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2Global Fund Grant _ commences the funding period for eligible applications, marking the 2022 program that has helped countries in many aspects.

It is a three-year funding cycle that is available to countries around the world as part of a global funding effort. Throughout the cycle, all eligible countries can access two types of funds in this program.

The available funds are accessible via the following two (2) programs.

  1. Catalytic Multicounty Funding
  2. Country Funding

Each focuses on the aspects of global needs as it affects countries or cross-borders. By separating the funding into more accessible fronts, Global Fund Grant gets to the designated recipient countries.

Its implementation involves techniques and panels that allow priority fund applicants to request grants instead of waiting in line for allocations. On the whole, Global Fund Grant works to eradicate viral disease outbreaks.

You can learn the following details about Global Fund Grant in this article _

What is the Global Fund Program?

Who is qualified for the Fund?

How do you access the Fund?

We explain more about this fund in the following sections.

Read on below for details.

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Global Fund Grant: What Is The Global Fund Program?

Sometimes a global viral disease impacts world progress in human history. After outbreaks like the Spanish Flu and covid19, it is only pertinent and necessary for a global effort to attempt to prevent future occurrences.

In this case, the Global Fund Grant focuses on fighting HIV/AIDS, malaria, and Tuberculosis (TB). In fact, spelled fully, the program is known as The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

Also, the program has raised funding for initiatives to fight the spread of the stated diseases, targeting low-income communities and mid-income demographics. It also creates a window for more urgent needs, which are grouped as “priority requests”, allowing such countries to access the grants. Only countries with a high disease toll can be classified as the priority country for the 2022 program.

Has there been any success so far?


The program has made landmark strides to provide financial stimuli for embattled countries to eradicate malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS.

It has even disbursed up to four billion ($ 4 billion) US dollars in funding allocation to eligible countries.

Following several stakeholders meetings since the founding of the program in 2002, African countries _ worst hit by HIV/AIDS and malaria at the time _ built a following in support of the G-8 meeting held in Okinawa in the same year.

Important African global figures quickly amassed support for the grant to ease the burden of virus diseases in Africa. Kofi Annan, then UN General Secretary, also supported the funding for African leaders.

What Is the Scope of the Global Fund Grant?

The program only covers as much as the founding framework it is based on, such as the few excerpts below.

It doesn’t double as an on-ground facilitator, but serves as a financial ramp for countries that already have agencies in place to carry the project.

So, the Global Fund Grant only builds on existing resources, working as part of a chain of programs targeting one goal (eradicating TB, malaria, and HIV/AIDS).

Moreover, the funding is flexible and adjustable to developments in time, allowing innovation and performance to determine the outlook for coming cycles.

What Are The Available Global Fund Proposals?

As we mentioned at the start, the program is accessible in two (2) forms, which are Catalytic Multicountry Funding and Country Funding. The latter focuses on individual countries, while the latter targets incidents that spill over country borders.

Further, the Covid19 Response Mechanism is a current priority case since circa 2020, with the Global Fund Grant structure providing a window for applications through a Country Coordinating Mechanism.

The mechanism works hand-in-hand with regional efforts, working with implementers to provide the needed funding.

Now, here is the most important question for people/entities looking to access a fund. Check below for details.

How Do You Request Funding?


As a caveat emptor, we would like to inform our readers that the Global Fund Grant is not available to individuals looking to access funds, regardless of the stated purpose. The Global Fund advises such persons to apply via a local Country Coordinating Mechanism. Also, the last line of the notice (titled Looking for funding? On the site) reads,

“We are unable to accept applications from individuals.”

However, the entity requesting funding will have to follow these procedures.

  • Liaise with the Country Coordinating Mechanism in your locality.
  • Focus the coverage on the priorities of the Global Fund Grant.
  • Highlight the reasons for funding requests with reference to the current needs in the specified country.
  • Further, elaborate on why the grant is essential.

Moreover, the Global Fund Grant will only fund requests that touch on the following issues _


Tuberculosis (TB), and


Additionally, any project combining all or parts of the three, including general projects that aims to improve better health care services, is acceptable.

If you represent an entity looking for a grant, you can learn more about the funding request via the e-learning course available on

See how to apply for funding in the following section.

How Do I Apply for Global Fund Grant?

To successfully apply for a Global Fund Grant, use the applicable Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) in your country.

We talked about panels that oversee funding requests at the start. Here is where they come into play.

Every application goes through the CCM, which is a national panel comprising NGOs, Faith-based Organizations, governments, Civil Societies, etc. Subsequently, it determines the recipients and creates a network for the program to reach them.

Also, the applicants will have to demonstrate that the request is necessary.

Other structures that affect this process include _

Eligibility & Priority Criteria,

Country Dialogue,

Allocation, and

National Strategic Plan.

Moreover, the Global Fund Grant provides matching funds and other financing instruments as part of Catalytic Investments.

Check the official website for details.

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