal, invested it into derivatives (adapting cryptocurrencies as investment instruments is a fad in DeFi space), and hoped it paid off.

Instead, the past week is showing things differently. We looked at the reports, stats, and sentiments, concluding that GMT Price Prediction isn’t impossible. As it happens, this article discusses the details and possible values for GMT Price tomorrow (as far as it gets _ 2024, 2025, 2026, etc.)

Read on below for details.

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GMT Price Prediction: Analysis with Regards to STEPN, Synopsis

STEPN is a metaverse spinoff, serving as a lifestyle application for Web3 spaces.

You know how the in-platform gig works. You can earn for daily activities like jogging, skipping, running, and joining other token airdrops going on on the platform. Such was the progress made with STEPN that its governance token, GMT, recorded over one hundred and thirty-eight percent (138%) value spurt during ICO.

Much of STEPN’s ICO glitz contributed to the fame and traction of GMT and other offshoots of the parent project, with a record one hundred thousand (100000) downloads on Google Play Store.

The sustained promo continues to impact the value, though, pulling approx. one hundred and thirty-nine thousand five hundred (139500) Twitter followers for the platform.

Over the months, several perks for participants and in-app shopping points reached enough spike to push STEPN further afield than the usual Solana asset for virtual app purchases, selling of over five million dollars ($5000000), or sneakers repair/buy routine metaverse.

Following Ronin network losing digital info to hackers, STEPN clued in token holders on possible partnerships between the platform and giants like Nike. You can pick the bits from a piece of art rolled out on the social media handle. That’s a psychological spur for people who are undecided about the platform.

The developments so far bear on the current topic: GMT Price Prediction. STEPN’s publicized leap across the lists leaves some fringe of the holders wondering how long the concerted rise will last. GMT prices in the past week seem to confirm these fears.

So, what do you do with an underperforming GMT sandwiched between STEPN and SOL (the last two coins soaring admiringly over the last few months)? See below for GMT Price Prediction, inferred from live stats.

Current GMT Token Value Today

Public live stats show that GMT depreciates on the counters, losing trust scores increasingly, with over $262.471million GMT equivalent still in circulation.

Higher bounds for the supply volume is at $10 billion, while the total cap at the same peg is $75.96 million. Also, the estimated average for the said market cap is a tad above $2.96 billion, proving that the token does not lack liquidity.

Regardless, any reliable GMT Price Prediction report must need factor in the recent 6.77% continuous decrease in GMT value, going over seven (7) days.

The forward-looking tidbit stats loop around this last week’s losses, obfuscating GMT’s forty-five percent (45%) increase several months at a go, earning the token the #65 spot on Coinmarketcap.

Moreover, you can verify from platforms that track indexes that GMT is surprisingly hitting a bull run on a logarithmic chart, despite the support line toggling between market simulations for the next six (6) months and Q1 of ‘22.

The trend line seems to tilt towards a horizontal bar, past a mean value on the time bar. But on a closer look, you’d see mode averages interspersed in high-profit regions on the timeline. Any obvious reversal is entirely fringe since holders are not really selling their coin.

Should You Keep It?

The last eight (8) hours’ GMT Price charts shows that the bulls are steady around a cluster of points. But there is hope.

Recall that GMT is well into its BETA phase, positioning for the protracted slog on a 24hourly chart. As regards the maximum point on an 8-hour tagline, rising support at this mark implies that the coin will reverse in the coming weeks.

So, the few days’ lulls are only an inflexion, as far as our extrapolations from public stats reveal.

Crosscheck the analytics available to you for proper references.

Conclusion: GMT Price Prediction in Coming Years

From a global rank of #446, GMT is bound to scale through the listings in the coming years. Why? Because it is the life-force of STEPN Metaverse, where participation depends on hashing Sneakers for GMT wins on the in-app marketplace.

GMT is one of the coins to watch out for in the coming years. Good luck!

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